Programme-Folk Stage 2014

FOLK STAGE under the Plane Tree, 9.07-12.07, 17.30, location 58

bartek bobel


Folk Stage will be hosted by Slot Folk Orchestra led by Bartosz Bobeł (collaborating among others with Tierra, Hoverla, Alegria, CLAY, Sierra Manta, Czwarty Wymiar, Dj Jassovah, Martijn Krale (Frühstück), Piotr Płecha, Rafał Rudawski) and Friends. Members of the group have been meeting at musical feasts in festival?s Cafe Kiwi, where they have been bringing their instruments, passions and joy of being able to share them. This passion and joy has borne fruit! Since the Folk Stage can be called ?the youngest child? of SAF, let?s come, let?s look after and let?s be ready to have fun together! Due to courtesy of ?Szczypta Świata? shop ( there will be contests with ethno-prizes held daily.
Every day we will travel to different part of the world, so there waits for us:

9 July

Andean Wednesday ? musical travel through Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentine flavored with yerba mate accompanied by zampońas panpipes, quenas flutes, little charango guitar and bombo drum. Bartosz Bobeł ? flutes, vocals, Michał Matczak ? classical guitar, Janek Frącz ? bass guitar, Rafał Zieliński ? charango, Mikołaj Papatolios – bombo

10 July

Celtic Thursday – dance eager Scottish reel, wistful Irish ballads with accompaniment of violins, flutes and beautiful voice. Bartosz Bobeł ? flutes, vocals, Eunika Nowakowska ? vocals, Igor Niwiński ? violins, Jan Frącz ? bass guitar, Michał Matczak ? classical and acoustic guitar, Rafał Zieliński ? Irish bouzouki, Mikołaj Papatolios ? drums.

11 July

Latino Friday – a mexican-cuban salsa tasting like chilli or such spices, as „Desperado”, „La Bamba”, „Guantanamera” or „Buena Vista Social Club”. Bartosz Bobeł ? acoustic guitar, vocals, Eunika Nowakowska ? vocals, Michał Matczak ? classical guitar, Andrzej Tymczyj ? piano, Piotr Nosal ? bass guitar, Michał Piotrowski – drums, Mikołaj Papatolios ? percussion instruments.

12 July

Saturday?s Kitchen or Chrzan + S.O.S.
Chrzan (horseradish) is a band of three young citizens of Wrocław combining folk and classical melodies, jazz rhythms and the sound of acoustic instruments like classical guitar, violin and percussions. The band has performed at international festivals and concert-rooms in the country and abroad. They performed among others in Ossolineum in Wrocław, on Ostrów Tumski, under the walls of the cathedral in Gorlitz.
Igor Niwiński ? music, lyrics, vocals, violin, Adrian Szwed ? music, guitar, Dawid Piątkowski – drums

S.O.S means Spontaneous Orchestra of SLOT ? from among the participants of SAF we will be seeking out interesting, original, brave and talented musicians that is ? you 🙂 Join us and then we will burst into a folk song together, to sing out what?s in our hearts!

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