Programme – Hip-Hop Stage 2014

HIP HOP STAGE, location 50, 21:00

A place where young, promising artists of hip-hop scene will present themselves. Novelty at SAF!

Tuesday 8.07 Royal Rap

Royal Rap are Mirek ?Kola? Kolczyk, Jerzy ?Yuro? Pieniążek and Kamil ?dj EL? Sołdacki The style of the band consists of classic rap beats, crunk, soul, funk and trip hop. Royal Rap is something more than music. It?s a group of calm, joyful people. In their lives they?ve met love that frees from fear, hopelessness and the feeling of rejection. In their lyrics you can hear a message that can free and permanently change man?s life.

Wednesday 9.07 Shot/Haju

Shot is a Wrocław?s scene representative, known for Grill-Funk, S.A.P. and Supa Skillz. This year his second release has appeared ? ?Do Zobaczenia Później? (see you later) prepared with Człowień. Until now, Shot cooperated with, among others: VNM, WdoWA, Rac. What marks him behind the mic is keen flow, a distinctive, high-pitched voice and a tendency for personal and reflective pieces.

Haju is a representative of PepeSkuad from Wrocław, who gracefully mixes a reflective, sometimes poetic content with a dense, refined technique, as well as charisma and energy. He has a few albums, solo and in collaboration with Pepe, under his belt. He has also given a guest performance on albums of artists such as Rekrod, Człowień, Prys and DJ-Prox?s mixtape.

Thursday 10.07

21:00 POISON
POISON, actually Piotr Michał Plichta has performed as a solo artist since 2010. He cooperated with such artists as: Kolah, Rover, Allen, Yuro, Bęsiu, Dj Antonio, Arci, FiDD (ŁJK), Firma (Boski Roman, Tadek), Bonus RPK. In his songs, he brings up issues such as faith and values. Under his own belt, Poison has a solo mixtape ?Oddech Życia? (breathe of life).

22:00 Royal Rap ? see above

Friday 11.07

21:00 Bonez
Bonez is a rapper, freestyle artist and beatmaker from Łódź. Młody Wilk (young wolf) of Popkiller in 2013, the finalist of the first edition of ŻYWYRAP! Quadruple finalist of Wielka Bitwa Warszawska (Great Battle of Warsaw), nominated for ?Freestyle artist of the year 2012? category in Popkiller?s contest. He has stood on a podium at battles in whole Poland 36 times. Together with Rap-Te(a)m he released an album ?Rap z Te(a)mperaturą?. He co-performed with artists such as MOP, Thermanology, AZ, Lordz of the Underground, Tha Alkaholiks, Skyzoo and N.O.R.E.

22:00 Sawina & Zielony, Huku
Sawina&Zielony are two MC?s from Poznań, rapping for a few years. In the beginning of 2013 they decided to record ?Brudnopis mixtape?, which shows their laid-back attitude towards the world surrounding them.
Together with Huk they give all their energy during the concert and infect the audience with positive attitude.

Saturday 12.07 – Allen 21:00

Allen– a rapper from Cieszyn, who has performed in Poland and abroad, recorded a few albums, among which there was a solo one called Quo Vadis? Now he?s working on his new album on which we?ll be able to hear Poison, Muzk, Kolah, Maq and Pete. He has cooperated with, among others, DJ Squal, DJ Antonio, singers Bo (Bożena Cieślar) and Dorota Sikora, Beatboxer Maras.
22:00 Sawina & Zielony, Huku? see above

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