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20:00-20:30     laureat
małej sceny
małej sceny
małej sceny
20:45-21:30 Turnip Farm
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(od 20:30)
Duch Massive
Scar Era
21:45-22:45 Ms. No One Dikanda SEA + AIR Tres.B 3moonboys
23:00-24:00 Lao Che Luxtorpeda Frühstück Gooral Me Myself & I
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LAO CHE, a star among Polish alternative bands, has confirmed their concert on the main stage of the SLOT Art Festival this July.

The music of Lao Che is a mix of many styles. Through their more than 10 years on the scene they?ve developed brilliantly varied material. This how they describe themselves:

?On our album Gusła we did everything to present an atmosphere of days gone by- the Middle Ages and the historic relations of people living  in the borderlands. It?s a weird combination of cultures with a pretty dark and secretive feel connected to Gusła– or a ceremony of calling forth spirits.

The idea for our second album, Powstanie Warszawskie (Warsaw Uprising), was born during the final stages of work on Gusła. In 2003 we began to create music that reflects 10 of the most well-known pictures from the uprising. We used old microphones from the 1960?s and even the 1930?s to give the right atmosphere.

Our third album highlights our interest in music itself- hence the totally different feel of the production, prep, composition and performance. We were inspired partially by circus music as well as old Polish cartoons with joyful vibrations and movement. The grotesque texts express the weakness and disabilities of human nature. The title, Gospel,  presents a caricature view of reality.

Prąd Stały / Prąd Zmienny ? is truly without a theme. Each song is another story. The texts are full of absurd tales that pull you in with their characteristic humor from Spięty. The band emphasized experimental sounds harking back to retro electronic and cold wave.?

We?ll see Lao Che at the SLOT Art Festival! | facebook | myspace | youtube

Lao Che, fot. Marcin Klinger
foto: Marcin Klinger


LUXTORPEDA began in 2010 at the initiative of Robert ?Litza? Friedrich, guitarist and vocalist of well known bands like Acid Drinkers, Turbo, Flapjack, Arka Noego, 2Tm2:3, and KNŻ. He invited guitarist, Robert Drężek, and bass player, Krzystof Kmiecik, both of whom play with 2Tm 2:3 plus drummer Tomek Krzyżaniak, from Turbo and Armia to join him. While they were recording their first album they added a vocalist, Przemek Frencel, a well-known rapper from the hip-hop duo, 52 Dębiec.

Their debut album, entitled ?LUXTORPEDA?, came out May 9, 2011 and is a mix of garage-punk-rock. The texts speak of everyday life, about battles, defeats, rising up, darkness and hope. The lyrics and music are without compromise. Several music videos were produced to songs from the first album such as ?”Autystyczny” and „Za wolność”. LUXTORPEDA performed at the Jarocin Festival 2011 as well as at the 17th Przystanek Woodstock. ?Autystyczny? became a #1 radio hit and in the summation of music for 2011, LUXTORPEDA was in the top, if not #1, in many lists. The magazine ?Tylko Rock? (Only Rock) voted them band of the year, record of the year, music video of the year and best hope of the year!
LUXTORPEDA was also nominated for 4 Fryderyk awards (Polish Grammy?s) in 2011.

Robert „Litza” Friedrich ? vocals, guitar
Przemysław „Hans” Frencel ? vocals
Robert „Drężmak” Drężek ? guitar, vocals
Krzysztof „Kmieta” Kmiecik – bass, vocals
Tomasz „Krzyżyk” Krzyżaniak ? drums, vocals

Official website:

LUXTORPEDA fot. Mateusz Mate.O Otręba
fot. Mateusz Mate.O Otręba
History of Frühstück is inseparable from history of Slot Art Festival. This year the band returns with their new new album 'Quiet’ – more mature yet energetic as usual! See them showing their energy on the main stage of the festival!

FRÜHSTÜCK (pronounced ?froosh-tuk?, which loosely translates to ?breakfast? in German) was formed in 1997. After some lineup adjustments, FRÜHSTÜCK is Martijn Krale (vocals), Wojtek Karel (bass), Tomek Kuzbik (drums), and Marcin Karel (guitars). Their debut album ?Mine?, was released in late 2000, followed by ?Muza? (with a supporting tour which included performances at Cornerstone and Sonshine Festival) in 2003; an EP entitled ?Mud? in April 2005, followed by another EP ?Be Careful? in 2007, and ?Follow? in 2010.

Their latest album was released on March 2012: QUIET is an important work for us. Over the last years, we have matured through the good, the bad and the ugly, and I think the songs reflect this greater maturity. The songs are honest about joys and struggles, but I guess there is more hope and faith in them than in our earlier work. | |

Fruhstuck @ SAF2010

Martijn Krale – Frühstück, foto: Łukasz Krzywda




SEA + AIR  is a duo that was born after 10 years of the group Daniel Benjamin, recording hundreds of songs and playing more than 120 concerts around the world. This duo was formed during the European tour of Whitney Houston in 2010 when Daniel and Eleni  played support at her concerts. They realized then that they were able to reach the public in a huge hall, even though they might not be interested in them, with just their voices and by being themselves.

In 2011 they recorded the album ?My Heart?s Sick Chord? which was strongly influenced by Bach?s Baroque melodies as well as music from the ?70?s. To that they added some Greek traditions (Eleni) and German (Daniel). The whole album is dedicated to Bach?s favorite instrument- the harpsichord.

It?s hard to classify their music, but critics usually call it Indie Folk or Song/Songwriter.

During their concerts each of the performers play 5 different instruments which makes a backing track unnecessary.SEA+AIR have played with artists such as Stevens, The White Stripes, Jose Gonzalez, and The Flaming Lips.



The group consists of a Polish girl and two musicians with European-American roots. The name means ?very.b? in French and refers to music that is B-class, not finished.

After recording their first album, ?Scylla and Charybdis? and producing it themselves in Holland they moved to Poland where they?ve been since 2011.

Their second album, ?The Other Hand? was the first one to be available in Poland and was on the EMI Music Poland Label. The NYC producer Victor van Vugt, who has produced Bad Seeds and PJ Harvey, put the finishing touches on it. That album was awarded a Fryderyk Award (Polish Grammy) for best debut of the year. Encouraged by that success, they went back into the studio and came out with ?40 Winks of Courage? which premiered May 15 and has been getting rave reviews.

Polish audiences have had many opportunities to see Tres.B live. They?ve played twice on the main stage of the OFF Festival and also opened for HEY. They?ve performed over 200 concerts around Europe and are known as a great live band.

tres.b foto2012

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