Programme-Main Stage 2014

MAIN STAGE ? main courtyard, location DS; 20:00 ? 0:15

Every day on the Main Stage 3 or 4 bands will be presented, including the winner of the Contest Stage from the preceding day. SLOTV screening will conclude the concerts.

time Tue 07.08 Wed 07.09 Thu 07.10 Fri 07.11 Sat 07.12
20:00 – 20:30     laureat sceny konkursowej laureat sceny konkursowej laureat sceny konkursowej
20:45 – 21:30 (od.20.30) Krzikopa (od.20.30) Nuteki Božje Ovčice White Collar Sideshow Triple Stitch
21:45 – 22:45 Kari aTOM Habakuk Mikromusic Frühstück
23:00 – 24:00 Luxtorpeda Gooral O.S.T.R. No Longer Music Ras Luta
00:00 – 00:15 slotv slotv slotv slotv slotv



Krzikopa bases on traditional sound of Upper Silesia and mixes them with such contemporary genres as: electro, metal, DN?B. Musicians themselves say about their compositions: Formerly in Silesia when people felt like dancing a bit, they gathered in one hut and bandsmen would play Silesian songs for them, in which there were all of the elements of the culture of Upper Silesia. There is nothing like that today. Krzikopa confronts this situation by putting cultural authenticity of ?Silesian ditties? into the contemporary meaning of words ?let?s go party?.

KARI, 21:45

Polish artist, producer, singer and songwriter, by journalists considered a hope of polish alternative scene. Two years after success of her debut album Wounds And Bruises (both real. by NEXTPOP). Charismatic vocals of Kari mixes up with a broad range of sounds, from tribal beats to electro and sounds of the 80?s. This march song The One was placed for a week on the BBC Radio 1 playlist as a part of the ?BBC Introducing? series and gathered very good reviews from well-known British radio show hosts.


It somehow almost always happened in the last years, that when Luxtorpeda released an album ? it appeared at Slot Art Festival. Their thrilling concerts in 2011 and 2012 will be continued in 2014! This time with the new material from last. LUXTORPEDA band was created in 2010 on the initiative of Robert Friedrich, guitarist and vocalist known from such formations ad Acid Drinkers, Turbo, Flapjack, Arka Noego, 2Tm2,3 and KNŻ. The musician invited guitarist Robert Drężek, bass guitarist Krzysztof Kmiecik, formerly associated with Armia and 2Tm2,3 formation, drummer Tomasz Krzyżaniak, formerly known from Turbo and Armia, and in 2011 during recording of the album the group was complemented by Przemysław Frencel, rapper known from hip-hop duo 52 Dębiec.
As usual during Luxtorpeda concert you can expect a powerful dose of energy!

Wednesday, 9 July

NUTEKI (Belarus/Russia), 20:30

The band was formed in Moscow in 2007 as an initiative of two blokes from Belarus (Misha & Motya). From the beginning it was characterized by an one-off style, called SHOW-ROCK, because of spectacular performances to the music created by the band. They draw inspiration from everyday life ? from real feelings, challenges, problems and dreams. ?If you play rock, do it right, be creative, break stereotypes? ? this is the credo of NUTEKI. Faith and hope, that their dream about world-wide career will come true fuel them, despite harsh reality they have to live in.

aTOM, 21:45

The aTOM band is an initiative of four experienced rock musicians, co-operating formerly with Marcin Rozynek, Rainforest, Leaf or Frühstück. aTOM?s music is an original rock sound, firmly set in interesting guitar harmonies and fresh lyrics, raising important issues complete the picture. In September a debut album of the band will be released, which will be preceded by a promotional single and a music video for the song Nie mogę Cię zapomnieć (I can?t forget you). The album?s producer is Robert ?Litza? Friedrich.

GOORAL, 23:00

No one has to be reminded who Gooral is, who performed at two years ago. Pieces from his debut solo album Ethno Elektro had mightily swayed the festival audience, and in the corridors for a long time after one could hear talks of one of the best concerts in the history of the festival. At the beginning of 2014 Gooral came back with a new album: Better Place, sealing his cooperation with Anną Wiosna Rogowska and Maciej Kamer Szymonowicz. Gooral is a producer, sound generator and trendsetter when it comes to combining electro, dubstep and d?n?b with highlanderness. He performed including others at the festivals: Woodstock, Open?er, Cooke, Red Bull X Fighters, Sziget, Colours of Ostrava, before Nowa Muzyka, Terra Polska and of course SLOT ART FESTIVAL. Here as well Gooral hasn?t said his last sentence, it?s more like he?s just beginning to warm up?

Thursday, 10 July

Laureate of Contest Stage, 20:30

BOŽJE OVČICE (Croatia), 20:45

The band was formed in 2009 in Croatian town Koprivnica. The break-through happened in autumn 2013, when the world met their first long play album Beee released by polish label Dobry Towar Records from Warsaw. Fast drum parts and characteristic vocals define the band in the Hard Core/Punk genre. The band performed many times in Poland, incl. with: Luxtorpeda, Armia or Maleo Reggae Rockers, giving in total about 65 concerts. For Božje Ovčice very important is the possibility to play live concerts, because with their music they send a positive message.


Perfectly known to fans of reggae music band Habakuk will perform this year at SAF with a concert dedicated to Jacek Kaczmarski, the greatest polish bard, deceased for 10 years. Released in 2007 A ty siej? (And you shall sow?) album with songs of Kaczmarski in reggae versions echoed strongly in whole Poland. It turned out, that lyrics written by our bard fit ideally to Caribbean sounds, which has been proved by great reviews and friendly reception both among reggae fans and enthusiasts of Kaczmarski?s creations.
The band formed in 1990 in Częstochowa and ceaselessly shows its best side to the fans of reggae music and others. For the band most important was always concerting, in total for all years the band has given almost 1000 concerts. The band played at the biggest festival in the world, as a first band from Eastern Europe ? in 2007 they performed at the British Glastonbury.

O.S.T.R., 23:00

Musician, rapper, composer, producer, violinist. O.S.T.R. started his first experiments with hip-hop in 1993 r. ? still using an old radio cassette player ?Kasprzak? then. It wasn?t his first contact with music though ? he plays violin since he was a child. He is a graduate of Academy of Music in Łódź and a laureate of several renowned contests. His legend was formed mainly thanks to concerts, during which he improvises, free-styles (the best in Poland) and has an lively dialogue with the audience. In 2001 his solo album Masz to jak w banku came out. In 13 years O.S.T.R. released 15 albums, this year with well-known New York producer Marco Polo. This is the first case in which hip-hop musician of this calibre records with Polish artist. O.S.T.R. is also a laureate of two Fryderyk?s, several Golden Records and two Platinum ones.

ostr artur jankowski

Friday, 11 July

Laureate of Contest Stage, 20:30


?Insanity with elements of vaudeville? ? this best describes the performances of a formation created in 2006 in Fort Smith, Arkansas (locality known for gallows). White Collar Sideshow sweeps audience all over the world with dark, original atmosphere with elements of horror. Group consists of: TD Benton ? vocals and drums, Herr Schwein hammers and drums, special effects ? Leech, supported by bass guitar player Faceless Woman. The band has released an album called WitcHunt. It is described as extreme, haunted, awesome and spectacular.


Marek Niedźwiecki said about them: ?Mikromusic group is completely different than our whole national musical scene?. Their music distinguishes itself with nu-jazz stylistic, reaching for such styles as jazz, trip hop, pop. From the beginning the band was rooted for by leading Polish musicians, not rarely supporting their work on albums. On their debut disc Mikromusic many valued artists appeared including Leszek Możdżer, multiinstrumentalist Sambor Dudziński, accordionist Piotr Dziubek.
Leszek Możdżer, jazz pianist: ?We have to create our own output, we have to express ourselves in our own language, we shouldn?t stand in a line of imitators. In my opinion that is exactly what Micromusic does.? Formation from Wrocław perfectly proves itself during concerts. The power of their talent and original arrangements they create an unique microclimate, constructing a particular bond with the audience.


Unique message, unusual show, fantastic contact with the audience ? those are the trademarks of NLM.
Recognized on 5 continents, gathering fans in dozens of countries, shocking in their works, living legend ? No Longer Music! The band has performed for the first time in the Festival in Jarocin. With the rise of popularity of NLM in Poland, their music has been changing, becoming more and more mature. Artists by creating music at the same time undertake paratheatrical actions on stage. What we?ll see can be described as: post-grunge/psycho-punk theatre. No Longer Music is not only music and theatre ? it?s a passion crossing aesthetical boundaries. Crossing all boundaries to carry their message.

Saturday, 12. July 

Laureate of Contest Stage, 20:30


The band started its career with recording of The Rock N? Roll EP in 2009. Since then it has given many concerts and performed at festivals: Cornerstone, Sonshine and Lifelight. They have gained popularity with a song Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll, opening recordings from the AP Magazines MN Street Team series.
In 2010 it released an album This is Rebellion, animating uncontrollable punk rock n? roll with high riffs and aggressive vocals. This album is not only an expression of rebellious attitude towards society of modern days, but also of hope to solve the problems of everyday life, that the society is struggling with.

Frühstück, 21:45

On 27 April the premier of the newest Frühstücka album ? Story ? took place. The bank comes back to the main stage of Slot Art Festival with new songs and at the same time ? with the same guitar energy, characteristic vocals and strong message. Frühstück is a rock band from Wrocław performing since 1997 with almost unchanged line-up. Debut album Mine was released in 2000, after that Muza in 2003 ? promoted also at the Cornerstone festival. Next years bring three EP ? Mud in April 2005, Be Careful in 2007 and Follow in 2010. In the last years the band has released two albums: Quiet in 2012 and Story in 2014

RAS LUTA, 23:00

Ras Luta is probably the most recognizable vocalist of the reggae scene in Poland. For 8 years now associated with Eastwest Rockers, at the same time developing his solo career. At the beginning of March 2013 his second solo album Uratuj siebie (Save yourself) came out.
While resting from musical experiments, that the Eastwest Rockers are known for, Luta created a very coherent and noble sounding album, strongly accenting the sounds of live instruments with vocals excellently produced. Embedded in reggae tradition material refers to the roots and rub-a-dub music ? classical Jamaican sounds, that the voice of Ras Luta naturally bonds together with accents of electronics and r?n?b. The album has resulted in concerts on such festivals as Coke Live, Heineken Open’er, Reggaeland, One Love, Ostróda Reggae Festival and Hip Hop Kemp.

SLOTV ? 0:00, location DS, every day after the last concert at the Main Stage,

SloTv is the only workshop you don’t need to frequent because it will come to you of its own accord. It will find you no matter if you hide in your tent, in a Cathedral corner or an the top of the Plane Tree. SloTv is a report on what’s going on at SAF, what the participants do and what they think. SloTv is a meta-conscioussness of the Festival participants. Come to find out something about yourself. Every day at midnight on the Main Stage.


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