Programme-Main Stage 2016


B1 – The Main Stage is the central stage of Slot Art Festival It’s 5 unforgettable evenings in various stylistics (from rock, hip-hop, through electronica or even folk to heavier sounds) but invariably with very interesting musical propositions.

SloTV 24.00

B1 everyday after the last Main Stage concert,

SloTv is the only workshop you don’t need to frequent because it will come to you of its own accord. It won’t do you any good to hide in a tent, in the nooks of the cathedral or to climb the plane tree. SloTv is a report of what’s going on at SAF, what the participants do and what they think. SloTv is a meta-conscioussness of the Festival participants. Come to find out something about yourself. Every day at midnight on the Main Stage.

TUESDAY, 05.07

So Flow 20.30

On the edge of three musical worlds: hip hop, nu-jazz and alternative a project was created, concentrating six young and revolutionary musicians from Kraków. They don’t reject tradition but are not afraid to polemicize with it – they sample old Polish records, creating their own style, closer to contemporary Melbourne than by the Vistula river. And everything is bond together by a magnetizing voice of vocalist, Karolina Teenstra.


JAAA! 21.45

Mature and original debut of Polish electronica. After three years of work, Marek Karolczyk, Kamil Pater and Miron Grzegorkiewicz present the Remik album. JAAA! music can be described as trans flight into the land of imagination. In the times of one-shot singles and easy playlists their concept album is a real rarity for the fans of Thom Yorke, Moderat or Atoms For Peace – in many journalists’ opinion these are the inspirations that can be heard in Remik. Every concert is different, since the musicians improvise a lot using various synthesizers and samples, that they have recorded themselves, often outside of the studio.

jaa grafika promocja wynik

Psio Crew 23.00

Their musical activity started in 2004 in Bielsko-Biała. Innovative combination of trafitional melodies with elements of drum and bass, trip hop and dub mad quite a stir on musical scene in Poland and abroad and mixing highlander-style singing with beatbox became the original trademark of the band. Audience of SAF may know the musicians of Psio Crew already from bands such as Gooral and OFF-C, who we also had a chance to see at our Main Stage.

Psio Crew fot. Dobra Kobieta wynik


M.O.R.O.N. 20.30

The band’s goal is to combine heavy, aggressive music with emotional message, space and melodics. The group created in 2008 evolved since then more into the direction of post – hardcore. The element that attracts particular attention is their lyrics in their native tongue. They always give 100% of their hearts and emotions. During their performance at SLOT they’ll also present material from their latest release „Rzeka” („River”), promoted this year.

M.O.R.O.N wynik

Hańba! 21.45

„Hańba!” Rebellious Neighbourhood Orchestra is a musical-literary fiction that proves punk rock didn’t emerge in the noisy 70s but was created in the checkered times of the Second Polish Republic, that was a period not only of cultural, artistic and technological prosperity, but also a period of democracy destruction, authoritarian Sanation government and its imperialistic inclinations. Four musicians from Kraków using a set of backyard instruments (banjo, drum, accordion, tuba) and with some help of the poets (Tuwim, Brzechwa, Broniewski) impersonate invented characters and mixes musical (punk, folk, klezmer) inspirations to create a tale of the most „literary” period of the history of Poland.

Hanba by Szymon Szczesniak 2 wynik

The Dumplings 23.00

One of the fastest developing bands of Polish musical scene, a remarkable export product – they performed at leading musical festivals such as: The Grape Festival, Colours of Ostrava or Sziget Festival, and this March they performed at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Their music is contemporary electronica soaked with deep base, emotional intensity translated into lyrics desciribing the microcosmos of interhuman relations from the perspective of young people.

The Dumplings wynik


Katedra 20.45

A band from Wrocław, unusual in every way. It mixes the influences of progressive rock, Polish big-beat and contemporary psychedelic rock. All of that served with mysterious lyrics in Polish. Interiors of gothic cathedrals are unique places, that’s why the group tries to create a unique atmosphere with their music, one that cannot be passed by indifferently.

Katedra 1 fot. Sebastian Siepietowski Maria Luc wynik

Bovska 21.45

All copies of the debut album „Kaktus” („Cactus”) available in the internet pro-order were sold out in 2 days after its release! Bovska’s pieces even before album’s premiere were breaking the popularity records on YouTube with more than 3 million views. The album was created in collaboration with Jan Smoczyński. Songs are sung in Polish and, as the artist says „they bear many various meaning, camouflaged within word riddles and mental shortcuts”.

Bovska okladka wynik

Mesajah 23.00

Manuel Rengifo Diaz – vocalist, song writer, producer and composer. Well known as a frontman and creator of the Natural Dread Killaz band. Mixture of styles and skills make the music presented by Mesajah being called outstanding by the critics. Stage energy and feistiness allowed him to perform at the most prominent musical events. He performed alongside artists such as: Gentleman, Shaggy, Sizzla, Junior Kelly, Stephen Marley, Wu Tang Clan, Anthony B or Alborosie.

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FRIDAY, 08.07

The Pau 20.45

Paulina gives concerts with a guitar only, playing beats from a cellphone or in a duo with a drummer. The Pau’s music is a mix of guitar riffs and broken rhythms. her first performance took place in January 2015 and since then she gave several dozen concerts all over Poland. She took part as a support act in concert tours of Organek and Straight Jack Cat bands. Performed at several festivals incl. Soundedit and Róbrege. During concerts she presents material prepared for her debut album.

The Pau wynik

SEA + AIR 21.45

A duo that was born after 10 years of „Daniel Benjamin” existence, recording of hundreds of songs, giving over 1200 concerts all over the world. They came to be during the European tour of Whitney Housten in summer 2010, where Daniel and Eleni performed as her support act. It is hard to classify the music they make. Critics most often qualify them as indie folk and singer/songwriter genres. During the concerts they both play five instruments, which makes any additional band or recording unnecessary. They have performed together with artists such as Sufjan Stevens, The White Stripes or Jose Gonzales and others.

sea air promo1 wynik

Marika 23.00

Marika is undoubtedly one of the most colourful and least conventional vocalists of Polish musical scene. Author of a memorable lyrics full of positive energy, always smiling, sincere and spontaneous artist, who constantly seeks new forms of expression. Marika’s charisma, professionalism and excellent contact with the audience were appreciated by organizers of many events in Poland and abroad, she performed, among other places, in India as a support act for Erykah Badu – the „Queen of Soul”, at the stage of World Expo in Shanghai at Woodstock 2012 and at European Union Days in Turkey.

marika 6 wynik


The Sin Company 20.45

The band was created in March 2013 in Tarnowskie Góry. Its members, formerly playing in Mouga and Ebola Cereal bands, have given numerous concerts incl. support for Dillinger Esc Plan, Gallows, Motorhead, Young Guns, Killing Joke and other foreign stars. They’ve toured with legends of Polish scene such as Acid Drinkers or Flapjack. Currently they are working on their premiere release and new videoclips to promote it.

The Sin Company Zdjecie wynik

Balkanscream 21.45

Balkanscream is a seven-person collectivity of musicians connected by theit love for Balkan rhythms, hip-hop and a little orient. Educated in the Musical Academies of Katowice and Kraków, filled with the creative passion they’ve gained experience during their Academy time playing with other formations incl. at the Film Music Festival, Open’er Festival and Sziget Festival Budapest. One year of working together was enough to release the „Street Melodies” album at the end of 2015.

Balkanscream wynik

Bisz / B.O.K Band 23.00

Bisz – raper and poet representing Bydgoszcz, at the same time recording solo and as a part of the B.O.K. (BiszOerKay & Dj Paulo) band. B.O.K. Band is a group of eight musicians, individualities, artists, instrumentalists active within the widely understood frames of hip-hop music. B.O.K.’s last album „Labirynt Babel” serves an all-out polyphonic attack on the listener’s consciousness, that is meant to shatter the fossilized and nonreflective receiving formula.

bisz BOK foto by Bartek Modrzejewski wynik

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