Programme-Seminars 2013


Spiritual Detours and Help Along the Way

under the tree, 15.00

Let’s talk seriously about those things that we can’t see but that have a strong effect on us.

  1. The rebellious in spirit bring rebellion because revolution is their passion- Paweł Bukała

  2. Truth is more than bad news- Wojtek Kowalewski

A special seminar for pessimists

  1. Good news from the beyond- Leszek Korzeniecki

2000 years ago a group of Jews in Palestine were given the most essential information for mankind. Old truth- new package.

4. Does God still heal? Izabela Jachimiak and Leszek Korzeniecki

Does God interfere in the physical world? They believe He does and will tell why.

Paweł Bukała– had a life-changing experience at SLOT a few years ago. Since then he’s been involved in many worthy things, one of which was starting Poland’s first street church that brings help to needy, homeless people in Warsaw.

Wojtek Kowalewskipastor, coach, involved in many social initiatives

Leszek Korzeniecki well-known SLOT speaker, pastor, leads profilactic lectures, author

How to Live Harmoniously in a World Without Harmony- Allan and Caulene Bussard

location 19, 11.00

How can we make sense of a world where millions of children and poor people go hungry and millions of others are over-weight? How do our decisions about what we consume affect farmers in developing countries? What can we do to change the absurd way the modern world functions?

  1. How do my decisions affect farmers in the far corners of the world?

  2. The life of African children in the slums

  3. Poverty- how to understand it better

  4. Fight poverty- what works and what doesn’t?

Allan Bussard director of the Integra Foundation in Bratislava, involved in developmental projects in Kenya and Ethiopia

Let’s Go to Court- See For Yourself- Bartosz Pilitowski and friends

Location 20, 11.00

What is the court system and what is it for? Does it truly bring justice? Each of us longs for justice and even though we understand it in different ways we should never stop seeking it and talking about it. We’ll talk about what “it” is and how to make it better.

  1. The justice system- does it work?

  2. When you’re taken to court- it’s better to be prepared and not learn from your mistakes

  3. Find out for yourself- what is “citizen monitoring” of courts?

  4. Justice without the courts- how it can be done differently

Bartosz Pilitowskipresident of Court Watch Poland, for 3 years has been getting people involved in the justice system through the organization, Citizens Monitoring Courts

This seminar is held in connection with the project “Go to Court- See for Yourself” under the foundation Court Watch Poland and SLOT, co-financed by a Swiss program of co-operation with new EU member nations.

Montessori Education- Iwona Lipowska and Katarzyna Śliwa

location 21, 11:00

Maria Montessori taught over 100 years ago but her methods are still valid today. The discoveries of this Italian educator have been confirmed by modern science and her love of children and respect for natural processes of development seem to be a cure for what ails today.

  1. What did Maria Montessori discover and why is her style of education a cure for modern times?

  2. Montessori developmental aids for pre-school children- inspiration for at-home play

  3. How to show the world around us to children

  4. Workshop for parents and children- let’s get dirty and play together ?

Iwona Lipowska educator, co-founder of Montessori Center and pre-school, trains parents and teachers in Montessori techniques

I Really Can’t Talk to You! – Janusz and Asia Żydek

location 22, 11:00

For various reasons we sometimes can’t communicate like we’d want. Communication is an art that can be learned and without it love dies.

  1. Just say it– basics of communication

  2. Are you talking to me?– Why can’t we understand each other even when we try?

  3. The family isn’t happy, unless…- How to communicate with your family

  4. Kocham Cię, I love you, Ich liebe dich- How to express feelings, love languages

Joanna and Janusz Żydekhave been married 23 years and have two adult kids, they’ve done marriage and family counseling for 8 years

The Hidden Desire of the Soul – Angelika Chimkowska

Location 17, 11.00

Real life lessons ranging from Old Testament Joseph to Steve Jobs. Finding your goal, talents and destiny. Active seeking and planning how to reach your potential.

  1. What’s the sense?

  2. How to measure the goal. Practical questions and answers

  3. Totally me- dangers and barriers to realizing your potential

  4. How not to get off the path. Motivation to keep going each day

Angelika Chimowskamentor, coach in professional and personal development. EMBA from Coventry University.

The Secret of Life – Andrzej Burzyński

location 20, 13:00

  1. Discover the secret of good relationships

  2. Learn the secret of your own personality

  3. Finances- the secret is out

  4. Experience a life full of passion

Andrzej Burzyński– founder of the Institute of Personal Development KOAH ( Teacher and coach


For Men Only- Male Secrets – Bogdan Pszczoła and Piotr Tkaczyk

Location 21, 13:00

A seminar about what men think about when no one is around. About things that bring happiness, about anger, longings, love, sex and how to gain that which is impossible

1. Things that bring happiness

2. Hard as… coral!

3. Eve?

4. Men and the big mountain

Piotr Tkaczyk– lawyer by degree, has a consulting business, business coach, co-founder of Polish Innovation Institute

Bogdan „Bzyku” Pszczoła has been involved in SLOT for years. Works with the Institute for Men’s Development, columnist, coach

I Am Woman! The Joys and Struggles of Being a Woman Today-Lori Wallett

location 22, 13:00

The world is changing at lightening speed and along with that has come a change in the role and definition of women. It’s not always easy to know who we are and who we really want to become. So I invite all you ladies to come and join me in a look at some of the issues facing us today.

Day 1- Piece de la Resistance- God Saved the Best for Last

Day 2- Different, Not Wrong- Men and Woman ARE Different!

Day 3- Gender Issues Around the World- Human Trafficking, Dowry, Forced Marriages, etc

Day 4- Super- Woman! – Can We Really Have it All? Wife, Mother, Career, Sex…

Lori Wallett is American by passport but has lived outside the USA longer than in it. Together with her husband, Steve, she has lived in Krakow for 24 years and worked with SLOT almost from the beginning. Lori and Steve are part of Steiger International, have 3 wonderful daughters and love to share with young people the hope and adventure of a life lived with and for God.

Be(Come)Yourself – Piotr Nabielec

location 20, 15:00

You are exceptional and there’s no one else in the world like you. How can you effectively discover and make use of that knowledge? How can you discover and make use of your uniqueness, emotions, and relationships with others and finally reach that goal you’ve set?

  1. How to discover your uniqueness

  2. Understand yourself and your emotions better

  3. How to effectively communicate with others

  4. Setting and reaching goals

Piotr Nabielec– eternal seeker of human uniqueness, passions and potential, researcher of the laws that govern our lives. Husband, computer programmer, musician, coach in helping people and firms reach their dreams

The Other Side of the Coin – Jan Masajada

Location 21, 15:00

The word „crisis” has become a part of every area of our lives. We have financial crises, crises of faith in our government, schools, religions, values, family crises, demographic crises, etc. I don’t have a cure for those crises, and what’s worse I believe they are inevitable as the world keeps changing in an unacceptable manner. You won’t find much optimism in my seminar, but if you agree that this is how things are and will be you’ll at least find some peace for your soul and ways to get along in this difficult world.

Jan Masajadateacher at the Wroclaw Polytechnic University, for years has led inspiring sessions at SLOT bordering on science and world-view

Alternative Education – Paweł Zakrzewski, Mariusz Budzyński and guests

Location 22, 15:00

Is school as we know it the only valid model of education? We’ll look at several alternative styles of education.

  1. The alternative educational phenomenon- Salomon School Warsaw and Gimnasio Virtual Colombia

  2. Practical education outside of school

  3. Can I finish two years of physics this year?” “Can I not take biology this year?” Weird school stories part 1

  4. How does a school function when you can’t fail a year? Weird school stories part 2

Paweł Zakrzewskipresident of the society “Family Union”, which has as one of its main goals the propagation of non-institutionalized education

Mariusz Budzyńskiauthor and director of alternative school, ALA (


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