Programme-Seminars 2016

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E12, Kacper Lemiesz

Ignore the Marks! Development against the education system

Learning means – in contemporary school – pleasing teachers and passing exams. It has nothing to do with real learnin. At the lectures we will lift a spell of boredom and torpor from the education.

Wednesday, 06.07 – Education system on the carpet. How school murders curiosity of learning

Thursday, 07.07 – How to discover and exploit the lies of education?

Kacper Lemiesz – tennis player, 2nd year student of Roosevelt University in USA, in first 18 years of life he read two books, now he shares his passion for education in his own way.

E12, Jarek Pietrzak

Understand your potential! Life choices in light of your knowledge of yourself.

Many people learn what their parents are interested in. These lectures will help you understand your unique profile to fit school, studies and profession to your personality, interests, gifts and set of values. For choces participants a free Career Compass test or support in getting the funding for a professional training for a certified consultant of the Career Compass.

Friday, 08.07 – Analyzing your potential

Saturday, 09.07 – Career Compass: Professional tool supporting the educational and professional development

Jarosław Pietrzak – head of the King David’s Educational Centre in Poznań propagator of personalized education, tutor, coach.

E13, Zuzanna Radzik

You are a newcomer too!

„You yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt” reminds the Book of Exodus Who is a foreigner? Do I have any obligation towards him and what may they be? And maybe I am a newcomer too? We work with texts and discuss what the Bible has to say.

Wednesday, 06.07 – Human: Your father, a wandering Aramean

Thursday, 07.07 – Xenophobia: Jews and Samaritans

Friday, 08.07 – Migrants: Ruth and other close foreigners

Saturday, 09.07 – Ecology: On earth as newcomers and settlers

Zuzanna Radzik – Catholic theologian, author of the „Kościół kobiet” („Women’s church”) book. Works regularly with „Tygodnik Powszechny”.

E14, Marta Lenartowicz

Human: Creator or a slave of the system?
If the things you say are a result of the part you play – who really talks? Whose life do you live when you do what you „should”, when you function as a cog in a machine? Join our thought experiment in which we turn everything upside down.

Wednesday, 06.07 – Natural human: living in the mythical Garden

Thursday, 07.07 – Creat(ures)ions of the semiosphere

Friday, 08.07 – Slaves of the system

Saturday, 09.07 – Creat(ures)ions trainers

Marta Lenartowicz – Works at the Free University of Brussels, in the Global Brain Institute. She researches the inteligence of social systems.

E15, Piotr Nabielec

How to achieve more and more effectively

People are more and more harried, constantly busy and at the same time time slips their fingers and it’s harder and harder to feel the joy of life. Another way is possible! We will work on the answer to how in a wiser, more conscious and happy way organize a day, a week and the whole life.

Wednesday, 06.07 – Organize your day

Thursday, 07.07 – Organize your week and a bigger project

Friday, 08.07 – Discover your passion and calling

Piotr Nabielec – Foundaer of Endless seeker of passion and potential, helping people and companies achieve their dreams.

E15, Jarosław Gwizdak
Judicature 2.0 or a tale of empathy and trust

Saturday, 09.07 – Is it necessary for Polish courts to be museums? Jarosław Gwizdak, Civil Judge of the Year 2015 will rise three important questions:

EMPATHY: Is it needed and Polish courts? How much of it? Can you overdo empathy?;

TRUST: Courts should be trusted if they are to settle our disagreements – it’s obvious. How to bring the trust back, so in the eyes of citizerns it will be deserved and justified?;

EDUCATION: Legal awareness of society must rise so we can understand the world around us better. But is it easy to govern educated citizens?

Jarosław Gwizdak – Head of the Katowice-West District Court


A1, Dan Hash

For what I have is never enough – Dan Hash

Regardless of their age and status, people share an array of needs. We want to have friends, feel confident, be authentic and overcome obstacles. Why does satisfying one need so often gives birth to another? Where does the feeling that what I have is never enough come from?

Wednesday, 06.07 – Friends: Who’s on the map of your life?

Thursday, 07.07 – Confidence: Who God is and what don’t I like about him?

Friday, 08.07 – Identity: Who I really am?

Saturday, 09.07 – Future: How to solve problems instead of just complaining?

Dan Hash – An American, living in Poland for almost 20 years, all of that time involved in leading the Fala (Wave) Association youth camps.

*In case of rain the lecture will be moved to the corridor next to the Sugar Museum / D2.

E12, Jan Masajada
Tomorrow – a short course

The wheel of history starts spinning alarmingly fast and we all live with tomorrow. Our law is of yesterday, our state, school politics, churches. And outside the window technologies, borders, labour market change like in a kaleidoscope.

Let’s talk about what tomorrow will force us to do. Let’s think if we can prepare for that. We can’t stop time, but maybe we can see the new perspective and become familiar with tomorrow.

Jan Masajada – lecturer at Wrocław University of Technology, for years at SAF conducts inspiring considerations on the border of exact sciences and world-view problems.

E14, Thorsten Moritz

Leaving the Matrix or how to clean your glasses

You look at the world through a set of glasses. So do the people around you – and everyone sees something different. Does the world have meaning beyond what we come up with? In this lecture series, we will try to clean our glasses. To do this, we will use texts in the gospel of Mark, which are understood radically differently by different people. If you want to understand the world around you and think critically about the glasses you and other people wear, this lecture series is for you.

Thorsten Moritz – a German working in USA, lecturer of the United Theological Seminary.

E15, Olek Macha i Marcin Szala

Don’t get just anything: Conscious choice of education and career

Supposedly everyone has a talent. Can you decide on your career based on that, is it a good idea? What makes a job good for me, who does it depend on? We’ll talk about career, planning and decisions.

Wednesday, 06.07 –Tools to know yourself

Thuersday, 07.07 – How to build a good team and be a good boss?

Friday, 08.07 – When is it worth to stop working? To what extent market evaluation of your job is also evaluation of you?

Saturday, 09.07 – Should work be your passion?

Olek Macha – entrepreneur who came the way from „zero” to export hero.

Marcin Szala – educator, entrepreneur, program director of Collegium Wratislaviense.

C1, Janusz & Asia Żydek

Us and Them – new generation

For 11th time at SAF, this time about one’s own children and children of others we influence.

Wednesday, 06.07 – Who does he get it from? Discovering talents, abilities and limitations of a child. Our plans and his plans.

Thursday, 07.07 – Thousands of advices, which one to choose? How to choose the right theory from among the multitude of them?

Friday, 08.07 – Family outsourcing. What are parents irreplaceable for and what are others for?

Saturday, 09.07 – Teenager or aliens attack. How to make friends with a teenager?

Asia & Janusz Żydek – parents of two grown-up children creators of the „Dobrze nam razem” („We are great together”) project.


A1, Dave Andrews

Justice and peace in the world of strenght and violence

Terrorism, refugees, growing instability – we live in times, when our safe world starts to tremble. What is the importance of love that Jesus called us to in the world where strenght and violence matter? Is thera a chance to build peace between Christians and Muslims? What future can we hope for?

Wednesday, 06.07 – Blessed Revolution: Eight Blessings as a basis for engagement towards poverty and violence.

Thursday, 07.07 – Religion and violence

Friday, 08.07 – Jesus’ jihad: An appeal for Christians and Muslims for common action for justice and peace.

Saturday. 09.07 – Mysticism committed.

Dave Andrews – Australian anthropologist, theologian, writer and social activist. Caretaker of Indian junkies who won’t moralize and just make you a milkshake. In 40 years he founded several social organizations, within which he works on behalf of the poor, homeless, indigenous Aboriginal people, people with intellectual disabilities or modern “scapegoats” – Muslims and refugees. He opened his own house for drug addicts suffering from hepatitis, tuberculosis or typhus. A man, who brings hope to hopeless places.

*In case of rain the lecture will be moved to the corridor next to the Sugar Museum / D2.

E12, David Oldroyd

Spaceship Earth: Overfull planet

If everyone on earth lived like Poles, we need two planets. If we compare the earth to a spaceship, it is overfull and on the edge of collapse. Can anything be done about it?

Wednesday, 06.07 – Why is “Spaceship Earth” overfull? Psychology, technology, arrogance & greed. Consequences in the near future (2030)

Thursday, 07.07 – Radical change or collapse. What can be done? Machine World vs. the Natural World

David Oldroyd – retired lecturer, author of Community Action for Spaceship Earth:

E12, Lori Wallett

All the single ladies or womanhood in the times of popculture

What does it mean to be a woman today? Who are we? Let’s discuss together how to find freedom to be the ladies we’re meant to be.

Friday, 08.07 – Who am I?

Saturday, 09.07 – How to live in accordance with your calling?

Lori Wallett – With SLOT for over 20 years. Wife and mother. Years of personal discovery and research into issues of women.

E14, Marcin & Beata Janik

Building intimacy in a relationship

Come to these lectures in pairs. How to talk to better understand one another, how to prevent conflicts and how to solve them in a constructive way if they emerge. The lecture parts will be intertwined with workshop parts, so that you can practice what you’ve heard. Lectures make an integral whole, so be with us for the whole 4 days.

Marcin & Beata Janik – Thoughtful realit observers, passionate about Nonviolent Communication and Attachment Parenting, psychologists.

E15, Andrzej Burzyński

How to design your own life?

You live but are not content with your life? To paraphrase Bareja „how much luife is in your life?”. This series motto reads: no matter how many days your life has, more important is how many life your days have What does it mean in practice?

Wednesday, 06.07 – How to discover your dreams?

Thursday, 07.07 – How to realize your dreams?

Friday, 08.07 – How to overcome life obstacles?

Saturday, 09.07 – What do you need to be happy?

Andrzej Burzyński – connoisseur of passionate life. Trainer, mentor, coach, author, journalist, author of the blog.

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