Programme-Seminars 2017

IDEAS ZONE – E12, E13, E14, E15, A4

Wednesday–Saturday, 5–8.07

The Ideas Zone is a space in which we talk about important topics with people who are considered experts on them. We inspire to search for the answers to the most fundamental questions, and to meet people who think differently.

TURN 1 11:00–13:00

The Power of Community – E12


The power of community can be measured by the degree in which we are able to integrate Medea into our lives; by the amount of sacrifice, understanding and wisdom that we are able to offer her, and by the degree in which she is able to get to love, understand and change us. Wed.: Medea/She-Alien, the abandoned and the betrayed, the other and the ours. Thu.: There would be no world, this tiny point in the galaxy where love is possible, if it weren’t for the small centres of the world.

Krzysztof Czyżewski – Idea practitioner, writer, founder of Borderland in Sejny and the International Centre for Dialogue in Krasnogruda.

Work, money, passion – E12


How do you call work for which you are not paid? To what extent market evaluation of your job is also evaluation of you? Should work be your passion? What kind of questions are these? The answers are clear and commonly known, but are they the only truth? Obviously, they depend on the world view – and this is what we have to talk about.

Olek Macha – entrepreneur who came the way from „zero” to an export hero.

How to come to an understanding in 20 minutes? – E13


How to avoid wasting energy on futile discussions and fights on arguments when the other person wants something completely different than you, but the issue is too important for you to „drop it”? How to persuade the other person that he or she is doing something you don’t like, without damaging your relationship?

Beata i Marcin Janik – vigilant and watchful observers of surrounding reality, aficionados of the Nonviolent Communication method, psychologists.

Andrzej Burzyński – How to live a great life? – E14


You can neither put love in your cooking pot nor hug happiness. If you want to know how to build satisfying relationships with people who are not perfect while being full of contradictions yourself, you have found the right address. A satisfying life is within your grasp. Seriously!

Wed.: How to love yourself? Thu.: How to love others? Fri.: How to discover your passion? Sat. 8.07: How to find happiness?

Infohighway to nowhere? – E15


How to extract a valid and non-manipulated content in today’s infoglut? How to prevent the dissemination of catchy lies and avoid contributing to it? How to gain access to adequate tools and not waste one’s life on getting the facts right? Wed.: Tl;dr, i.e. the truth that no one cares about. Thu.: Authority is not everything: undermine it and become an expert. Fri..–Sat.: Methods to verify information found on the Internet.

Ryszard Sierotnik – translator and proofreader of over 1000 technical texts and academic papers.

TURN 2 13:00–15:00

Inner workings of Poles’ cuisine – E12


If we are what we eat – then who we, Poles, truly are? Are we divided into the Poland of kebabs and of burgers, the Poland of barbecues and of vegetarians, the Poland of wine and of vodka…? Does the table divide or unify us?

Michał Kuźmiński – editor at Tygodnik Powszechny weekly magazine, co-writer of crime-stories, author of lyrics, occasional food writer on a culinary blog.

Piotr Kapera & Gwyneth Pierce – The shadows of pornography – E14


Porn has entered our homes, becoming their silent inhabitant. What are the consequences of that? How does porn influence the relationship with the loved person? What kind of neurochemical processes occur in the brain while watching porn? How does porn change the world and can it really have anything in common with human trafficking? Wed.: The influence of porn upon the relationship. Thu.: How does porn facilitate human trafficking.

Piotr Kapera – addictions therapist at the men’s sexual health clinic ‘KUŹNIA’ and lecturer at the Men’s Development Institute (Instytut Rozwoju Mężczyzny).

Gwyneth Pierce – activist and author of the book “Restoring the Years: Winning the Battle over Sexual Addiction”.

Love, infatuation and sex – E14


We often hear today that there is nothing wrong in young people being sexually active, providing that they do it in a safe and responsible way. But what does ‘safe sex’ actually mean? What is the difference between true love and simple infatuation? Is sex without feelings possible?

Karolina Hołownia – educator, counselor, student of clinical sexuology, works in the area of risky sexual behaviour prevention.

They said „Be yourself!”. But what does it mean? – E13


While discovering our talents, dreams and our unique vocation, it is easy to provoke a conflict with the people who are important to us. Where is the borderline between one’s own individuality and the need to affiliate with others? How not to be indifferent to the expectations of others? How not to give in to others at the price of one’s own authenticity? Wed.: Inherited from family home: Individuality or closeness? Thu.: Excessive independence vs pathological closeness in a relationship. Fri.: Being authentic at work and among friends.

Sat.: Emotions and vocation.

Rod Smith – therapist specialised in difficult relationships and single stepfather of two sons.

Where is the world headed? – E15


Interregnum – the most adequate word to describe a situation in which the old world order has finished and the new one has still not established. The world which is to come, needs to be invented and built. Let’s try to do it together: Wed.: Utopia and apocalypse. An introduction to the future; Thu.: Culture and environmentalism. The revolution of Pope Francis; Fri.: Is Poland going to survive until 2030?

Sat.: Is the future female?

Edwin Bendyk – journalist , columnist and writer, head of the Centre for Studies on Future at Collegium Civitas, lecturer at the Centre of Social Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

TURN 3 15:00–17:00

Perfectionism: Silent soul-killer – E13


Everyone who creates something either struggles with their own perfectionism or knows somebody who has a problem with it. We worry what others will think about us and the duo of perfectionism and shame is the distinctive characteristic of Poles. What can we do with such a way of thinking before it destroys the best what we can bring to this world? Wed. 5.07 – Perfectionism part 1: What do we learn at home and school? Thu.: Shame – the nasty cousin of perfectionism. Fri.: Procrastination – the first sign of perfectionism. Sat.: Perfectionism, part 2: How to finish it before it finishes you?

William Shaw – system therapist, an American living and working in Kraków.

Let’s talk about relationships – E14


The quality of our relationships is meant to mostly determine whether we are happy or not. Thus, it is worth working on them. Wed.: Falling in love and what next? How to develop love day after day? Thu.: A conversation that brings closer. Fri.: Differences – the source of our strength or weakness? Let’s choose! Sat.: Love in action – how to show that I really love you?

Asia i Janusz Żydek – marriage and family counsels in the project We feel good together (Dobrze nam razem).

Dreams and atoms – E15


A dream is a fantastical story created by our brain once we close our eyes. An atom is a child of the down-to-earth science. Do dreams have anything in common with atoms? Wed.: A dream – somewhat perversely; Thu.: Atoms; it is not that they are more important than dreams, so… somewhat perversely as well;

Fri.: A world that is partly real and partly made of our dreams; Sat.: Dreams more dangerous than atom.

Jan Masajada -– lecturer at the Wrocław University of Technology

Marcin Janasik – How to change the world beginning with oneself – E12


In a world where eight people possess more than the poorest 3 billion, every 5 seconds a human being dies of hunger. Billions suffer from poverty, wars, violence, addictions, and economic abuse: a real hell on earth. Conscious eco-consumption and civil activism are our only chance for a better world. The fight, in which the Good is losing, goes on. Which side are you going to take?

Christianity and environmentalism – a perfect couple or incompatibility of characters? – E12


What is the relationship between environmentalism and Christianity or between environmental destruction and the ethical deterioration of the human being? Come if you believe that it is worth improving our relationship with the surrounding world. Thu.: What is happening in our common home and who is going to clean it all up? Fri.: It is about love, i.e. the biblical foundations of Christian environmentalism; Sat.: ‘Living on the edge’, i.e. on the challenging art of being ‘eco-friendly’ every day.

Piotr Abramczyk – meteorologist, lover of the created world. .

Renata Łukaszewicz – works in the field of environmental protection, trainer at eco workshops.

Filip Pasek / Jakub Kamiński – Do you really forge your own destiny? – A4

5–8.07 p. … <described in the 5th ELEMENT section>

Living library – A4

08.07, 11:00 – 16:00

How do people deal with stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination? You will find that out from our Living Books, who will be waiting to be borrowed for the first time ever at Slot.


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