Programme-Seminars 2018



E12 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

Hizmet, Sufism and pistachios. Who is Muhammed Fethullah Gülen Hocaefendi? How do you even pronounce it? And why don’t we go there for vacation anymore?

  1. Turkey from the sidewalk perspective. Politics and everyday life.
  2. How do refugees ache the Turks.

Patrycjusz Miazgowski ? political scientist by education. for some time settled in a Turkish city of Gaziantep, where he teaches English and hosts guests via Couchsurfing. At Slot he shares his experiences.

  1. Who do Turks listen to?
  2. (Un)safe Turkey

Agata Karbowska ? doctoral student at the International and Political Studies Department of the Jagiellonian University. She’s interested in history, culture and politics of Turkey as well as Islam (particularly Sufism) and widely understood Middle East.

How to lead a satisfying life?

E13 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

You live but are not content with your life? The motto of this series is: no matter how many days your life has, more important is how many life your days have. What does it mean in practice?

  1. How to love onerself?
  2. How to love others?
  3. How to fulfil your passion?
  4. How to be happy?

Andrzej Burzyński ? passionate life connoisseur, entrepreneur, mentor, author, vlogger at


Spiritual Vitality For Life

E14 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

Let?s look into Luke?s gospel and its story of Jesus to explore how we can deepen our faith, hope & love. We will explore four spiritual practices of Jesus and seek understanding together on how we too can do those today in our time for the benefit of ourselves and our neighbors!

  1. Embracing Jesus? Vision ? Entering the alternative culture
  2. Journeying with Jesus ? Engaging our world
  3. Eating with Jesus ? Breaking bread
  4. Retreating with Holy Spirit ? Resting

Jeff Cowmeadow ? see p.

And they lived happily ever after ? is that possible in my life?

E15 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

  1. True love ? what it is and what it is not; how to love each other truly in everyday life
  2. We speak or we talk ? there is no good relationship without good communication
  3. Top-end sex ? few words, lots of disappointment
  4. Not only sugar-icing ? how to make conflicts strengthening, not destructive for us

Asia i Janusz Żydek ? they celebrate their 28th anniversary at SAF, parents of two grown-up children, parents-in-law. Marriage and family counselors authors of the Dobrze Nam Razem (We Are Great Together) project and blog.



E12 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

It’s so obvious: one of them are evil terrorists, the others a chosen nation. This goes on for 70 years. What, and how, has changed and what hasn’t changed at all ? we will talk about both societies.

  1. All quiet on the West Bank
  2. Israeli peace organizations

dr Konrad Pędziwiatr ? works at the European Studies Department of the Cracow University of Economics. He wrote about Islam and Europe in many books, scientific journals and everyday press.

  1. What is Israel doing in the Middle East?
  2. Israel?Palestine ? a border or a wall?

dr Marcin Szydzisz ? associate professor of the International Studies Institute of the Wrocław University, specializes in middle-eastern problems (above all Israeli-Palestinian).

Tales from the Borderland

E13 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

How to help rebuild broken bonds in a local community and listen to others ? despite the wounds.

  1. Tale about working on the Chronicles.
  2. Sejny as a little centre of the world.
  3. About working on family memory.
  4. Meeting around the Movie Collection.

Bożena Szroeder ? cultural manager, pedagogue, works in the „Borderland ? of arts,

cultures and nations? in Sejny.

Psychological Survival Kit

E14 / Wedensday?Saturday / 11-14.07

We will examine ways of thinking that lead to conflict, alienation and violence and how to protect and fight against this in our lives.

  1. Ways of thinking that lead to violence
  2. Countering fundamentalist thinking
  3. Protecting against media manipulation
  4. Defying the system

William Shaw ? therapist, has lived in Poland for the last 5 years.

Living better than I thought I could

E15 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

  1. Im stuck! Do you keep doing the same stupid things ? and you don?t even know why? Could it be you’re trying to solve the wrong problem?
  2. It hurts! Have you been wounded by your family? It is possible to leave family pain in the rear view mirror.
  3. Friends. We will help you map your friendships and roadblocks that keep them from being deep.
  4. Not Enough. Is something missing in your life? Is that bad? Does God have more for you?

Dan Hash ? animator of youth camps of Fala („Wave”) Association


See also: Movies on East, p. X

How to get along in 20 minutes?

E13 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

How not to waste your energy on fruitless discussions and argument-swapping, if another person wants something completely else and the thing is to important for you to „let it go”? How to communicate to other person thet they’re doing something you don’t like without hurting your relationship?

Beata i&Marcin Janik ? thoughtful reality observers, passionate about Nonviolent Communication psychologists.

Guides for difficult times

E14 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

We will listen to the stories of 3 unique people, whose lives and thoughts are an important guideline for the times we live in.

  1. Vaclav Havel more and more present Responsibility as fate.
  2. Vaclav Havel more and more present Is the world too much for us?

Havel’s considerations about civil society, moral crisis, globalization, ecology and ethnic and cultural conflicts become relevant again. Will we find a way back to the values that lie at the foundations of democracy?

Andrzej S. Jagodziński ? diplomat, translator of V. Havel’s books, publicist, correspondent.

  1. Fr. Zieja. What does the Prophet tell us today?

Serving Polish and German soldiers, proponent of the maxim: never kill anyone. Pilgrim crossing borders without a passport. A Catholic priest engaged in a left-wing and anticlerical movement and founding KOR (the Workers’ Defense Committee) with the socialists What does his biography tell us today?

Ignacy Dudkiewicz ? journalist, publicist i.e. of Kontakt and; social activist i.e. in w KIK.

  1. Dorothy Day: „Don’t call me a saint”

She practices radical poverty, but loves hearing to Sunday’s philharmonic transmission on the radio; she values her time with family, but being a mother she creates a worker’s newspaper and opens up a homeless shelter. Dorothy Day still doesn’t fit in our mental categories.

Zuzanna Radzik ?theologist, publicist of ?Tygodnik Powszechny?. Author of the book ?Women’s church?.

Physics at SLOT, or a fly in artistic ointment

E15 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

You don’t understand quantum mechanics, relativity theory and other problems hiding under the name 'modern physics’?? That can be fixed and in a holiday atmosphere

Jan Masajada ? lecturer at Wrocław University of Technology, for years at SAF conducts inspiring considerations on the border of exact sciences and world-view problems.

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