Programme-Small Stage 2014

CONTEST STAGE Wozownia/ Carriage House, location 62; 16:00 ? 18:00

A place, where young, ambitious bands have the opportunity of confronting their music with broader audience. It is the Carriage house, where you will hear the bands, that probably will be talked about soon, of what an example can be Kamil Bednarek from Star Guard Muffin or Damian Ukeje from Fat Belly Family and others.
As the name itself suggests, the stage is organized as a contest ? from three bands presenting themselves on the given day, the jury will choose one, that will open the Main Stage with its concert on the next day. The additional prize for the best band will be recording of two songs (including mix and mastering) at the Magazine Studio and recording of the music video funded by Pstro Studio.




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  Wed Thu Fri Sat
16:00-16:30 King Size Far Enough Space.R Kołtun
16:45-17:15 OmnimOdO Don’t You Bear OHO!KOKO Shadok
17:30-18:00 Outlander Eleanor Gray dżindżer projekt Marek Piowczyk Trio

Wednesday 9 July

King Size (rap/rock), 16:00

Emotional, sincere, insolent rap, modern sound of drums, rock passion on guitars, catchy tunes and scenic charisma on the highest level ? this is the music in King Size


OmnimOdO (rock/rap/funky), 16:45

Serious band playing unserious music? or the other way round. Musicians in the band try not to limit themselves to style labels, rather worrying about how to make this musical segment rock. Big dose of energy, which you will surely feel at the concert.

Outlander (rapcore/hardcore/numetal), 17:30

They come from Manie ? little place in Podhale, that say nothing to no one, but about the Outlander band people already say more and more. You can?t just walk on by hearing their music from the borders of rapcore and hardcore.

Thursday, 10 July

Far Enough (progressive stoner metalcore), 16:00

The band crumbles concrete and steel with their music since 2010, performing at first as a quartet. Since 2012 it plays as a quintet and with this line-up it recorded its EP Light Revoked. The goal of Enough is to compose untrite pieces, reflecting the image of spirit and inspirations of all of the members of the group.

Don’t You Bear (rock/alternative), 16:45

Rock band from Katowice, brought to life by a guitarist Paweł Furgała. The line-up consists of musicians from the Animators band ? Bart Bednarczuk and Lesław Nowak as well as of bass player of the legendary silesian formation Negatyw (negative) ? Aleksander Goławski. Don’t You Bear i san explosive mixture of uncompromising rock, keen riffs and a huge amount of energy.

Eleanor Gray (rock/pop/punk), 17:30

The band comes from Poznań, and it dates its beginning at 2012. The chosen direction, that Eleanor Gray doesn?t want to define has given birth to the mixture of several styles of guitar music. Culinary speaking it is a fresh, healthy and heavily spiced meal 🙂

Friday, 11 July

Space.R (rock), 16:00

The band?s music is an intelligent mixture of simplicity and embedded melody, as the name suggests (Space aiR), in a big, almost unlimited space. Not without epic moments, soaked with heaviness and aggression and delicate, even lyrical guitar and piano parts as well as vocals full of fervour.

OHO!KOKO (alternative pop), 16:45

Fresh duet on Polish music stage. Her ? Alicja Kruk ? compared by Kora Jackowska to Amy Winehouse, him ? Marek Szul ? creating new, rare technique of acoustic guitar playing. In the process of creation they use unique solutions by using loopers an multi-effects. Everything happening while performing music live.

Dżindżer projekt (groove, art disco), 17:30

The band was created in 2012 and since then released an EP we just want to be heard and two singles four a.m. and krakow, that way gaining not only fans on local stage but alo abroad. Young musicians concentrate on creating their own, unparalleled sound based on pulsating rhythm.

Saturday, 12 July

Kołtun (reggae/ska/punkrock), 16:00

Kołtun formed at the end of 2013r. in Kraków. It has an unique, characteristic sound, not sounding like typical Polish reggae at all ? this reggae militant, rebellious, uncompromised, but still swaying and catchy. In their music one can also find elements of punk rock, dancehall and old-school ska.


Shadok (rock), 16:45

Huge dose of energetic riffs, catchy tunes and experiments with guitar and drum sounds. Shadok music oscillates somewhere between noisy rockandroll and trans-y calming harmonics. They themselves say: ?We are trying to control chaos/noise. We hit the drums, scream and butcher the guitars and after a while there is tranquillity, lalala and delicate melody.?

Marek Piowczyk Trio (rock, soul, blues), godz.17:30

The band formed in February 2013. They play completely original music, from the heart. It is a mixture of resolved electric sound with characteristic, energizing vocals surrounded by pulsating drums and bass guitar. On their account there are many achievements and commendations, among them three individual commendations on all-Poland Bluesroad Festival 2013 in Kraków, half-finals of Poland?s Got Talent 2013

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