Contest Stage in the Carriage House 2015

CONTEST STAGE in the Carriage House

08.07 ? 11.07, 16:00 ? 18:00

Contest Stage is a place, where young, ambitious bands have the opportunity of confronting their music with broader audience. It is the Carriage house, where you will hear the bands, that probably will be talked about soon. An example of that can be Kamil Bednarek from Star Guard Muffin or Damian Ukeje from Fat Belly Family and others.
As the name itself suggests, the stage is organized as a contest ? from three bands presenting themselves on the given day, the jury will choose one, that will open the Main Stage with its concert on the next day.


  Wednesday 08.07 Thursday 09.07 Friday, 10.07 Saturday, 11.07


Sicphorm So Flow The Black Hearts Pora wiatru


Nothing Personal More wine please Slaves of Chaos 8 lat w Tybecie
17.30?18.00 Chopin Died The Cookies Headwind Katedra



Wednesday, 8.07

SICPHORN (groove metal/thrash/hard core), 16:00

The idea for this band based in Wrocław was born in 2011, but officially the group functions from the half of 2013. In 2015 their debut album „Wake up” will be released. Sicphorm’s members also perform as parts of other bands: Damian „Kurt” Kikoła ? vocals (Slow Motion Bullet), Bartek „Bartes” Duszkiewicz ? guitar, vocals (John Revolta, O.D.R.A), Grzegorz „Gady” Kołodziejczyk ? guitar (Insult), Mateusz „Zajonc” Sławecki ? bass (John Revolta), Sebastian „Święty” Dziekan ? drums (Discordia)


In 2012 a group of friends from Zielona Góra brought to life the Nothing Personal project. Their compositions are characterized by big dose of emotions, deep lyrical layer and nontrivial arrangements. All members of the group put a particle of themselves into the music and, despite the name suggesting something different, Nothing Personal’s music is full of personal experiences and emotions.

CHOPIN DIED (rock/punkrock), 17:30

Chopin Died is an energetic, punk-rock power trio. The band plays dynamic compositions with melodious verses and strong refrains. Debut album of the band was released on April 20114 and includes 11 compositions. It is available both as a CD and in digital form (incl. via iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and many other websites).


Thursday 9.07

SO FLOW (nu jazz/neo soul), 16:00

On the edge of three musical worlds: hip hop, nu-jazz and alternative a project was created, concentrating six young and revolutionary musicians from Kraków. They don’t reject tradition but are not afraid to polemicize with it ? they sample old Polish records, creating their own style, closer to contemporary Melbourne than by the Vistula river. And everything is bond together by a magnetizing voice of vocalist, Karolina Teenstra.

MORE WINE PLEASE (alternative, indie folk-rock), 16:45

A band from Wrocław, founded in 2012, performing acoustically ambient mix of interesting rythms with melodious harmonics inspired by folk, funk or pop music. Winner of the 9th Musical Battle of the Wrocław Radio. On August 29th their EP „Tides” was released, which they’re currently promoting during their concerts. On September 6th they played at Wyspa Słodowa before a legend of Polish music scene ? Edyta Bartosiewicz. Lately they’ve been working on material for their first album.

The COOKIES (electro pop, soul, hip-hop), 17:30

The Cookies is a band of completely unpredictable personalities filled with energy. With unprecedented rap, strong vocals and the spirit of soul we show how easily we can play with genres like electro, pop and hip-hop. Laurates of the Emergenza festival in Poland.


Friday 10.07

The BLACK HEARTS (post hardcore/screamo/rock’n’roll), 16:00

The black Hearts is a band from Warsaw, which debuted in 2012, quickly gaining favour of fans and critics, also reaching the finals of the contest on Jarocin. They played alongside Gallows, Never Means Maybe, Feed the Rhino, Echoes, Polish groups like Heroes Get Remembered, Mouga, CF98, The Mugshots and others. They scored the 2013 METAL FEST and played as one of the headliners at ROCKSTAR MAD SKILLZ FESTIVAL on the same stage as Materia, Frontside and Dog Eat Dog. This year they have shared the stage with We Came As Romans, Emmure and Machine Head.

SLAVES OF CHAOS (melodious metalcore), 16:45

Young, energetic band from Piła, playing heavy rock music. They played at numerous festivals but this is their first time at SLOT Art. Their music is great to jump, cry and laugh to. It’s worth to get acquainted with their music, as it is impossible to classify in one genre only, which makes it special and extremely thrilling.

HEADWIND (rock/metal), 17:30

The headwind band was created in 2006 in Poznań. Today its line-up is five guys dealing with works of such legends as A Perfect Circle/Tool/Deftones as well as other bands in this mood. Several years of material creation finds its outlet in a recently released EP and spontaneous concerts.


Saturday 11.07

PORA WIATRU (bluegrass/folk/rock/blues), 16:00

Pora Wiatru (The Wind Season), unlike most bands, wasn’t created by coincidence. Five people originating from different places in Poland with full awareness decided to create something together, to find the outlet for what is flowing through them. Since then they are constantly looking for the Wind, the same one that had once blown them all to the same place at the same time. Playing together for 5 years, the band has recorded several dozens of original compositions in total, played around 100 concerts and performed at several festivals with greater or smaller success.

8 lat w Tybecie, 16:45

Raw, energetic rock from Cieszyn Silesia. 8 Lat w Tybecie (8 years in Tibet) is a band constantly evolving and oriented on constant progress and defeating their own limitations. Band’s trademark are raw, rock sounds of guitars and energetic, classic riffs based on pulsating rythm section firmly embedded in measure. However, the central point that characterizes the 8lwt music are simple but nontrivial lyrics with deep, emotionally burdened message.

KATEDRA (Psychodelic big-bit), 17:30

The band finished working on their debut album, that is a kind of invitation into a musical journey to the times of flower children seen through the eyes of men of today. On the one hand it’s playing with conventions of that time, on the other ? an attempt to go back to non-simulated music: to sincere, analogue sound and songs „with soul”. An interest in Polish big-beat is their answer to to creations of aces of music like The Black Keys, Jak White or (especially) Tame Impala and Pond, that draw from the classics of world-wide rock.



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