Programme-Social Films 2014


SOCIAL FILMS, Carriage house, location 62, at 13:00

Documentaries straight from the 11th PLANETE+ DOC FILM FESTIVAL

Wednesday, 9.07

We Come As Friends

dir. Hubert Sauper, France/Austria, 2014, 110 min
Daring report on the creation of the youngest country in the world – the South Sudan, awarded at the festivals in Sundance and in Berlin. The author – Hubert Sauper, who has been nominated for an Oscar for Darwin’s Nightmare – this time decides to fly around the Eastern Africa in a home-made plane. Such a solution lets him avoid taking the role of an arogant white conquerer of the Dark Continent. This is a meeting with the Other. He depicts Africa as it is, stripped of the colonial prejudices – sometimes dangerous, exotic, intensive, but always – Other. He doesn’t try to understand it, he’d rather confront the viewer with unforgettable images.

Thursday, 10.07

Everyday Rebellion

dir. Arash T. Riahi, Arman T.Riahi, Austria/Switzerland, 2013, 115 min
It is not a romantic utopia that non-violent forms of protest and civil desobedience can change the world. It is a scientifically validated truth which can be easily observed in the contemporary political world. The film presents passionate activists from all around the world as they demonstrate for democracy, justice and human rights. Srđa Popović – Serbian biologist, political activist and the director of the Centre for Applied Non-Violent Actions and Strategies – teaches the rules constituting an efficient non-violent protest. This film is an element of a much bigger multimedia project. On the website it is possible to follow examples of very ingenious civil desobedience actions from all over the world.

Friday, 11.07

Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus

dir. Madeleine Sackler, USA, 2013, 78 min
Belarus Free Theatre is a famous theatre group created in Minsk in 2005 to protest against the political situation and censorship in Belarus. The theatre conducts illegal critical activities. It doesn’t have permission to perform, it has never been registered and it doesn’t have a permanent seat. The actors perform in secret in different locations. The Belarus police keeps track of its repertoire and invades the performances. The group is very popular, performing both in Belarus and abroad. The film presents the theatre’s activities in an unwelcoming political environment.

Sobota, 12.07


dir. Thomas Balm?s, France/Finland, 2013, 80 min
Bhutan is one of the least developped countries in the world with one of the lowest rates of socio-economic development. In 1972 in Bhutan the Gross National Happiness (GNH) index has been invented under the initiative of king Jigme Singye Wangchuck. It contributed to the invention of the Happy Planet Index (HPI) which is nowadays often taken into account instead of the GDP as an indicator of the countries’ development. Bhutan’s society is one of the happiest in the world even though its life rate isn’t the highest. Balm?s in a poetical and funny way follows the widespreading of television in a mountaionous Bhutan village – Laya, located far away in the Himalaya mountains, being the last place where there is neither TV nor electricity. A 9 year-old boy, called Peyangki wants to have a TV and he believes that it would finally bring him happiness. How will it affect the personality of a child who for so many years has been isolated from the wold of commerce, money and show-business?

Beautifully filmed Happiness with its enchanting images shows how the cultural and economical development changes traditional cultures and societies.

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