Programme-Social Initiatives 2010



Social Initiatives
For years social initiatives have been an integral part of SLOT. Each year we invite Polish and foreign organizations to present their issues and share about their activities. We also have exhibits, panel discussions, debates and lectures led by representatives of these organizations.
Last year we focused on the problem of modern slavery and we hosted the oldest anti-slavery organization in the world, Anti-slavery International. Sister Anna Bałchan, author of the book „Woman is Not Sin”, also led a seminar.
In 2010 the main theme of the social initiatives fair will be the modern problems connected to access to water, but his doesn’t mean that we’re not interested in other issues and organizations who work in completely different fields.
We invite any organization who would like to share what they’re doing with others to co-operate with us. You will receive free entrance to the festival, a place to display your material, with an electrical outlet, in the middle of the festival and 5,000 people who potentially would be interested in your activities. In exchange we expect an interesting presentation and that you will stay for the full length of the festival. If you’re interested please send an e-mail to:

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