Programme-Social Initiatives 2017


Wednesday–Saturday 5–8.07, 11:00–20:00

Social Initiatives Zone workshops:

Social economy”

H5, Wednesday–Saturday 5–8.07, 11:00–12:45

Here is the plan:

Wednesday 5.07

How to sell an idea well? Few words about the third sector marketing” – Maciej Myśliwiec, p. …

Thursday 6.07

Increase you organization’s development capabilities” – Jacek Mech, p. …

Friday 7.07

Third sector as a workplace” — Paulina Ograbisz / Pracownia PANATO, p. …

Saturday 8.07

Do it differently or an insanely simple way of organization management” — Ewa Załupska, p. …

Socially Inspiring Meetings

G14, Wednesday–Friday 5–7.07, 13:00–15:00

“Socially Inspiring Meetings” will be a space within the Social Initiatives Zone for those who are looking for additional motivation, knowledge and inspiration regarding the third sector activities, but also for private and commercial purposes.

We will inspire you in 3 areas:

Wednesday 5.07

Brand building on social media — good practices”

Guests who will share their experiences:

Maciej Myśliwiec — Promote thy brand as thyself — engaging in network marketing.

Beata Frankieiwcz — Brand building on the Internet and millions of evidence that it works — best practices by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP).

Aleksandra Skorżyńska and Justyna Normantowicz — Building the brand of voluntary service, based on the nation-wide program “Projector — Student Volunteers” (Projektor – Wolontariat Studencki)

Thursday 6.07

Difficult words, simple ways to make your dreams come true — fundraising and crowdfunding”

You will learn how to raise funds to finance your activities from:

Jacek Mech — Difficult words, simple ways to make your dreams come true — fundraising and crowdfunding based on Kilometry dobra (Kilometers of good) campaign.

Aleksandra Aleksandrowicz — Donator is the star — about #3 lessons of fundraising.

Maria Kopaszewska — Social campaigns by NGOs — how to come back from the battle with your shield?

Friday 7.07

Business activity — we bust the myths!”

Ways to effectively lead and manage a non-governmental organization disclosed by:

Andrzej “Franek” Hurny — It’s a good day, Foundation!

Katarzyna Binda — A brief history of post-it or the risk in social innovations.

Paulina Ograbisz — Social enterprise networking.

Race of thoughts

G14, Saturday 8.07, 19:00–21:00

Race of Thoughts are monthly meetings held in Kwadratowa club in Warsaw, during which invited guests — each coming from a different world — talk about their passions. The audience willingly enters into a dialogue, asking questions and the official part is followed by inspiring conversations and forming of new friendships.


G10 Wednesday–Saturday, 5–8.07

No comment.


The exhibition presents the works by an artistic group of Bartosz Mamak and Grzegorz Myćka created during the last few years. The projects themes revolve around the broadly defined social problems. The creators use posters as the medium which focuses on the brief presentation of the topic, utilizing an aesthetic that stands in contrast to the currently dominating visual trends.

See also: “Social mural” workshops with the BiG POSTER group, p. …

Social Initiatives Zone Stalls

G10, Wednesday–Saturday 5–8.07, 16:00–20:00

A place to meet NGOs and social initiatives, that have prepared some activities from their field of work for you: Błękitny Krzyż (The Blue Cross); Centrum Chrześcijańskie Antyteza (Antithesis Christian Center); Chrześcijański Klub Motocyklowy BOANERGES (BOANERGES Motorcycle Christian Club); Fundacja 3–4–Start; Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej (Center of Creative Activity); Fundacja Court Watch Polska; Fundacja Edukacyjna Przedsiębiorczości (Educational Enterprise) / PROJEKTOR-wolontariat studencki (PROJECTOR — Student Volunteers); Fundacja Eudajmonia; Fundacja „Franek Hurny”; Fundacja Impossible; Fundacja Inicjatyw Społeczno-Ekonomicznych (Social and Economic Initiatives); Fundacja Kupuj Odpowiedzialnie (Buy Responsibly); Fundacja Rozwoju Integracji Społecznych (Social Integration Development); Fundacja Sztuka dla Ludzi (Art for the People); Fundacja Węgielek / Fundacja na rzecz humanitarnego i godnego traktowania zwierząt (Ember / for Humane Treatment of Animals);

Inicjator Kulturalny Para Buch! (Para Buch! Cultural Initiator); Partnerstwo na Rzecz Biskupizny (Partnership for Biskupizna); Polska Akcja Humanitarna (Polish Humanitarian Action); Stowarzyszenie AZYLAND (AZYLAND Association); Stowarzyszenie Kopernika 4 (Kopernika 4 Association); Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA (Spring Foundation); Zupa na Plantach (Soup on Planty);

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