Programme-Social Initiatives 2018

Social Initiatives Zone (SIZ), also called the NGO zone, is a meeting point for non-governmental organizations with the Festival’s participants and other NGO’s. It’s a space where organizations’ mission may be presented, its important ideas explained, where they can get to know each other, and exchange knowledge, skills and experiences.


G10 / Wednesday?Saturday / 16:00?20:00

A place to meet NGOs and social initiatives, that have prepared some activities from their field of work for you: Get to know them:



Cechownia Artystyczna Foundation

PROTOTYP Pattern-designing Scientific Circle

Forum for Dialogue


Emil Education Foundation & Wolno mi („I am allowed to”) Foundation + #locally

Destination Imagination Poland

Przedsiębiorczości Educational Foundation


On a green trail

Make a Change

Fairtrade Poland


Citizen Net Watchdog Polska

MamyGłos („WeHaveaVoice”) Foundation

Dobra Sieć („Good Network”) Foundation (TuDu)



TEKLA ? Catholic women collective

Antyteza Christian Centre

Evangelical University of Theology


Caritas Poland

Polish Humanitarian Action

Moyo4children Foundation

WIOSNA Association

Zupa na Plantach (Soup at Planty) + #locally

Eudajmonia Foundation

Prom Social Integration Foundation

Foundation for the Development of Social Integration


W związku z Rakiem (In relationship with Cancer) Foundation

Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) Foundation


During this year’s festival as a part of the Social Initiatives Zone, we organize the #slothelps project

In the Slottish DNA, there always has been an element about creating good. We support and will support social activists and the third sector.

In the #slothelps project we will donate money to the social organization or initiative of your choosing.

You want to help us help?

  1. Write here the organization you choose:

  1. Rip this page out
  2. Drop it into a voting box ? available at the Slot Stall

Thank you for your vote!

Social Initiatives Zone


G10 / Wednesday?Saturday / 24 hours/day


What is it you find at Slot, that you don’t have everyday? Where are you? Where are you headed? What defines you? Two Slottish workshoppers decided to find the answer to the question about the at of living! The exhibition they prepared is 7 questions that will set this and that right. If you are brave enough, come to the inner courtyard (wirydarz) corridor next to Café Gafa!

Bartosz Mamak ? graphic artist, poster artist, illustrator, doctoral student, co-creator of BiG POSTER. Creates posters, illustrations, books, fonts and visual identification.

Piotr Nabielec ? founder of, where he helps people and companies reign over chaos of dozens of activities. Formerly a programmer and manager Constant explorer, hunter for human uniqueness, passion and potential.

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