Programme – Theatre Stage 2014


THEATRE STAGE, 18:00, location 50

After a few years’ interval we reactivate the theatre stage. Performances, monodramas, stage songs. Together we will discover new worlds.

Wednesday, 9.07

Mr. P. based on The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh
direction: Mateusz Kępa, cast: Marzena Gabryk, Adrianna Roman, Zuzanna Wasilewska, Tomasz Rytwiński
A long time ago far away there was a writer and his brother… Allegedly there were also some macabre stories and a brutal questioning led by two policewomen – a good one and a bad one… But you better not trust everything you read in papers! Gloomy and grotesque story on unfulfillment, dead children and a small, green piggy.
Performed by: actors from the KORBA Theatre
Wroclaw independent group is an association of way-out friends working in different fields in their everyday life. KORBA’s performances are mainly based on modern dramatical texts. Sometimes treated seriously, other times – light-heartedly.

Pan P

Thursday, 10.07

MY MONO.META.THEATRE, by Daniel Kalinowski
Hypertheatrical absurd narration. The performance presents a crazy artist tangled in his own imagination who is willing by all means to smuggle an element of himself through a conscious interaction with the audience which is being dragged into a wonderful improvised story.
Directed and performed by: Tomasz Nycz – theatre actor, winner of the 3rd Prize in the TVP contest “Creative Valley” for a theatrical play. Author, director and actor in the “Cinematic Youth Meetings” project.

Moj Mono

Friday, 11.07

H(2)O – Hamlet and Ophelia based on the Shakespeare’s drama.
Meeting scene between Hamlet and Ophelia gives us the possibility of thorough observation of complicated relations between two people. Hamlet and Ophelia keep on playing with each other in an unceassing, dangerous way – they practically fight for live and death. Forced by the feeling that links them. How could all of it end? Acting variations and series of possible behaviours stimulated by Shakespeare’s lines.
Original project by Anna Rakowska and Piotr Misztela under the artistic supervision of Prof. Mirosław Kocur
Piotr Misztela – actor, graduate of PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracov, branch in Wroclaw. Giving guest performances on theatre stages both in Poland and abroad, incl. Dramatical Theatre in Wałbrzych, Off Theatre de Bicz in Sopot, Rogaland Teater (Norway) and Klaipedos Valstybinis Muzikinis Teatras (Lithuania). Co-founder of the Strefa Otwarta (open zone) Theatre.
Anna Rakowska – actress, graduate of PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracov, branch in Wroclaw. With her original monodrama Salome she took part in Event festival in Tczew and in the WROSTJA festival in Wrocław. She performed in plays such as The Master and Margarita, Ivona, Princess of Burgundia, Hamlet and Lady Macbeth. She is the co-originator of the Strefa Otwarta Theatre in Wrocław.

Around 19:00
Stream of Consciousness
By the improvised comedy theatre IMPROKRACJA: Marcin Jeżewski, Dobrosława Bela, Anna Williams, Mateusz Płocha, Krzysztof Ryś, Tomasz Marcinko.
The group began its activity at the beginning of 2011. Authors of cabarets, impro groups and other projects in Wroclaw. They became a permanent fixture in the artistic calendar of the Lower Silesian capital. They are the most experienced and professional impro group in the region. Their performances are created live with audience’s active participation.

Saturday, 12.07

MONODRAMAS by the finalists of all-Poland Festival of Potential Acting Talents FETA
School-leaving certification by R. Ligocka, performed by Aleksandra Nowosadko
Young girl’s attempt to cope with traumatical memories from the 2nd world war. Painful story about longing for a mother, childish disappoinments and an attempt to explain the mistakes the grown-ups did make towards her.

Urszulka by Magda Fertacz, performed by Kaja Janiszewska
Study based on a part of the Trash Story drama. Tragedy of a small German girl begins when the Red Army soldiers enter her home town.

Companions by Adam Łoniewski, performed by Ewelina Kur
The character – Teresa – is a woman who lived life to the full. Unfortunatelly, the life used her up as well. Nevertheless, she is strong, she can hide her feelings even from herself. We meet her… during an interview? In the purgatory? In a moment when she begins to finally be honest with herself…

Hand – own work based on the book by M. Dąbrowski, performed by: Jędrzej Hycnar

SONGS performed by the finalists of the 12th All-Poland Review of Young Vocalists Debiuty 2014 – an event presenting young artists performing stage songs. This year’s presentations have been prepared under the supervision of Magdalena Kumorek and Jerzy Satanowski. The interpretations will be presented by: Dagmara Czachura, Justyna Gajczak, Justyna Grzywarczyk, Marta Horyza, Filip Małek, Magdalena Pamula, Julia Piasecka.

Aleksandra Nowosadko

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