Programme-Unplugged 2016


G2 0.30 – When the craziness of the Main Stage is gone, it is still too early for bed yet too late for other SLOT activities. Top-level acoustic playing awaits you in the Inner Garden. Each evening a different story will be told with words and sounds. A little bit of reflection, some kicks, plenty of fun. Come have a look, stay, get inspired and create.


Overwhelm 0.30

A huge portion of good emotions and positive message of modern worship performed in a fresh, light rock, pop and funk tunes. Modern keyboard sounds, energetic guitars counterbalanced by rough acoustic elements form the band’s characteristic sound. Despite the dynamics and energy sensed in their music, the artists value minimalism and economy of expression. Their concerts are one of those kinds of events when the band appears on stage with a very specific message for their audience. No doubt, that will be the case here as well.


Szymon Chudy 0.30

He has given over six hundred concerts in five countries, recorded over a dozen albums, including one golden and one platinum. He has worked with Krzysztof Cugowski, Kamil Bednarek, Mesajah, Ras Luta, Wojtek Mazolewski, Piotr Baron, to name a few. Today he is back at Slot with his own project, a prelude to his solo album. He will be accompanied by Mateusz Witkowski (piano), Mateusz Dwornik (double bass) and Radek Pilarz (drums). They will perform Szymon’s own compositions as well as jazz and popular music standards.


ADSU 0.30

They had begun with author and protest-songs. As the band members were changing, the new musical style of the group formed itself. Today it is a mix of alternative rock, post-rock and sung poetry. Firm, unconventional texts are embedded in this music – a mixture of memories, images, reflections and personal stories. At Slot, along with their previous pieces, they will present some brand new material – first steps towards their new album.

FRIDAY 08.07

Sam&Bart 0.30

Sam&Bart are two vocalists and acoustic guitar players. Gentlemen became friends when they were both still teenagers. Their meetings have always had the same course. Long talks about music, girls and speedway had ended when they took out their guitars. At the beginning, they sang the songs by their favorite singers in harmony. Over time, quite spontaneously, they begun to create their original pieces which they performed for their friends. The time has come now to show them to the world.


Manta Birostris 0.30

Adam Sokół and Marek Iwańczuk (co-founder of the first Polish new wave groups – the Boors and Kryzys in 1979) created a flexible project that combines various noisy trends of underground music – hardcore punk, noise, coldwave, sludge, metal, drone, psychedelic and industrial, inspired by spiritualized Middle-Eastern, Arabic, Jewish and Orthodox cultures. Guitars out of tune, cold trance-like atmosphere and constant references to the cultures derived from Abraham are the identification marks of the Warsaw ensemble.

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