Satirical Actions Spot 2017

Satirical Actions Spot – G14

00:30 (after SloTv)

Tuesday 04.07

irga” Improvisation Theatre, Wrocław

Their shows mean creative humour and oddities of everyday situations. The irga group never took part in any Polish or international contest. They never performed on any television. Even the medium-sized cities didn’t invite them to any comedy festival yet. Come and watch them!

Wednesday 5.07

Dwaj Panowie” improvised duo, Wrocław

Dwaj Panowie („two gentlemen”) is a duo of improvisers – Mateusz Płocha and Artur Jóskowiak, connected with the Improkracja Improvisation Theatre. Their shows are improvised comedies filled with thick characters’ relations, a dose of good humour and surprising situations.

Thursday 6.07

Sekcja Muzyczna Kołłątajowskiej Kuźni Prawdziwych Mężczyzn, Kraków

„We are a little like a road accident in which a circus wagon crashed with a car full of teenagers. And life for us is a swimming pool, that someone has drained the water from, right after we changed into our bathing trunks…” Their concert consists of songs intertwined with narration, explosion of casual humor and joint ridicule of the fact that, roughly speaking, we are all fighting an UPHILL FIGHT.

Friday 7.07

Narwani z Kontekstu – Impro Show, Wrocław

It’s an improvisation group, uncommonly funny. Their strength lies in an incredible familiarity with the cabaret stage (it’s members are also parts of the Chyba Kabaret and Dabz Kabaret). They’ve found their own forms, they have experience, they are EFFECTIVE. If you go to show by „Narwani” you can count on sincere, authentic fun and tummyache from laughter.

Saturday 8.07

Famous Jim Williams (USA); Sviat Marinated (Ukraina) – Stand-up “in Polish”

Jim is an American, who decided to live in Poland. An incredible mime. Outstanding comedian and unclichéd stand-uper! In his show, done in broken Polish, he speaks of his observation about the country we live in. Sviat is an Ukrainian who, like Jim, came to us from a completely different world he has lots of interesting observations about what happens here! 🙂

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