Satirical Actions Spot 2018

It?s funny when its absurd, when the punchline is good, when not everything is said straight, but it?s well played, sophisticated, with a pinch of finesse.  It?s also funny when a guy just steps onto a rake or somebody punches him in the face with a cake. Polish Comedy Scene is amazingly colorful, exploratory and diverse. Forget the TV cabarets. In the Satirical Actions Spot you?ll see stand-up, improvised comedy ? performances created right in front of you, with the audience ? songs and lots of other forms taking the popular conventions with a pinch of salt and fool around the dailiness in the most original, characteristic way. It?s a set of comedians from different, one-off worlds – each of them intriguing, funny, titled, talented and, what?s most important, WORTH YOUR ATTENTION.

We?re here from Tuesday till Saturday. Everyday you can come here from the Wirydarz at 00:30 and see the best, the most interesting comedians in this country.


TUESDAY-SATURDAY || 10?14. JULY || AT 00:30?2:00 AM || SPOT G14 (Cafe Wirydarz)

10.07 Mieszko Minkiewicz / Paulina Potocka (stand up)

11.07 Wojciech Tremiszewski (solo impro)

12.07 Damy na Pany (impro show)

13.07 Kałasznikof ? ?Sketch Comedy?

14.07 Ścibor Szpak ? ?Absurd doctor



Paulina Potocka & Mieszko Minkiewicz

Paulina Potocka ? compared to stars such as Andrzej Poniedzielski himself. Her phlegmatic attitude and absurd sense of humor are disarming, honest and extremely amusing.

Mieszko Minkiewicz ? known for his many affairs with cabaret, improvisation and youtube.  His sense of humor is dedicated to people moderately mature and well-off that don?t treat themselves too seriously.


Solo impro

Wojciech ?Termos? Tremiszewski

The living legend of Polish impro scene. Actor, director, screenwriter, anchorman, and animator. Thermos is direct, honest and authentic.  In the comedy environment, he?s a recognized authority. He often runs comedy impro workshops and has a large group of talented alumni. Thermos is, putting it simply, extremely dope and an absolute must-see.



Damy na Pany

Solid, checked and confirmed, improvisation theatre from Warszawa creating their performances right in front of their audience and with its participation. The crew is made of some of the most recognizable Polish comedians: Karolina Pańczyk, Kasia Waszkiewicz, Grzegorz Dolniak and Łukasz Ławniczak.


?Sketch Comedy?

Kabaret Kałasznikof

They?re young but experienced, full of ideas, original and effective. They carry dozens of titles from many Polish contests and festivals.  They have created big projects on television, where they always surprised us with freshness and level. They?re a perfect group to match our list. Cabaret is an important word in the world of comedy and in it will show you its full power, surprise and laugh!



Rudka Zydel & Ścibor Szpak

Rudka is the winner of many contests and poem-battles. She has published in ?PROwincja?, ?Arteria? and the ?Poem is not a miracle? series of the Ha!art Corporation. Her slam album, ?Łoskot? (?Clatter?) will hit the stores in April.

Ścibor is one of a kind ? plays the sausagephone and BARrel organ and performs Tibetan mantras on an old German vacuum cleaner. Grand Prix winner of the most important comedy festivals in Poland.

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