Slot: Everyone brings something and everyone gets something

Slot Art Festival 2014 is history now. We won’t describe what happened, which concerts were most rememberable or which workshops were the most popular. Who was there, has seen.

We want to thank you for this.

Thank you for all your creativity, that you have brought in, positive mood and a bit of craziness. Thanks for generally accepting the rules thanks to which Slot Art Festival is a remarkable event.

Thanks for having great fun despite a rainy Wednesday, for not letting the festival slow its rhythm – it even sped up. Thanks for appreciation of the new programme propositions, which – as it is with new programme propositions – made us a little anxious. Parties started by the folk stage went beyond wildest expectations, theatre audience was full to the edges and hip-hop stage debuted promisingly.

Long story short – you are fantastic and it’s worth creating the festival together with you. And if something went differently than it was supposed to – forgive us 🙂

And – particularly – we want to thank the volunteers. Publicly, because maybe not everyone reading this realises how great was the work they have done.

Behind everything happening at Slot – are the volunteers. They install the wiring, construct the stages, brew coffee, lead workshops, clean up, guard, translate to several languages, give out information – the list goes on and on. It is thanks to them that the existence of the festival is possible – festival which programme is hard to fit on hundred pages of the guide book. They create the festival which logistics is so complex, that only enthusiasts can uphold it.

Volunteers – there were much more than a thousand of you this year. Thank you very much for all the work you have done. Thank you for caring, for seeking new solutions every year, that make the work progress quicker and the festival functions even better. We are happy to see, that many of you gain new abilities, develop – not only professionally, because voluntary work at SLOT is above all a school of character.

Volunteers – great round of applause for you!

For some reason people here are really willing to do something.
And they do what they want to do. For others. Every brings something and everything gets something

Asia & Janusz Żydek

OSTR fot Ola Zawada

fot. Ola Zawada



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