SMKKPM ULTRA at Slot Art Festival

SMKKPM ULTRA on the Main Stage of Slot Art Festival 2015


This is an enigmatic project from Cracow, which gives birth to unpretentious, reserved music by leaving all of the conventions behind and combining live instruments with a lot of electronics. The musicians come from various artistic backgrounds ? they are cabaret actors and rock’n’rollers from bands such as: Sekcja Muzycznej Kołłątajowskiej Kuźni Prawdziwych Mężczyzn z Olą, Stright Jack Cat, Smoking Barrelz and Clock Machine. This mix-up resulted in production of the BANG album. Kazik Staszewski describes the band as an „exceptional line-up with an innovative proposal on our musical scene”. He says that „they are twice as good live ? I have just seen and heard it.”


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