Social Films 2018

Wednesday, 11.07

?Generation wealth”

USA 2018, 108 min, dir. by Lauren Greenfield

Welcome to the rich world where money is not a problem. This is the world of 1% of the Earth?s population. We get to know a manager of a hedge fund, a representative of the working class and an ambitious little girl who plans to enter her first beauty pageant. Everything there revolves around material status, greed and hyper-consumerism treated as a hobby. Here a person is nothing else but what they own.

Thursday, 12.07

?Lo and Behold. Reveries of the Connected World?

USA 2016, 97 min, dir. by Werner Herzog

The great German documentarian turns this time to the Interenet and proves that the moment in which it will „dream of itself” is actually very near. He guides the audience through a number of provocative conversations that show the way the Internet has changed almost every element of our world. Will we, accompanied by intelligent machines, still need the company of another human?

Friday, 13.07

?Eating animals?

USA 2017, 94 min, dir. by Christopher Quinn

Where do eggs, dairy products and meat we buy really come from? The director managed to get into heavily protected food processing industry complexes. We see abominable conditions in which the animals ive and the atmosphere in which they are killed. We also get to know the story of several farmers, who consciously decided to reject the industrial-scale livestock farming concept. Eating Animals envisions the future, for which the traditional farming is not a distant memory, but the only possible way for human development.

Saturday, 14.07


Norway 2017, 90 min, dir. by Margreth Olin

Growing up takes time. Childhood takes us to one of the Norwegian Waldorf preschools, where children develop through an unhindered and creative play. This pure, observative and life-affirming movie without any side commentary invites to reflect on the real needs of children and the working of the early childhood education, as well as the input of accompanying educators.

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