Special Guests 2016

A2, 17.30 – Festival’s Special Guests are people with unique experience, knowledge and life wisdom. Some of them are well-known, some less. They are here not to invite us to just nod in agreement but to inspire reflection, discussion and broadening of horizons.

Edwin Bendyk
– The end of future. Where is the world headed?
Journalist and writer, head of the Centre for Studies on Future in Collegium Civitas, lecturer in the First Division of Polish Academy of Sciences (Humanities and Social Sciences). Curator of the “City of the Future/Laboratory Wroclaw” program carried out within the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016. Head of the scientific department of “Polityka” weekly magazine. He writes the “Antymatrix” blog. Author of many books, the last release was “The Network Protests” (2012) about anti-ACTA protests.

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Andrij Kyrcziw

Non-governmental activist and active participant of two last Ukrainian revolutions – Euromaidan and Orange Revolution. Head of the „Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine” Association, joined by almost 60 cities in Ukraine. How does the situation look like at our neighbours, how does the Ukrainian society organized itself in the times of the crysis, how did the cooperation of volunteers with the state looked like during the war, what influence can citizens have on the energy self-sufficiency of their cities.


FRIDAY 08.08
Marta Kosakowska / Marika

Well-known vocalist and composer. Recently also a writer.
How to live life to the full? Where to seek joy? How to leave the shell of loneliness? How to communicate with yourself and other people? And finally, how to deal with the fact that the latter still fail to meet our expectations? Marika searches for answers to these and many other questions in her first book “Antidepressants”, telling the story of how songs come to life and how you unintentionally make a career in media and music.


Dave Andrews

Q&A session
Australian anthropologist, theologian, writer and social activist. For 40 years he has lived and worked in Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal. He works on behalf of the poor, homeless, indigenous Aboriginal people, people with intellectual disabilities or modern “scapegoats” – Muslims and refugees. The meeting will be focused around questions that have arisen during the four days of Dave’s lectures under the Plane tree.         


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