Special Guests 2017

SPECIAL GUEST | A10 | 17:30

Wednesday 5.07


Jasiek Mela i Włodek Markowicz

Comfort zone? What’s that supposed to be?

You can reach the North and the South Pole, but you can also reach your own poles of development by overcoming physical and mental limitations. Jaś Mela – the youngest person to reach both Poles (and the only handicapped one to have ever accomplished this) and Włodek Markowicz – a youtuber, formerly part of the Lekko Stronniczy (Slightly Biased) duet, will talk about how to make it happen.

The meeting will be moderated by Błażej Strzelczyk.

Thursday 6.07


Priest Adam Boniecki

Let’s talk!

A polarised society needs dialogue. Priest Adam Boniecki will talk about how to talk in times when 160-character entries are replacing dialogue. Until 2011 he used to be the editor-in-chief of “Tygodnik Powszechny” (the Catholic Weekly), which now is the only place where he can still publish.

The meeting will be moderated by Dorota Ogrodzka.

Friday 7.07


Adam Wajrak

You can’t cut all of us out!

How can our actions help Mother Earth instead of destroying her? Is global warming a myth? What can you do on Spitsbergen in the summer? All of this will be explained by Adam Wajrak – a Polish activist for nature preservation, author of books and articles on nature and the best pictures of wild animals of the Białowieża forest.

The meeting will be moderated by Jarek Tokarski.

Saturday 8.07


Janina Ochojska

Lack of water means more than just thirst

In eastern Africa, lack of rainfall leads not only to drought and famine, but also to an outbreak of terror. Janina Ochojska, a Polish humanitarian activist, founder of the Polish Humanitarian Organisation (PAH), will tell us what can this mean for the African people but also for us, and what can we do.

The meeting will be moderated by Marcin Żyła.


Petr Jašek

Accused and released

After a false espionage and sabotage accusation, the missionary PETR JAŠEK spent weeks in the death row of a Sudanese prison. Thanks to the insistence of average people he was released. Petr will talk about his experience in Sudanese prison, about refugees, about Africa and about navigating the world.

The meeting will be led by Andrzej Horyza.

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