Special Guests 2018

Wednesday, 11.07

17:15 Wojciech Jagielski

It’s a difficult world

Our guest at the meeting will tell us about his experiences as a correspondent and how to talk about difficult things and how can we influence the reality around us.

Wojciech Jagielski ? reporter and writer. His interests are split into two paths ?Africa on one side and Central Asia and Caucasus on the other. He was an observer of military conflicts in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Chechnya and Georgia.

The meeting will be hosted by Andrzej Horyza.

Thursday, 12.07

17:15 I do not exclude

Majka Lipiak ? social entrepreneur, founder of „Leżę i Pracuję” („I 'm laying down and I 'm working”),

first marketing agency, that was created to give jobs to

the paralyzed.

Stories about breaking the physical and mental limits, about disabled people’s strength and experiences

in everyday life. What do media and marketing have in common with doing good?

The meeting will be hosted by Jarek Tokarski.

Friday, 13.07

17:15 Justyna Sobczyk & Dariusz Paczkowski

Art as an engine of revolution.

They’ll be talking about how street and theatre art and the high arts can change our world, and why it’s art that catalyzes change.

Justyna Sobczyk ? director, pedagogue, founder of 21 Theatre ? the only art group in Poland whose members are people with Down syndrome and autism.

Dariusz Paczkowski ? social activist associated mainly with Klamra („Bracket”) Foundation and the Trzecia Fala („Third Wave”) Group. Graffiti artist, performer and cultural manager.

The meeting will be hosted by Marek Sztark.


15:30 Łona

Words, words, words

Łona ? rapper, but also a lawyer, who is unmatched in his wordplay. And it’s words, their power and meaning and shaping reality through words that he will tell the Slotters about.

The meeting will be hosted by Łukasz Kasprzyk.

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