Theatre Stage 2017



Wednesday 5.07

„Maria Dunin’s Dreams”

„Sny Marii Dunin”, Alelale Theatre, Bydgoszcz

It’s a story about love, passion, ecstasy and also about how our image of a perfect character of love meets everyday life. Music performed life (double bass).

Alelale Theatre consists of actresses yearning for theatrical challenges, interested mostly in formal theatre and puppetry for adult audience.

Dir. by: ensemble; Star.: Karolina Kasprzak, Iga Jambor-Skupniewicz, Karolina Suchodolska; Mus.: Jarosław Majewski.

Thursday 6.07

„To Face”

Krzyk Theatre, Maszewo

A question about our own nature is sometimes the most probing question about ourselves. How much consequence and determination does it take to face it and for just one time try to defy it?

The Krzyk Theatre from Maszewo exists since 2002. It was founded by Marek Kościółek, former actor of the Brama Theatre i and Gardzienice Academy graduate.

Dir. by: Marek Kościółek, Anna Giniewska; Script: ensemble; Star.: Lena Witkowska and Mateusz Zadala.

Friday 7.07


„Kopidoł”, Naumiony Theatre, Ornontowice

A story of a gravedigger and his family taking place in the middle of the 20th century in Upper Silesia. Despite its grave topic the play keeps the tragicomedy convention in which quite funny family trials and tribulations are intertwined with Silesian ceremonial. Naumiony Theatre is an amateur theatre group from Silesia, with tradition stretching back to the 1920’s.

Dir. by: Iwona Woźniak; Assist. dir.: Teresa Machulik; Script: Sabina Baron; Mus. dir.: Nina Wolska, Paweł Łebek; Star.: Bartłomiej Garus, Bronisława Porembska, Jolanta Sodzawiczny, Magdalena Owczarek, Beata Kniejska, Stefan Owczarek, Józef Ignasiak, Joanna Sodzawiczny, Joanna Wiaterek, Sylwia Zajusz, Karolina Jaworska, Karolina Sosna, Patryk Skolik, Dominik Sodzawiczny, Łukasz Domin, Łukasz Gocal.

Saturday 8.07


„Bezsenność”, Strefa Otwarta Theatre, Wrocław

Two actors play 11 characters to present the power of theatrical metamorphosis. The audience can influence the shape and development of the action. Audience interaction inspired by the Shakespearean theatre are an indelible part part of the Strefa Otwarta Theatre’s activities. It’s an original project by Anna Rakowska and Piotr Misztela, inspired by the Midsummer night’s dream.

Script and dir.: Anna Rakowska and Piotr Misztela; Stage set: Lidia Kanclerz; Choreography: Maciej Cierzniak; Star.: Anna Rakowska, Piotr Misztela.

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