Various workshops 2018


Variety is part of SLOT’s philosophy. We want to create an environment, in which different tones can sound, different colors can meet, different approaches can find their place ? approaches to art, to culture, to life. For us interdisciplinarity is what’s important ?combining points of view, languages and attitudes. We believe in meetings, we want to cross the borders of forms and styles ? only then it’s possible to discover, develop, change. Various workshops is the abundance of variety and interdisciplinarity. Exceptional, original ideas and views on the ways one can practice creative attitude in every aspect of life.

  1. GIRLPOWER or girls have their voice!

turn 1 / E10 / 20 people / level 1

Start feeling better in your own body, meet other great girls, discuss „that horrible feminism” or create your own social campaign and all that in a sisterly atmosphere.

Weronika Zimna ? feminism and alternative education enthusiast, board member of the Mamy Głos (We Have a Voice) Foundation, that aims to make girls stronger. She leads workshops, she’s a mentor as well as social and cultural events organizer. Writes the blog.

  1. FIRST AID 101

turn 2 / E3 / 15 people / level 1

A shortened course of basic first-aid including topics such as: first-aid terminology, safety, proper way to call for help, procedure for fainting and loos of consciousness, procedure for sudden cardiac arrest + using AED. A couple words about strokes, chest pains, convulsion seizures, choking. A little talk and a lot of practice.

Grzegorz Piotrowski ? a certified Emergency Medical Technician, an Instructor of the ADIUTARE association for Emergency Medical Service, a student of Emergency Medical Service at the Medical University of Gdańsk.


turn 2 / A7 / 30 people / level 1

The aim of the workshop is to introduce you to various ways of using yerba mate. It will consist of a theoretical part (a talk), preparation part (learning to brew mate) and practical (brewing different drinks in different ways).

Jan Frącz ? mate enthusiast, professionally deals with importing, quality control and production of yerba mate, fascinated by Fair Trade. Leads workshops for shops and cafeterias.


turn 1 / C4 alt. H6 / 25 people / level 1

Soap bubbles create an amazing and unforgettable atmosphere of craziness and fun. Each workshop we begin with a show, then the participants get the equipment and instructions and start doing it themselves.

Henryk Tereszczak ? animator, leader of the Sztuka Tworzenia (Art of Creation) group, workshops, shows and creative actions organizer.


turn 2 / C1 / 6 people / level 1

We will learn how to wrap a baby in a sling in various ways: in the front, on the side, on the back 🙂 We will see different klinds of wraps, carriers and various ways of carrying.

Aleksandra Górska ? a Certified Consultant in Carrying Babies in a Sling, doula, perinatal educator. She conducts workshops and trainings. A mother of three.


turn 1 / H3 / 30 people / level 1

Do you want to make some changes in your life, but it is hard to start and keep your resolutions? ?Change!? sounds simple, but is hard to do? If so, the „Time for changes!” workshop is for you.

Patrycjusz Kosuń ? addiction psychotherapist and coach of change.

  1. DENDROLOGY, do you know a tree?

turn 1 / G7* / 20 people / level 1

How does a grown-up thuja look like? Which maple trtee has striped leaves? Looking for answers, we will meet the tree growing at SLOT grounds, their kinds, species, varieties. We will look for, compare, count and touch.

Zuzanna Petrusiewicz ? landscape architecture graduate, marketing specialist in the Generator Pomysłów (Ideas Generator) company. She was a member of the Polish Dendrology Society for two years.

  1. TO WORK, or how do we talk and think about work

turn 1 / E3 / 14 people / level 1

The workshops will be an opportunity to look closer at what and how do we think about working. We will discuss categories connected with work, using creative, theatrical methods.

Karolina Pluta ? cultural animator, theatre pedagogue, board member of the Theatre Pedagogy Association and member of the Laboratorium Teatralno-Społeczne (Theatrical-Social Laboratory) creative collective. Graduate of the NGO Trainers School, Tutoring School directed by the Leaders School Foundation and Theatrical Institute and a one-year course of dance movement therapy of the DMT Institute.

  1. DO Get along!

turn 2 / Z1 / 30 people / level 1

The aim of the workshop is to help the participants communicate with dogs, to teach them the basics of clicker training, to discuss the problems of human-animal relationship and the means to avoid them, as well as to show exercises and activities that will increase the comfort of life with a dog. The participants can but don?t have to bring a dog with them.

Amelia Makówka ? participant of various trainings and seminars on working with dogs in Agility Dynamite Dogs club in Łódź. Has been working with dogs for 7 years.

  1. EDUCATION AND PARENTING ? shift in thinking for our children

turn 1 / C1 / 20 people / level 1

How to understand children and how to get de-schooled: talks about freedom, self-value, early socialization, role of aggressive behaviors, needs, and emotions and about contact with nature and movement.

Borys Bińkowski ? teacher, educator, trainer, PhD in geography. Content curator of the ?Żywioł? Idependent School in Oborniki Śląskie.

Ergonomics ? on silent killer of the 21st century

turn 1 / P5 / 40 people / level 1

Conditions connected with prolonged sitting and overusing of mobile devices ar a plague of 21st century. The participants will learn how to organize their place of work/learnign/play and will learn effective exercises.

Maciej Żłobiński ? has an over 20-year long experience in creating optimal conditions for inteletual work. Vice-president of the Silesian division of Polish Ergonomics Society.

  1. ESCAPE ROOM ? open up to global challenges

turn 1 / B7 / 8 people / level 1

The FORM of this workshop is unusual, because it is based on an idea of an escape room, a room from which you have to get out by the end of specific time, which sometimes requires working together, but also analytic thinking and correlating facts. „Open up to global challenges” is an escape room about humanitarian help, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and fighting social inequalities.

Katarzyna Prokopowicz ? cultural studies graduate, specializing in visual culture. Works at Polish Humanitarian Action ?in social communication, activation and animation. She’s experienced in the fields of social engagement and global education.


turn 1 / H1 / 20 people / level 1

Introduction into the colorful world of esperanto ? simple invention language living in an international community. Linguistic fun in the spirit of hygge, the art of finding pleasure in little things.

Mariusz Hebdzyński ? leads esperanto workshops, is an active member of Polish Esperanto Youths and World Esperanto Youth Organization, co-creates the International Esperanto Youth Congress.


turn 3 / H1 / 25 people / level 1

Pass on the love for French language and culture seen through the prism of Paris to the participants ? that’s our goal. Everyday we will focus on different module: kitchen and savoir-vivre, fashion and music, cinema and photography, theatre and travels. ? bientôt!

Julia Więcko ? 4th year student of French at the Romance philology Institute of the Jagiellonian University, leads original French workshops for beginners.


turn 1 / G1 / 15 people / level 1

Can one hour spent at creating an app make hundreds of players spend hours over it? Yes! During the workshop participants in groups will try their hands at creating a simple computer game.

Michał Kurek ? IT graduate at the Silesian University of Technology, Game Jams organizer, member of the Polish Click Scene.

  1. HINDI

turn 3 / D2 / 25 people / level 1

Hindi is one of the most commonly-used languages in the world, an official language of the Republic of India and a lingua franca of the countries of Southern Asia. During the workshop we will discover its colorful world.

Jan Sandecki ? graduate of Indology bachelor degree studies. Law and classic languages student.


turn 3 / H5 / 20 people / level 1

We’ll see how much do we do for ourselves and how much for others, we will learn how to reduce stress with methods including mindfulness exercises. The goal is to strengthen our own resources and healthy approach to helping.

Agnieszka Kaluga ? volunteer, writer, author of, highly awarded blog, lecturer and speaker.


turn 1 / B3 / 20 people / level 1

When does it grow? How does it grow? Or maybe ? why doesn’t it grow? The goal of the workshop is to show, how knowledge of a couple of rules that govern nature, makes it possible to choose right plants for a garden.

Rafał Szczypiński ? forestry technician, studied gardening and forestry. His a professional gardener for 20 years, owns a company designing and creating gardens.

How to create your own brand

turn 2 / P2 / 25 people / level 1

Many of us create their own brands, often without even knowing about it. uring the workshop you will learn how to do it in a conscious and consistent way, creating communication strategies for an exisiting or new brand.

Jędrzej Rayski ? develops communication strategies, designs visual identification and websites.

How to make money from your passion?

turn 1 / P2 / 25 people / level 1

The aim of this workshop is to give you knowledge that will help you reach beyond the conventional perception of working, increase your chances to use your interests to achieve better results in professional life or simply create a business based on your passion.

Piotr Lusina ? trainer, business consultant, manager. Works and counsels in the field of constructing business strategies and process optimization.

  1. HOW TO PICK THE VILLAGES’ CHICKENS ? methods of working with a community

turn 1 / E6 / 25 people / level 3

Workshops for culture animators. How to work with a local community? How to match the tools and animation methods to its specificity? How to prepare for working in small environemtns?

Marek Sztark ? animator of culture and local development. Counselor, coach and lecturer. Managed cultural institutions and is active in NGOs. Board member of Forum Kraków. He was responsible for the NonCongress of Cultural Animators’ programme in 2014. Currently he works in Worcław and coordinates the „Wrocław 2016” European Capital of Culture with the Lower Silesia region.

How to make an on-line campaign of your product

turn 3 / P2 / 25 people / level 1

The workshop will show how present your prioduct online in an interesting make, without making a pushy advertisment. Many practical techniques and advices intertwined with an interesting lecture.

Krzysztof Burzyński ? former manager of a shop chain, currently advises and trains in the field of employee communication and online communication and helps entrepreneurs realize their ideas.


turn 3 / C1 / 12 people / level 1

A series of workshops about conscious parenthood. Their topics are: new world ? old children, child’s emotions, obedience and safety, role-freeing.

Alicja Niemirko-Pająk ? psychologist and family therapist, original play ? therapy thropugh playing ?practitioner. She leads workshops for parents about respect and clear rules of the parent?child relationship. Founder of the „Lepszy Rodzic” („Better Parent”) foundation.

  1. COCOA

turn 1 / A7 / 20 people / level 1

Together we will roast the grains and talk about the process of making sweets out of them. We will learn about the entire cultivation and production processes, and about their social, economic and cultural context.

Agnieszka Bińkowska ? for 13 years now she has been co-running the Szczypta Świata company (A Pinch of the World); she is the founder of the first Polish brand of eco- and Fair Trade products Pizca del Mundo. A traveler, leads various workshops, since 2017 she helps lead the „Żywioł” school in the spirit of free education.


turn 3 / H8 / 30 people / level 1

If you are someone who wants to know what they provide their organism with through gastrointestinal tract or what cosmetics they apply to their biggest organ, which is skin, these workshops are for you.

Martyna Majewska ? co-author of the blog, leads workshops, incl. the Natural Cosmetics Workshops.


turn 3 / E6 / 24 people / level 1

During the workshop we will think about what the ways and kinds of thinking there are, and based on the Design Thinking method and acting techniques, we will learn, how we can re-formulate our perception.

Katarzyna Biel ? environment protection and philosophy graduate, she studied cognitive sciences, acting and vocalistics. For several years now she has been working in the field of User Experience and Design Thinking in the IT industry.


turn 2 / B3 / 16 people / level 2

The workshop is a meeting with four different games connected by one characteristic ? they teach creativity. Go, Hnefatafl, Runic Myths and Circular Maring World. Come and move your head.

Zbyszek Janczukowicz ? Creator of the Nausika Educational Foundation. Organizer of the Storytelling Unplugged meetings in Kraków. Creator of educational games, creative competence trainer.

Creative ninja

turn 2 / P5 / 40 people / level 1

The participants will learn, what creativity is and how it can be systematically developed and wil learn some simple and effective techniques of creative thinking. They will get to see the way of working of Sherlock Holmes, Einstein, Edison or Hemingway.

Monika Dołębska ? strategist, creative thinking trainer, sspecialist on innovation implementation. She wroked for 40 biggest Polish and foreign brands.

  1. THE DEAF CULTURE & Polish Sign Language

turn 2 / E10 / 20 people / level 1

The workshop is an introduction to the World of Silence. The deaf, as a cultural and linguistic minority, learning to communicate, savoir-vivre rules in the Deaf culture and basics of Polish Sign Language.

Iwona Boguszyńska ? Head of the Social Integration Development Foundation, graduate of the Polish Sign Language courses and ?Professional animator of hearing-impaired?, trainer, Deaf Culture enthusiast. She connects the worlds of silence and sounds


turn 1 / D12 / 20 people / level 1

Miriam from Nazareth can become a guide through the challenges of today, such as social inequalities or changing role of women. During the workshop we will work with biblical texts, ancient christian texts and contemporary theology, as well as maps and pictures.

Zuzanna Radzik ? theologist, religion expert, Board member of the Dialogue Forum, established contributor of the ?Tygodnik Powszechny?.

Thinking in projects!

turn 1 / P3 / 25 people / level 1

For those who dream about realizing their idea and don’t know where to start. The participants will learn, what a „project’ is, how to use its methods to start moving.

Wojciech Michalski ? shares his outright gigantic lack of experience in any field and experience in a vast number of bigger and smaller failures, that are both educational and amusing ? as long as they happen to somebody else.


turn 2 / H8 / 30 people / level 1

Things we will talk about can be divided in three thematical units: Alchemy of Ferment ? basics of fermentation and marinating, Health Magic ? foundations and basic rules of health and Natural Success ? from blog and passion to a way of living.

Szymon Odyjas ? co-author of the blog, leads numerous workshops inlc. ones on fermentation.


turn 2 / H1 / 12 people / level 1

How to linguistically survive in the land of fjords. We will practice basic phrases that may be useful to someone traveling around Norway. Moreover, we will talk about foreigners integration and the refugee help system in this country.

Agata Łazor ? master’s degree in Norwegian with a teacher’s license. Has been teachin Norwegian for 12 years.

  1. ABOUT YOURSELF IN 4K ? personal development workshops

turn 2 / H7 / 20 people / level 1

Imagine 4 Full HD TVs placed next to and over each other ? that is the 4K resolution. That’s how you will look at yourself in context of 4 spheres of your life: boundaries, emotions, listening and communication.

Anna Korgól ? tutor, sociotherapist, trainer, volunteer collaboration coordinator at the ISKIERKA Foundation in Wrocław, col-founder of the Trymiga Foundation.

  1. STREETS’ TALES ? street art, street working, animation

turn 3 / H3 / 20 people / level 2

The workshops’ goal is to inspire the participants to combine street art and cultural animation practiced in the urban space. Presentation of the theory connected with the method of „reading the city” will allow us to create original programmes of diagnosis and action.

Kamila Kamińska ? PhD, assistant professor of the Pedagogy Institute of Univeristy of Wrocław, is concerned with the pedagogy of the city, especially revitalization and streetworking. Wrocław 2016 European Capital of Culture expert. Author of numerous publications and projects. Since 2012 she leads the Education Association and is in charge of the Sustainable Development of Wrocław Community Center.


turn 1 / A5 / 25 people / level 1

During the workshops participants will have a chance to learn he history of tea, its journey through the world and ways of preparing the brew in different countries. This issue will be presented as a tea journey on a special map, that will be filled out during the lecture together with the participants, to guarantee them more attractive and imaginary presentation of the topic.

Rafał Przybylok ? tea and yerba mate enthusiast, popularizer of tea culture and the habit of conscious tea drinking. Author of the book „ ? good tea” about tea, owner

of a teashop in Zabrze.


turn 2 / E4 / 8 people / level 1

The workshop will present the NVC ? Nonviolent Communication to the participants. The participants will study and name their needs, they’ll learn the method of 4 communication step of the giraffe path.

Aleksandra Pyrek ? trainer, artetherapist, graduate of the NVC study and training on closenessparenthood for professionals. She leads original workshops for women, parents and people interested in personal development.

Taming the chaos of activities

turn 3 / P5 / 40 people / level 1

During the workshop we will fight for the world in which we don’t complain about lack of time and money, but we make conscious decisions and we know our priorities; in which people are less absorbed and can allow themselves deep relationships, development and true rest.

Piotr Nabielec ? founder of, where he helps people and companies reign over chaos. Hunter of people’s uniqueness.


turn 2 / E6 / 20 people / level 1

Poetry reading workshops organized as a part of the Literary Stage. The leaders will help us open up texts and encourage to undertake difficult trips. We read a dying language ? poetry. We create a reservation, where it still lives. The basis of our meetings will be among others poems by European Poets of Freedom.

The leaders are experienced readers, but also fresh writers.

11.07 Joanna Mueller

12.07 Justyna Bargielska

13?14.07 Anda Rottenberg.


turn 2 / H3 / 15 people / level 1

The 'Rights are yours to use!” workshop is a practical toolkit for people active or wishing to be active in their local communities. You’ll learn about the ways to influence the authorities’ decisions.

Mateusz Wojcieszek ? law and art history student as a part of MISH (Individual Interdepartmental Humanistic Studies) He works at the Citizen Education Center and in the „Pole Dialogu” (field of Dialog) Foundation, collaborates with the Citizens Network Watchdog Poland.


turn 2 / G1 / 30 people / level 1

Games are everywhere. During the workshop we will talk about how gamedev backstage looks like and will face the game project creation within certain limits. We will create cardboard prototypes.

Konrad Gadzina ?? Information sciences at JU graduate, specializing in Videogames Production. Animator, programmer, game creator, mentor at Codecool ? teches adults programming.

  1. BICYCLES ? racing through space

turn 2 / C4 alt. H6 / 30 people / level 1

How to cheaply turn an old bicycle into a light racing bicycle of your dreams? Here you will learn, how to create your first bicycle on your own or how to reform the one you have. You’ll learn about upsides of various models and see, which one fits you!

Arkadiusz Nasiłowski ? student, enthusiast and expert on bicycles.


turn 3 / B3 / 30 people / level 1

SLOT Mafia is back! Become the Slotman, a volunteer or a mushroom-stuffed rolls vendor and don’t let them take you from the tent field. Come and play the Slottish version of the popular Mafia game.

Wojciech Szczurek ? product manager at Interia, mafia game enthusiast.


turn 2 / P3 / 10 people / level 1

To take part, you need a smartphone and to be at least 14

A workshop where you’ll learn the capabilities of your phone. You will design, edit videos on your smartphone and create an Internet documentations of SLOT.

Alicja Szulc ? photographer, cultural manager, pedagogue For several years she has been combining these roles, leading photographic and cinematic workshops all over Poland. She is an active photographer AS_fotografia.

Sales not for salesmen

turn 3 / P3 / 25 people / level 1

Sales psychology is something extremely valuable not only for salesmen but also for leaders of various undertakings, people working in groups or people just presenting their ideas to others. In short ? for everyone!

Grzegorz Kawałek ? salesman, director and trainer of salesmen.


turn 3 / E10 / 20 people / level 1

Are you afraid you will soon be crushed by a pile of books you have to read? Thanks to the Slottish speed reading course you will increase your reading speed three times. Exercises, methods and field of view widening.

Piotr Starzyński ? sociologist, head of the Pięć Plus Foundation, for 5 years now has been organizing effective studying courses in Warszawa.

  1. MOBILE SCHOOL Educational battle

turn 1 / C8 / 20 people / level 1

For the first two days (10 & 11 July) workshops’ participants will have fun, play, compete against each other getting to know the Mobile School: set of merthods for work with kids in a non-formal way, on a street. On the third and fourth day they will go with the Mobile School outside the festival grounds, to share it with the citizens of Lubiąż.

  1. MOBILE SCHOOL Creative therapy

turn 3 / C8 / 20 people / level 1

During this workshop participants will be able to get to know ? in an active and creative way ? how one can work with a young person in the street environment. Lots of improvisation, role-playing, thatre and good fun. First two days on the festival grounds, another two somewhere in Lubiąż.


turn 1 / C1 / 25 people / level 1

The goal of the workshop is to analyze your situation as a father (learn the strong and weak sides of my fatherhood) and exchanging father experiences with other participants!

Andrzej Konarski ? trainer, lead numerous workshops for fathers, professionally he’s an entrepreneur. Privately, a father of three.


turn 2 / H4 / 30 people / level 1

What are pelvic floor muscles? What’s their connection with the spine and proper posture? What’s good and what’s bad for them? How to engage the pelvic floor muscles in the everyday activities? Lot’s of information and exercising.

Joanna Rączkowiak ? movement classes instructor, profilactic kinesiogerontology.


turn 1 / H7 / 20 people / level 1

Creative Games for Grown-ups are integration games, that will wake your creative thinking up. We will write, draw, think, look for associations and analogies, improvise and break the thinking frameworks.

Aleksandra Białek ?child psychologist in the Kangaroo Kindergarten in Kraków and in the psychological and pedagogical clinic, she also helps children and young people in the Day Help Center in Niepołomice. She leads workshops and trainings for teachers. Within the Skafander education group, she leads the integration?creative workshops for various adult groups.

  1. FEELINGS AND NEEDS ? foundation of closeness with oneself and others

turn 3 / E4 / 14 people / level 1

Creating relationships based on closeness, respect and understanding are basic needs of every human. We all talk and are in relationships. Not many of us know, that we can do it differently. This workshop will help change it.

Marcin Szot ? communication trainer, coach, reporte, blogger. In his work he mainly uses tools drawn from coaching, tradition Nonviolent Communication and Possibility Management as well as his own experience.

  1. AWARENESS ? awaking your senses

turn 3 / A3* alt. H4 / 50 people / level 1

Is our hearing sensitive to rustle or whisper? Can our sight pick up things happening in a blink of an eye? Can we smell the faintest aromas? We will explore the world in an unusual way. Relaxation, warming up the senses, exercises, reflection and conversation.

Łukasz Mizeracki ? psychologist, trainer, author of the awareness workshops for people in depression, nature and travelling lover.


turn 1 / E4 / 30 people / level 1

Nutritional workshop „I know how to eat” is teaching the basics of nutrition, and most importantly, how to consciously choose things that influence our health and well-being. The lecture will be combined with the workshop part.

Anna Podlewska ? Univeristy of Physical Education and Sport graduate, trainer, dietician, nutritional counselor. Leads numerous workshops and trainings on the topic.

  1. CLOS YOUR EYES ? exploring the world of the blind

turn 1 / P4 / 10 people / level 1

Thw workshop lead together with a blind person, will consist of exercises and sensory experiments and of presentation, based on stories and experiences of the blind.

Justyna Mańkowska ? vice-president of the KATARYNKA Foundation for the Development of Audio-Description, supporting blind and deaf people in their access to culture. She has 8 years of experience with trainings, workshops and presentations about the needs of the blind people.


turn 1 / Z2 alt. G2 / 30 people / level 1

The goal of the workshop is unrestricted fun among nature through interesting and inspiring field activities. During the workshop fun we will meet the inhabitants of the nearby meadow or forest. We will be searching, jumping, look out and feel. We will experience nature with all our senses.

Paulina Dulat-Sawicka ? pedagogue and nature educator. Environemnt and biology teacher in a primary school. She organizes the Green Trail for children and parents.


turn 2 / D2 / 30 people / level 1

Do you want to know why anyone needs Latin in the 21st century? What’s the fastest way to learn it? Do you want to know the Greek alphabet and some phrases, that would let you get along with Plato or Caesar? Be sure to come!

Marcin Loch ? classical scholar, PhD student in the Classical Philology Institute of Adam Mickiewicz University. He leads Latin courses,. organizes summer schools of classical languages, teaches Latin in high and primary schools. He also works with modern didactics of classical languages.

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