Manual workshops is a group of workshops dealing with various art forms, including visual arts and handicrafts 

Sport Workshops include all types of sports; including team sports, board games and all activities aimed at improving skills in specific areas connected to sports 

Stage workshops includes all types of dance(ball-room, court, modern), theater and fireshow in all its variations 

Music workshops are all activities connected to playing an instrument as well as creating instruments. This also includes vocal and choir workshops, beat box, improvisation, sound engineering and music production. 

Various workshops are languages, including sign language, psychology, education, poetry and anything else that doesn?t fit in another group  


FAQ About SLOT Workshops 

What are the workshops all about? What?s the goal? 

Many young people are looking for a passion, talent or an interesting past-time. They want to develop themselves, but aren?t sure in what area or what they?d enjoy and be good at. The workshops are a very important part of the SAF. They were created to help people discover their talents, inspire them to develop personally and awaken them to be involved in society. The large variety of workshops allows everyone to find something that interests, inspires and encourages them. It opens new possibilities and confirms old ones.

What does it mean that there are 3 levels of difficulty in the workshops?

There are 3 levels of workshops available at the SAF. This means that each workshop leader plans his workshop as beginning, intermediate or advanced. Beginning workshops are for those who have never tried the workshop activity, so the teaching starts from the basics. Intermediate workshops are for those who have had some contact with the area, but would like to learn more. Advanced workshops are for those who know a lot already and want to perfect their abilities.

What is a ?meeting place?? 

Several workshops have a star by their name. This means that the workshop is not assigned a permanent meeting place, so the leader will meet those interested at the given place and they will go together to a location where the workshop will take place.

How long does a workshop last?

Workshops take place in 3 rounds. The first round lasts from 11:00- 12:45, the second is from 13:00-14:45, and the third is from 15:00-16:45. Each workshop lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes, with 15 minutes left for the participants to get to the next place. It?s also time for the leader to prepare.

How many workshops can I take part in and do I have to go to the same ones every day?

The wide variety of workshops at the SAF is offered so that each participant has the most possibilities to try new things and gain new skills. The amount of workshops you?re allowed to take part in is not limited at all (except for by time). You may take part in as many workshops as you?d like, including new ones each day.

Do I have to pay separately for the workshops?

No, the price of the ticket includes all concerts, performances, exhibits, seminars and workshops.

May I bring my own instrument? 

PLEASE do!! For all the musical workshops as well as other musical activities we advise you to bring your own instrument.

May I sign up for the workshops ahead of time?

In general we don?t have sign-ups ahead of time for any workshop. However, some of the leaders of workshops try to finish a project during the 4 days and need the same people there daily. You?ll find all those kind of details in the description of each workshop.

Who can lead a workshop? 

Workshops leaders must be at least 16 years of age and have a great idea for an activity that fits with the ideals of  SLOT.

May the leader have a helper?

Each workshop leader may have an assistant who helps prepare, lead and close the workshop. They decide among themselves what their responsibilities are.

Do I have to bring my own materials to the SAF?

SLOT provides the materials needed for each workshop. Of course you may bring your own materials if you have the desire or need.

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