Workshops & scenes

A few places and things that you need to check out at the Festival!

If you're wondering what you gonna do this year SLOT Festival we're coming to tell ya!

We've prepared for you the fantastic set of workshops which includes:
Wide selection of dancing classes: Jewish dance, Irish, dancehall, hip-hop, modern dance, folk & traditional dances and more.
Scene arts like acting, improvisation, story-telling, sleight of hand, jugglery, circus.
Sports craziness: acrobatics, archery, slackline, unicycle etc.
Music stuff: from non-singin choir to experiments with voice, folk-songs learning, bass playing, drums & percussion.
Some time for manual and visual inspiration: photography, jewelry making, decoupage, architectural drawing.
And many other stuff like languages, psychological, creative writing, sign language, hitchhiking, bike-repairing, dog training, and so much more.
Parents - you can join the workshops! We have a special program for the youngsters where you can leave your kido (3-10 years old) with professional tutors:)

We have 10 different scenes and we don't doubt - you will find your favourite sound among them.
Main stage with well-know (mostly) Polish artists, club stage with crazy djs, hc/punk club with wild lumberjacks, experimental stage where you can just relax and fly away to another world, prayer scene where you can get connected with the Most High, Spontanous scene with jam sessions, unplugged with nice raw sound or folk with traditional instruments and of course hip-hop scene for enthistiasts of music from the blocks ;)

See you there? :)
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