Where and when?

This year we meet in Lubiąż from 9 to 13 July 2019*. Find more info on how to get there here.

*the volunteers come earlier.

When can I come?

The campsite for volunteers will be open from Tuesday, 9 July, in the morning.

What is included in the festival pass price?

After registering, you get a badge which gives you access to all of the festival grounds and guarantees you admittance to all events and workshops as well as a place on the campsite. All of our income will be allotted to the organisation costs of the festival.

Do I have to reserve a place at Slot Art Festival?

No. But you can purchase your festival pass for a lower price in advance booking. Details on our website.

Do I have to pay for anything additionally?

·showers: 6 pln
·car park: 12 pln for one day. A parking carnet for the whole festival – 50 pln

Do I have to pay for workshops or any supplies used?

No, but if you want to, you can bring your own supplies (e.g. paints etc.). Also, this year, an offer of paid workshops might also be created for those who are advanced in certain fields. Details will be provided soon.

Is food calculated in the festival pass price?

No. You need to provide your own food. However we try to guarantee a lot of meals opportunities on the festival grounds. There will be special points offering cheap dinners, bread etc.

Are the festival grounds a safe place?

The festival is protected by a professional security company and 140 volunteers from the security team. On the festival grounds there is a total ban on selling and consuming alcohol and any drugs. We do not let anyone under the influence enter the premises (see: festival rules). This results in Slot Art Festival being a safe place.

Is the campsite guarded?

Yes. Slot Art Festival is the only event of the sort where campsites are guarded and patrolled by the security team. Nevertheless, we call for not leaving any valuables or money in your tents.

Is it true that a kindergarten is run during the festival and do I have to pay for it?

Every year there is a kindergarten called “The Little Discoverers Club”. It provides professional carers and a special programme for children which lets the parents leave their children in safety and enjoy the festival. It is free of charge.

Is there a bathroom and toilets on the festival grounds and do I have to pay for them?

The festival has the whole sanitary infrastructure – shower containers, toi-toi sanitary toilets and washbasins. The toilets and washbasins are free of charge. The shower costs 6 pln.

Can I charge my phone?

We offer a phone charging point (price per charging: 2 pln). It is right next to the Info Point.

Is there a deposit on the festival grounds?

Yes, you can leave your things in the deposit. It is located in the same place as the phone charging point – next to the Info Point. It is open from 8 am till 10 pm and the price per day is 5 pln.

If you need any further information contact us on +48 600 097 092 or +48 783 999 870 or write to: biuro@slot.org.pl

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