The SLOT Art Festival is 5 Days Without Chemicals and Violence

The Regulations of the SLOT Art Festival:
The Regulations below have been created by the SAF Board and is a result of our experiences and our care for the special space that SAF is. Please, respect that

  1. The regulations were created based on the Polish Act of 20 March 2009 on mass events safety and other laws by the Organizer of the Slot Art Festival 2019 (below as SAF) – Stowarzyszenie Lokalnych Ośrodków Twórczych based in Wrocław (54-004), 12/1 Kącka str., KRS: 0000163877, NIP: 894-27-71-635, Regon: 932937337. Everyone present at the SAF is bound by these rules and regulations.
  2. SAf takes places on 9–13 July 2019 at the grounds of palace-monastery complex and other locations in Lubiąż used by the organizer.
  3. The camping sites are open for the participants from 8:00 on 9.07.2019 and closed on 14.07.2019 at 16:00.
  4. SAF ticket allows entering SAF, participating in ecery event of SAF and a spot at the SAF camping site.
  5. Sells and prepaid sells of tickets as well as volunteer work are subject of other rules and regulations.
  6. ID badge with individual serial number is issued in the registration booth on the festival grounds. The organizer may ask for an ID to be presented at registration for identity validation
  7. The Organizer is the owner of the ID badge. In case of a participant breaking any of the regulations or any other rules in force at the festiwal or any laws, the organizer has the right to demand uncoditional return of the ID badge. The participant is obliged to return it immediately.
  8. The ID badge is the only document confirming the right to enter the SAF grounds, wearing it in a visible spot is obligatory. Lack of ID badge results in loss of the right to be present at SAF. The organizer doesn’t issue duplicates of the ID badge.
  9. The ID badge should be presented without prompt when passing any checkpoints and everytime when asked by the security service, information service and volunteers.
  10. Persons below 18 years old may participate in the festival only accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or with a written permission from a parent or a legal guardian to participate in SAF. The agreement template is an appendix of the present regulations.
  11. Pets may be present at the festival only with the participants takien care of them and as their responsibility, including responsibility for any damages caused by the pet. The participant is obliged to clean after their pet, keep them on a leash and during concerts and rehearsals and in crowded spaces and at any prompt of the security – in a muzzle.
  12. At SAF grounds there is a complete ban on using, selling and owning alcoholic beverages, intoxicating substances, controlled drugs or other substances with similar effect. People under influence and intoxicated will be removed from the SAF grounds by the security services.
  13. The security service has a right to control and confiscate any such substances and to aboid any doubts cases of potential owning of substances prohibited by the law by SAf participants will be reported to appropriate authorities.
  14. At the SAF grounds it is prohibited to exhort to and use violence, both physical and verbal.
  15. It is prohibitted to carry in any tools, materials and means that may be harmful for life and health of people present at SAF grounds.
  16. Parking is allowed only in marked spots at a price of 100 PLN for a parking spot. The Organizer has the right to dismiss a vehicle from payment obligation or set a different price for it.
  17. Cars parked without paying in places not meant for it or in a way that impedes the SAF organization may be towed at the cost and risk of the owner without warning.
  18. It is prohibited to engage in activities that may undermine the image of SAf or impede the SAf organization
  19. It is prohibited to colport or present any ad or informative materials at SAF without permission from the Organizer.
  20. It is prohibited to engage in any trade, sarvice or production activities at SAF without permission from the Organizer.
  21. The Organizer permits registration of photo, audio and video material at SAF and publication thereof, at the condition of specifying the recording location as SLOT ART FESTIVAL. The permission doesn’t encompass registration of ceoncerts, lectures, theatrical plays, films and other elements of programme that are subject to copyright law and commercial usage of such materials. Commercial use of the aforementioned materials is possible after receiving written permission or signing a separate agreement.
  22. Participation in SAF means agreeing to free-of-charge usage of the participant’s image for the purpose of creating documentary, promotional and commercial materials of the organizer and recording it in material and nonmaterial media (data transmission).
  23. The Organizer is not responsible for belongings of the participants.
  24. The Organizer has the right to cancel without earlier notice single events (concerts, workshops, lectures etc.) of the SAF programme.
  25. In an event of canceling SAF the Organizer is not obliged to make any refunds or compensations above the price of the ticket.
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