This year there?s a ton for new things at the Jeżyna (Blackberry)! But the best has stayed- the fresh breads, nice servers and the blackberry tea.

Most of all, the cafe will be in the Carriage House. This special place has been restored and decorated by the Jeżyna team- and what decorations they are! They?re all made from eco-friendly and re-cycled/upcycled materials- light, warm and cozy. This year the theme is the ?90?s- the decade of our childhood.

We?ll be ready for you early morning to serve you breakfast and then offer board games to play. Yes, this year the game room is in the Blackberry and there?s something for everyone- big and small. You won?t be bored!

In the evening after a full day you can come for more great music to the Hardcore Punk Club and Small Stage. The music will play into the night, but it?s not time yet to sleep 🙂

After the concerts we invite you to the SLOT Films where unique and ambitious movies will be shown. An ideal end to the day! Come see us from breakfast at 8:00 ?til the last client. And 24/7 you can see our profile on Facebook at Like us!:)


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