Cinema 2017



This year, Slot Films will take us into the space of what’s between people. This film cycle forms one whole, creating a dialogue within itself. After each screening, we join this dialogue by participating in a moderated discussion. Come join us!!!

Tuesday 4.07

Meeting with Bartek Zmuda director, screenwriter and an actor. We will see his awarded “Barbakan” and some shorter forms.

Wednesday 5.07

The Unknown Girl”

„La Fille Inconnue”, Belgium/France 2016, 113 min.

dir. by Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne

Dardenne brothers have now formed part of the Slot Films section for years. Their latest film is an image of a person facing a challenge, which leads her to question her own identity. In an interview, the directors said that “their characters change”. But which direction should these changes take? And what is the price to pay? Observing this process and seeing our own reflection in it, provides us with an inherent source of in-depth reflection about ourselves.

Thursday 6.07

You Have no Idea How Much I Love You”

“Nawet nie wiesz, jak bardzo Cię kocham”, Poland 2016, 76 min.

dir. by Paweł Łoziński

This time the director places his camera in a psychotherapist’s office. Tadeusz Sobolewski wrote: “The reason why this film resonates so strongly, might be because as a society we are stuck in a permanent state of conflict, as in a bad family. There just is no therapist – any third instance which could savvy the whole picture by asking both parties questions.” Maybe this is our role?

Friday 7.07

Sweet Bean”

“An”, Japan 2015, 113 min.

dir. by Naomi Kawase

Kawase’s latest film is, among others, a film about gifts – both those given and those denied to others. Gifts do not need a material form. While watching this film one might remind oneself of the title of Michael Sandel’s book “What money can’t buy?” And that is exactly what this incredible story is about.

Saturday 8.07


USA 2013, 118 min.

dir. by Jim Jarmush

USA 2013, 118 min, dir. by Jim Jarmush

Simple life can also be filled with beauty and meaning. All you need is… What do you need, exactly? Jim Jarmush lets us witness the life of his characters, which could easily end up filled with boredom, monotony and routine, but they never do. “Paterson” is a beautiful poem about everyday life.

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