Club stage

We already know the full dj/vj line-up for the Club Stage!




This year we also won?t be lacking the party madness. Let?s try and make all of festival?s nights sleepless. You will hear:

WALACH/ Young DJ from Mysłowice, raised on black grooves, in love with heavy bass. He started his DJ-ing adventure in 2013. Connected to harcore drum and bass style from the very start. Member of the Scream Music crew. Presently working on his first productions.

BLAKE/ When he was a baby, he fell into a cauldron of magic potion. He?s not scared of radio-active spiders or gamma radiation. His adventure with music began not in Hogwarts nor in prof. Xavier?s academy butin Gliwice. In his sets he mixes rave sugar with crossbreed sweets and core funsies.

Diastema/ Charismatic lover of everything that is hard and stylish. Unshaken passion urges him to seek out more and more new and weird experiments, which he later presents in his sets. Despite his love for the heaviest DARKSTEPs and DUPSTEPs he often immerses in lighter climates of GLITCH-HOP

KRZYKU/ Scream Music, ? Jaworzno

DJ, Beatboxer, promoter, creator of the Scream Music company and of The Quiet Killers group. Since 2009 he’s a resident of the INQbator club, in which he organizes events from the „Scream Music Presents”, „Dygresja w Szarości” (Digression in Greyness) and „Open Decks” series. Many excellent artists were his guests.

Insomnia/ Young and promising DJ from Silesia, whose first contact with DJ hardware was at SAF 2014, where he took part in DJ-ing workshops. Since then she supported artists like Kuba Sojka, Dominik Muller or Max Tresher. She represents the Scream Music collectiv at the INQbator, Katowice.

ZEDWUES./ (Cieszyn. Born ’87) he was dealing with black grooves since year 2000. In time he got interested in playing music from vinyls and later switched exclusively to MPD’s and automatically opened up to any fresh genres of the music, especially Rap, Southside, Trill or Trap.

Oskar Piotrowski a.k.a. A.Score/ Since childhood a citizen of Warsaw. Conformist of „musical business” ? with a map of his boundaries. Producer among the ashes of his DAW in house slippers. Deejay, issuer, deliverer…

John Lake/ Sounds he creates are filled with muddy and sultry synthesizer mash, cut with trance monotonous rythm, building up the atmosphere of dread, darkness and mystery. „It’s techno arranged with accumulated distortions and crackles, where hissing noise is pierced by squeaky, sour melodies, penetrating to the bone.” (B. Nowicki)

Mr.G! Dj / Producer/ Interested mainly in bass music and electronics of all kind often connected with samples of live instruments. He shared the stage with the Dj-ing elite in Poland and abroad, every year visiting different clubs and festivals. He loves music, old Polish films, people tight clubs, good sound system and long basslines.

# Teddybear/ Fascinated with electronic music in all its forms. He’s full of energy. Self-educated in the art of mixing started his DJ-ing adventure in 2007. In his sets he includes both tracks derived from deep house, through house, to techno. He also likes unorthodox rhythms and sounds through which he tries to surprise the audience.

M/ Wojciech Mazur, hidden under the „M” pseudonym, member of the Podaj Kabel (Pass the Cable) audiovisual collective. His set is a dynamic collage of geometric motifs and archive movie materials, that creates a new quality of transmission.

Dawid Owsianko/ VJ Doctor aka InDeeVisual, Night pilot Face in the crowd Incurable optimist Traveller with baggage of experience VJ at the beginning of his adventure with image Poet with an order to write With passion Towards life and people He’s a mistery man Nobody should delude himself That he can be Locked in frames Words Images Positive message He’ll present at Slot.

wobix&misslongic/ Well-known Mr wobix will shine this time together with Mrs wobix ? misslongic. The effect is something nobody expects, including them. It is a debut for misslongic, wobix has shined more than once at SAF as well as at Mayday and many other events, that he may not want to remember.

DJ FuRRy/ Born in Cieszyn, raised in Zaborze, soaked with Katowice he went back to Ochaby Back among the horses and carrots… And the beginnings? He doesn’t exactly remember… But it surely started in the Hipnoza club in Katowice in 2009. There, under the watchful eye of Kic he polished his skills during sessions accompanying hot-dog and burger eaters.

svmmer finn/ She is a designer, a graphic designer and illustrator for funsies. For years associated with Wrocław?s Radio Luz, where she co-creates musical audition „Ultradźwięki” (ultrasounds). In her spare time she studies visual communication in the Graphics Institute of SWPS.

Dj jazzovah/ One of the first organizers of club stage at SAF comes back to the monastery’s underground to lead the slotclubbers on an eclectic multi-genre sound journey. This promoter, social activist and dj with almost 20 years of experience in his sets presents an unusual fusion of world music with the contemporary club sounds.

HELLER/ DJ from Cieszyn, presently almost a citizen of Kraków. Behind decks since 2005, co-creator of the Podaj Kabel (Pass the Cable) audio-visual collective. He loves pancakes (vinyls), although, lately you can see him with a tractor 😉
The music he plays is mainly house, from funky to deep-tech.

Andrzej N. aka KiddLucky/ [KL, Autism_Child, Haris Pilton, Asocial] DJ, VJ, music producer, photographer, sound engineer.His adventure with electronic music started when he was 10, through synthetic sounds by Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jare and Polish composer Marek Biliński.

STAY HIGH AGENCY/ Filip Filet Buchalski: one of the founders of the Stay High Agency, which for several years now has been successfully carrying out projects like Roof Party Fest Poland, Fresh Sundays, Sound Laboratory Festival. 
Connected with Kraków, where he works and realizes his musical visions and ideas.  

Milczanowski/ Maciej Milczanowski ? co-founder of the Stay High Agency responsible for producing cyclical events i.e. Roof Party Fest Poland, Fresh Sundays, or Sound Laboratory Festival. Resilient promoter and marketing manager of Kraków’s main square.

Negativ/ Negativ is a collective consisting of two producers residing on the Warsaw-London route. Despite coming from two different music currents, they joined forces in 2012 to start releasing club productions.

Phil Jensky/ DJ, culture and media expert from Kraków. His DJ-ing activity has its beginnings in 2005. Twice in a row he was deemed one of 20 best in the „Polish DJ / Producer of the Year” category of the MUNOLUDY Awards (2013/2014).

Roger.Gest/ Representatives of two generations of djs from Kraków, performing together since December 2012.

SEPT/ Producer/DJ active on the musical market for 4 years. Until recently known as Freak Slaughter. His first success, that brought him world renown, was his „Guillotine” EP, released by German „Oh My God It’s Techno Music” label.





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