Contest stage 2018

The Contest Stage is the backstage of the Main Stage, where (still) lesser known bands take part in a musical battle, whose winner opens up the Main Stage the next day with a concert. From 165 bands applying for the Contest Stage we chose 12 we thought to be most interesting and each of them will take us on a different magical journey… from rock, alternative through funky, blues, folk, soul, jazz to juicy metal riffs.

Come, listen and vote for the band you think should play on the Main Stage!

TUESDAY, 10.07

18:00 Kolory (indie rock)

A group from the very heart of the Upper Silesia region. Since 2015, they create indie rock sounds, drawing inspiration from other genres They released two EPs: ?Vivid? and ?Shine?. They performed at such festivals as Woodstock, Opener, Enea Spring Break, Alterfest and F?te de la Musique in Hanover. Unique energy and melodic rock sounds are their two signature traits.

18:45 Four Seasons (rap / rock alternatywny)

A group of four music enthusiasts whose sound is characterized by an exceptional mix of rap with some alternative rock elements. The huge variety of their music results from the individualities of each and every one of them which belong together perfectly. Last March, the group released its first EP called ?Uncertainty?.

19:30 Yota v yote (blues / rock)

A group created in the summer of 2015 in Mikołów. Comprising of musicians from varied backgrounds, connected by Willie Dixon?s idea that ?blues is the roots; everything else is the fruits?. Even though their music is influenced by various genres, their foundation is primarily blues. The group is currently working on their first album. See them live and feel the Silesian energy of new blues!


15:00 Ken Lee (funk / rock / pop)

Lively and chipper funk full of energy. The group created in 2015 on Maciej ?Dziemian? Dziemiańczuk?s initiative ? a Białystok musician known for his work with ?12 Tenors?. The band made their debut in March 2016 and just a few months later ? in November ? they already released their first album ?The Funk To Change?, very well received both by the media and the audience.

15:45 Oreada (folk alternatywny)

They call their sound 'FolkOFF’. They merge texts inspired by folk culture with original and modern musical arrangements. There is something primordial to their music, the naturalness of which affects the audience in a very positive way. Even though created not a long time ago, OREADA won multiple nationwide contests. Their debut mini-album has been released at the beginning of June 2017.

16:30 Me & the Monster (indie rock)

A group comprised of artists of various nationalities, stationed in Berlin. Their sound reminds alt-J and Arcade Fire. Me & the Monster is a mix of catchy vocals and groove rhythms with difficult texts. They are currently working on their soon-to-be-released debut album.


15:00 Hot Tamales (blues / jazz / gospel)

Already at their first concert, the group impressed the audience and acquired a loyal fan-base. Very quickly, Tamales became one of the most listened to and most appraised young Polish acoustic groups. Their original perception of blues, jazz and gospel prevents them from falling solely under any single one of these categories. They would touch your heart with beautiful songs and engaging lyrics.

15:45 Mist (soul / neo-soul / jazz)

A group created in 2015 by a trio of friends. This Warsaw band released its first album titled ?Niepokoje? („Unrests”) on 30 April 2017. Their CD contains songs referencing such music genres as gypsy-jazz, swing, soul and pop. Their latest album ? „Neomate EP” ? has been released at the end of January 2018.

16:30 Martella (acoustic / blues / rock)

On one hand her music is a subtle, acoustic story, on the other ? strong, literal confessions, screamed straight from a woman?s heart. Martella will take you on a journey where you are encouraged to close your eyes for a while and visualize the imagery of stories heard in her songs, smoothly moving from one to the other. Her music will alternately move you and make you laugh.

FRIDAY 13.07

15:00 Ziemia Zakazana (metal / rock)

Every concert is an explosion of massive energy. In its current line-up, the band gave several dozen concerts, including as a support to such groups as Hunter and Acid Drinkers You can know the band?s lead singer ? Damian Kikoła ? from the last edition of The Voice of Poland, where he created a true, rock earthquake Up to date, the band released two CDs.

15:45 Gentuza (electronic / djent / post metal)

A quartet generating a deep, groove sound, thanks to the combination of an 8-string guitar with electronics, subs and wobbles, supported by heavy, selective, tension-creating drums. All of this is covered with a lyric story of melodic vocals which enter into aggressive and brutal singing techniques.

16:30 Issel (new metal)

Each member of this group draws inspiration from a very different, but mostly metal, style, which can be heard in their music. You can also notice elements of some new metal sounds combined with classic heavy metal bits spiced up with elements of melodic metal and sometimes ? progression. Their first EP, containing 6 songs, was released in 2018.

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