Eastern Tent 2014



conversations, slideshows, chai, location 57, music, 20.00, location 58

Near the idle fountain there is a tent with the East. During the day it invites for meetings with Eastern Europe. The evenings will begin with music and end with personal stories from travels to Kyrgyzstan, Egipt and other faraway places.

Tuesday, 8.07, 22:00
slideshows- picture stories – travel stories (please ask the staff for details)

Wednesday, 9.07, 13:00
Romanian holidays with or without a bike

Thursday, 10.07, 13:00
Romania 25 years after the revolution

Friday, 11.07, 13:00
Multinational Romania

Saturday, 12.07, 13:00
Romania of monasteries

8.07- 12.07, 22:00
Na boso sound system: balkan / latin / afro & beats
dj jazzova sova – gramofony / ghostman / irek wójcicki / bartek bobeł

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