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“But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.” Jas 1:25.
Presenting their work:

Grzegorz ‘Forin ‘ Piwnicki – graphic designer, Graduate of the Department of Graphics of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (diploma with merit in the studio of prof. Lech Majewski 2011). He experiments with various media. Creates installations, social projects. He has already published many works in Poland and abroad as well as numerous individual projects.

“Project freedom is a grassroots social action. When I started this project, I thought that I knew what freedom is. I knew what stood behind it, what is not freedom. I was wrong. First description went to garbage, it wouldn’t do, because it limited the freedom of others and I wanted to touch the essence somehow. This seemingly easy question became a prison for some and a sad journey to the unreachable.”

Willem Zijlstra lives in Bussum, a village near Amsterdam. He gained his education in a college of Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Willem Zijlstra started his artistic career as an illustrator and painter, later he started working in bronze, wood and other materials. He also took up conceptual art. His works were displayed in many galleries, incl. Museum in Laren, Catharijneconvent Museum in Utrecht, Pons Institute in Madrid.

Katarzyna Gauer
Student of Art University in Poznań, specialising in painting, gained scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. He took part in many individual and group exhibitions, incl. Poznań, Warsaw, Toruń, Plymouth. She has already gained prizes and commendations in all-Poland art and photography contests.

„Subjective space picture series refers to my own experiences and subjectivity of events remembered from my past. In created fragments of painting composition I find similarities with shapes known to me or places where I have already been. I go back to my memories from the past, spaces where I spent my childhood or where I have been “for a moment”. The goal of my works is striving towards such viewings of space, that in its object relations touched the searches in the field of generalisation. While painting I try to annex territories subjectively relevant, enlivening imagination, which allow me to write in my own self in the frames of picture representations.”

YELLO [yellonus creativus]
YELLO [yellonus creativus] – spec. of mammal from the artistae family (order: creativa); one of the relics of the era of real artists [magificus artistis]; most often he travels in herds; its presence in the area is signalised by spatial installations; the species has particularly preferred the area near the entrance to ArtCathedral, where it occurs in a natural habitat; characteristic trait are the sounds made by the animal in the time between June and the end of July; popular methods of luring YELLO from its lair is calling out, shouting and singing; the species is known for its creative passion and is well-adaptable in the environment of friendly people.

Kinga Pudełek
The graduate of the Social High School of Arts. Photography accompanies her for years, she majored in that field this year. Her passion is painting, which is also her route to escape from reality. Multimedia techniques are hey way to earn a living
„In the movie everyone can dream I attempted to present my view on dreams. Using one character and keeping one steady frame I wanted to keep the form simple for the benefit of broader content. In my work I focus on dreams, to which many people doesn’t pay too much attention.

Katarzyna Wyrembelska
The graduate of painting on the Art University in Poznań. The artists’ works are characterized by expression and great sensitivity to colour and matter. Her contrary, often grotesque way of seeing the world, which we can find both in the field of painting and animation, is supposed to make the viewer reflect – in this case – on the question of the freedom of man in 21st century.

Rafał Nowak
Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. He graduated with merit in the studio of sculpture of prof. Józef Kopczyński. He presented his works on many exhibitions, incl. Gdańsk, Wrocław, Berlin, Ottawa. Prized many times, among others artistic prize of the city of Poznań. Author of e.g. The “Freedom” fountain on the square of Freedom in Poznań and the “Mars” fountain on the Old Marketplace in Poznań.

Karolina Pilawa – Student of graphic design. Perfectionist. Specializes in constellations. Acute observer of humans. Output complicated. Pastel and delicate. Artistic goal: hidden moralisation
Installation title: Soul – The Way to Freedom.

Tomek Soin
Graphic designer, illustrator, musician. Studied at the Architecture Department of the University of Science in Warsaw. He is active in Steiger International. “The exhibition, being the part of the WAYOUT project, is a contemporary reference to the Way of the Cross, but showing the way to the cross from the point of view of ordinary man. This way leads through experiences, that everybody is touched by in his life and that were not unfamiliar also to Jesus: fear, burden, resentment, treason, etc. His ultimate goal was however something much more positive, that’s why the road left open is the road to the exit”

Ewa Boguszewska
Graduated from Art University in Poznań from the Department of Painting. Monochromatic paintings, created with traditional ink technique are the attempt to find the record of the processes taking place inside, thoughts not yet formed by the verbal language by throwing out the excess of signs, gestures, set-ups. Specific language of spots opens up a new dimension of connotations by reaching to the memory, imagination, spirituality, expresses the fight between familiarizing and resenting, integration and separation, calmness and chaos, silence and the jabber of words.

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