Mate.o Acoustic on the Experiential Stage

Mate.o Acoustic is a duo with Tomek Lipert. These guys bring full acoustic guitar sounds as well as expressive vocals. We?ll hear songs from the new album by Mate.o Acoustic and Friends, ?Sit With Me/Live?during their concert on the Experiential Stage.

MATE.0 doesn?t really need an introduction for the SLOT audience. Author of songs, vocalist, photographer. He?s played concerts for years in and outside of Poland and has worked with artists such as T. Lipert, I. Głyk, N. Niemen, M. Pospieszalski, J. Mencel, and P. Wojtasik. He?s also known for his many years of work with the group TGD and New Life?M. He has four albums full of beautiful songs with original harmonies and interesting texts. It?s music outside of the box and a unique concert atmosphere. That?s Mate.o.

Tomek Lipert an excellent guitarist who?s music moves you! He?s also a studio musician who has worked with artists such as De Mono, Maryla Rodowicz, TGD.

Experiential Stage July 12, midnight

Mate.O Acoustic and Friedns, ?Sit With Me/Live?

A new, double (CD+ DVD) album from Mateó with:

Mate.O ? vocals, acoustic guitar
Łukasz Pilch ?
acoustic guitar
Tomasz Lipert ? acoustic guitar

Natalia Niemen ? vocals
Irek Głyk ? percussion
Mirek Stępień ? accordion. bass, vocals
Wojtek Gąsior ? bass
Łukasz Kupczyński ? mandolin, violin

Buy the album at:
– EMPiK, MediaMarkt;
– mp3:

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