Movies on East 2018

Through movies created by artists from the Middle East, we want to enter the local state of mind, see everyday struggles of heroes’ from another world. This year, we are going to look at Iranians and Israelis, and because this region is universally associated with conflict, we also give you two war pictures.


Poland, Israel, 2017, 90 min

dir. by Matan Yair

The plot revolves around a 17-year-old boy whose impulsive nature always gets him in trouble at school and outside it. Father sees in son primarily an heir to the family business of constructing scaffolds. Meanwhile, Aszer gets in a close relationship with literature teacher ? Rami. Thanks to him the boy discovers a world outside of his father’s business.


Iran 2017, 117 min

dir. by Mohammad Rasoulof

A film’s protagonist is Reza ? a fish breeder. Unfortunately, a big, private firm connected with the government forces him to discontinue his small business. Reza has to make a choice between closing the micro-enterprise and joining the corporation.

A shocking dramatic story about corruption and villainy of the Iranian system. Is it possible in Iran to fight with the oppressor without dirtying your own hands?


France, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, 2017, 132 min

dir. by Sharunas Bartas

The story of two volunteers from a humanitarian convoy on Ukraine who experience what life in a state of war is. This minimalist road movie is based on dramaturgic asceticism, naturalistic, monochromatic pictures and slow-paced narration. The story about completely non-spectacular suffering, about war cruelty and dreary people entangled in it, about devastated and sad landscapes.

„A War”

Denmark, France, 2015, 115 min

dir. by Tobias Lindholm

Sergeant Claus Pedersen ist stationed with his company in Afgan province. During a routine mission, he makes a dramatic decision and as a result, he is accused of committing a war crime. A war thriller and a judicial drama in one. Nominated for the Oscar, defined by critics as one of the most intelligent war movies that have ever been filmed.

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