Prayer stage 2017


9:30 – 11:00

Let’s begin the day with a shared prayer and word. Let’s be in this together. Let’s get what we need — reflection, insights, energy — to live out this very day well. With God!

Wednesday 05.07

Acoustic worship songs project featuring: Tom Bednarek, Robert “Litza” Friedrich, Krzysztof “Kmieta” Kmiecik, Bartosz Bobeł, Dorota Brzozowska #We connect earth with heaven 🙂

Thursday 06.07

We’ll meet with “Be The Light” band. #It is at their event that I’ve experienced what does the love of God the Father means.

Friday 07.07

We’ll meet with Kuba Herok and his musicians. #Kuba and his wife are the people whose hearts resound with worship — you can see it, hear it and feel it.

Saturday 08.07

Concert led by Renata Wybraniec and her band. #Beautiful voice, beautiful music, beautiful time.


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