PRO zone 2014

Here we focus on the idea none can run away from: PROFSESSIONAL WORK. Everyone wants to do what they like, and be well paid for it. We will try to help you accomplish that goal. We invite you for:

Economic intelligence: Location 47, 15:00-16:30

A cycle of interviews made with freelancers and company owners about their passion and the possibility of creating an income out of it. The interview will be conducted by a passionate of the art of living, Sebastian Pawłowski ( SAF program director, managing director of creative agency SHA CREATIVE GROUP).

Wednesday, 09.07
Grzegorz “Grzech” Piotrowski – a musician, composer, music producer, publisher. The creator of Alchemik and World Orchestra groups.

Thursday, 10.07
Paweł Siemaszko – a barista and a barista trainer, the owner of Kafo café in Gliwice. CupTasting 2010 Polish Campion , winning at the same year the 8th place on the World Cup in the same category.

Saturday, 12.07
Maciej Pieprzyca – a film and television director, screenwriter, documentary journalist. He directed, among others, movie Chce się żyć and Drzazgi.
Paweł Dyllus – a cinematographer, director, editor and a writer. He made shots of Hi Way and Chce się żyć.
Piotr Derwenda – A producer from the TVP and an editor, he co-produced and edited the shows Teatr Telewizji (including Kontrym), series (eg Spies of Warsaw) and feature films (including Miasto 44). His first steps in film and theater were years ago on SAF.

PRO ZONE CONTACT POINT, location 36, 16:30-18:00

Are you thinking about setting up your business? Wondering how to develop your business? If you look for advices concerning your present, or potential future professional activity, this is the place to look for them.
For private consultations look for Agnieszka Piróg-Kochaniewicz, a licensed accountant, having her own office for 15 years. She has great experience in setting up and accounting for small, medium and large enterprises and NGOs.

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