PRO zone 2018

Economic Intelligence

P2 / Wednesday?Saturday / 09:45

A series of breakfasts with interesting people in charge of different undertakings and working in various professions ? unique opportunity to get to know many lines of work and models of professional career.

Wednesday, 11.07

Through the lens

Paweł Ogrodzki, who in his work combines artistic fascination with making money will talk about how these two world can be joined and what the everyday work of photographer means.

Thursday, 12.07

I work in a corpo… and I’m fine with it

Dorota Zawal, happily working in HR for big corporations. She’s a fan of coffee, board games, searching for balance between work and private life and bringing SLOT to the job with her… to a job in a corpo as well.

Friday, 13.07

Can you make money on design?

Sonia Słaboń from Kafti Design & Aleksandra Metzger from AdverOn will tell us about the design industry from two different perspectives ? a company that has a stable position on the market and a lil’ favorite child still fighting for its place..

Saturday, 14.07

Small family company

Darek Metzger, who together with his wife, Ola, is in charge of an advertising agency focused on visual identification will tell us about everyday work in a small team on big projects.

Gamesroom „Oil City ? the art of entrepreneurship in practice”

E3 / Wednesday?Saturday / 17:30

Entrepreneurship workshops based on a board game set in XIX-century Galicia. The participants take on roles of oil entrepreneurs and, working in partnerships, negotiate strategies and business decisions with partners. The game is 2 hours of amazing emotions.

Alicja Koźmińska ? librarian, educator, infobroker. Enthusiast of games in education.


G14 / Wednesday?Thursday / 17:30

Relationships: social selling

About actions to take in social media to efficiently promote your company or knowledge or to develop your professional career and how to form permanent business relationships with social media.

Angelika Chimkowska ? expert in adapting business organizations and individuals to changes. Has unique experience in management and marketing and in sales.

Wednesday: How to promote a company and sale with Linkedin

Thursday: How to develop a career with Linkedin

Panel discussion

G14 / Friday / 5:30 PM

Workplace relationships ? relationships outside of the workplace

Is it easy to work with people that we have relationships with outside of work? Are friends and family perfect co-workers and partners? A discussion with people that work with their sibling, spouse or close friend.

The panel guests: Darek & Aleksandra Metzger from AdverOn, a married couple running a company and Sonia Słaboń from Kafti Design, where she works with her sister.

Link building

G14 & G4 / Saturday / 17:30

Meeting for people looking for partners, colleagues, helpers, job or past-time work.. Everyone can come and talk about what they’re doing and gain some contacts. Before the meeting in a mini-panel discussion, people who are involved in networking will share their experiences. It is worth bringing your cards, portfolio, photos or samples to the meeting.

Pro Zone consulting point

G4 / Wednesday?Saturday / 19:00

Are you thinking about creating a new company or do you want to develop the current one? You want to change your professional life? If you are looking for advice about your current or potential line of work, after every lecture and panel there’ll be a chance for you to talk to their participants. Come for a consultation!


I TURN 11:00?12:45

How to make money from your passion?

Piotr Lusina, p.

Thinking in projects!

Wojciech Michalski, p.

Ergonomics ? about the silent killer of the 21st century

Maciej Żłobiński, p.


How to create our own brand

Jędrzej Rayski, p.

Creative ninja

Monika Dołębska, p.


How to make an on-line campaign for your product

Krzysztof Burzyński, p.

Sales not for salesmen

Grzegorz Kawałek p.

Taming the chaos of activities

Piotr Nabielec, p.

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