Programme – Art Room 2014


ART ROOM, little room (5) & big room (6)

ART ROOM is a festival room of meetings and a place to catch your breath over coffee, tea and… book! We have prepared inspiring and interesting meetings about contemporary art and culture.


9.07 Wednesday

13:00 – Meeting contemporary art – Art or Anti-art
Anti-art is an interesting phenomenon occurring in contemporary culture. Due to its “weirdness” it provokes many questions among art receivers: what is the art created today? Is art undergoing a crisis of its “inner construction”? What is anti-art? What connection does it have with reality? Are there specified criteria of valuing art created by so-called “anti-artists”? Do the actions of contemporary artists have an ethical aspect?

15:00 – Talks on multi-culturalism: Are people everywhere the same?
Moroccan multi-cultural adventure. A story about a travel to Morocco and experiencing multi-culturalism up close. Talks about Moroccan culture and a discussion about participants experiences of meeting foreigners. Gathering ideas, what one can do in an everyday life to get to know other culture.

10.07 Thursday

13:00 – Meeting contemporary art – ART CATHDERAL
The topic of the meeting will be freedom in art. What is the freedom of creation, does it have any boundaries? These and other topics will be taken up during ‘meet the author session’ with the creators of expositions in Art Cathedral.

3:00 PM – Talks on multi-culturalism – Facts and myths or stereotype in a nutshell. At the meeting we will answer a question what a stereotype is, how it is created and how to fight it. We will also consider if the environment affects our viewing of others and which of the stereotypes – positive or negative – has greater power. During the workshops we will play different parts and see, how a stereotype works in practice.

11.07 Friday

13:00 – Meeting contemporary art – ART FOR THE PEOPLE
We will be talking about art for the people with artists and founders of the “Art for the people” Foundation – Dagmara Angier-Sroka and Bartek Sroka. We will raise the issue of presence of contemporary art in our daily life and how to receive such art, understand it and use it.

15:00 – Culture shock. At the meeting we will explain the notion and talk about experiences of participants in that aspect. We will also exercises a little in accordance with the topic of the workshop.

12.07 Saturday

13:00 – Meeting contemporary art – INTRODUCTION TO POSTMODERNISM
What is modernism and what is postmodernism? Is there a definite truth? Crisis we observe in art is connected with the notion of postmodernism, negation of authority, tradition, ideas or so called “definite truths”. There is no ultimate goal. There are only “opportunities” through which one can pick and choose and change them according to one’s taste. This conviction is related to progress of knowledge about man and world.

15:00 – Multi-cultural talks – Let’s communicate positively or what is worth knowing at the first meeting? Meeting contemporary art. At the meeting we will learn the habit of activity or being proactive. We will point out the different meaning of some gestures in different cultures and talk about the body language.


09.07 Wednesday

13:00 – TED Cinema – HOW TO CREATE
Ken Robinson claims that “the true creativity comes from finding your own way of expression, from being in your element”. With help from him and several artists we are going to look for sources of inspiration and ways to learn creativity.

10.07 Thursday

In view of constant excess of new artworks and richness of propositions, which we are not able to comprehend, let’s think about how to choose what is valuable, how to listen and look – and how to talk about art.

11.07 Friday

13:00 – TED Cinema – ART AROUND US
You are just a glance, worth 9 cents – Filip Springer writes about living in a world filled with advertisements. About art in public space, from happening to architecture – so about what is worth glancing at in order not to see the advertisements and how to take back the space surrounding us.

17.30 – Meeting the „In the attic” show
Special guests of the ART ROOM will be creators of the “In the attic” show, which is created thanks to the work of the laureate of many prizes, cinematographer Adam Bajerski, director Ewa Bajerska and the host Marcel Płoszczyński. The show tells about the supernatural realm, based on Judeo-Christian tradition.
The topic of the Friday’s meeting will be: „Extraordinary God in ordinary people’s life”. During the meeting one of the episodes of “In the attic” show will be screened and the talk with creators will be held – director Ewa Bajerska, host Marcel Płoszczyński and one of the characters of the show, whose presence will be a surprise.

12.07 Saturday

We will be looking for inspiration in artistic groups, draw it from famous conductors – how to lead and cooperate to achieve harmony.

17.30 PM – Meeting the „In the attic” show
The topic of the Saturday’s meeting will be “Yearning for supernaturalism”. After the screening of the episode with a former occultist Marcin Boczek, the discussion with the creators of the show will be held: director Ewa Bajerska, host Marcel Płoszczyński and the main character – Marcin Boczek.

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