Programme-Club Scene 2014

CLUB STAGE, , location 50 ; 22:00 ? 5:00

This year we also won?t be lacking the party madness. Let?s try and make all of festival?s nights sleepless! We are waiting for you!


DJ, Beatboxer, promoter, creator of the Scream Music company and of The Quiet Killers group.
Since 2009r resident of the INQbator club, in which he organizes events from the „Scream Music Presents” series, „Dygresja w Szarości” (Digression in Greyness) and „Open Decks”. Krzyku likes to surprise the audience in his sets by playing from deep, classical sounds of Drum?N?Bass through Neurofunk to Hard DNB and HC. Transmitting as much emotions as possible, playing fast mixes on 3 CDJ, combined with Beatbox, which is an inseparable element of his every performance.
He played during such festivals as: Beats for Love [CZ], Let It Roll Open Air, Therapy Session Slovakia [SK], Therapy Session Poland, Therapy Session [CZ], Plener Festival, Slot ART Festival, Próba Dźwięku.



Producer and DJ focused mainly on more underground kinds of electronic music. Artist associated with well-known glitch-hop label Adapted Records. He supported famous stars like: Black Sun Empire, Forbidden Society, Switch Techniqe, Trilo and others.



DJ from Cieszyn, presently almost a citizen of Kraków. Behind decks since 2005, co-creator of the Podaj Kabel (Pass the Cable) audio-visual collective. He loves pancakes (vinyls), although, lately you can see him with a tractor 😉
The music he plays is mainly house, from funky to deep-tech.



Silesian promoter, DJ, cultural activist, enthusiast of street fashion. Creator and initiator of a unique multidisciplinary festival POZOR! Multi Art Experience, as well as such cult events in Bielsko-Biała as This Is Sick!, Minimalnie-Kulturalnie. His sets are a harsh mixture of carefully selected sounds from the edges of techno, minimal and house.



Music is her greatest inspiration and motivator. VJ-ing frees spontaneity. Creating video material is her way of expressing her love for music. She is a part of the audio-visual collective Podaj Kabel.



DJ, producer, promoter from Kraków. Co-creator of the Roof Party Fest Poland and of Fresh Sundays. His musical inspirations are vast ? from Mikołaj Górecki, through Miles Davis to Telefon Tel Aviv, Apparat or Gessafelstein.
In his sets and productions Milczanowsky operates in techno and tech house atmosphere, often moving in more delicate, deep house direction. Presently he is preparing his debut EP, which will feature among many others also Katarzyna Malenda. His remixes were released among others on albums of Ramona Rey and Marek Biliński. He had a chance of performing on one scene with Matador, Stephan Bodzin, Justus Kohncke, and Alien Rain aka Milton Bradley and others. Regular resident of the Prozak 2.0 club.


Dj ZAP aka LoopYMonsta

DJ, producer, originator and co-creator of DiGitaL Collective. Connected with music since always, crazy about reel, tape and vinyl although in the day of modern technology using many inventions. Collaborates with many musicians and artists from all over the country. Since January 2014 dedicated almost completely to record production, mainly in the D`n`B genre. Performed among others with Neil Landstrum / Inside Info / Qo / Brainpain / Krzyku / xdubx / Biome / Killawatt / Bunski / David Joshua / Jamie Aftermath Lightening / M Iss Sonik / Łona Weber/ Dj Element / Grubson.

Zap aka LoopyMonsta


NYP? is a group of energetic and creative people from Silesian electronic music stage.
During their series of events NOT YOUR PARTY they have hosted many acknowledged artists such as: Psyk, Function, Recondite, Milton Bradley, Dadub, Perc, AnD, Empire, Minor Rain, Sin, Phil Jensky.
NYP? is engaged in a project OLD STATION KATOVVICE – adaptation restoration of old train station in Katowice. With systematicity known only to them they release podcasts NOT YOUR PODCAST, which show the spectrum of modern electronics promoted by NYP?.



Dj and producer, enthusiast of electrosoul, nufunk, ghettofunk, glitch-hop. Thanks to openness to different music genres his sets are soaked with great energy. Thanks to that he can pull even the pickiest connoisseurs of music. Mr.G?s productions appear on the biggest musical portals about breakbeat/ghettofunk, such as or His remixes, edits and mashups can often be heard in sets of leading producers and DJ?s from Canada and UK.


AzteK aka Aztecki (Bejsbook / Warszawa)

Deezk-jokay, snowboardophile, philosophy magister, Yogi with discs disorder, visionary with aztecmatism, drumliking bassenthusiast, kebabfanatical sushieater with underweight, initiator of the Bejsbook event series. Doesn?t matter if you know any incarnation of AzteK aka Aztecki, or have no idea about who he is, come check the next party, he?ll show himself at, high-five him and stomp your hoof to the rhythm he plays.



Polyvinyl chloride flows in his veins and the engine powering the heart pump works at 33 or 45 RPM. For more than ten years he bears the chest, filled with various plastic discs. He inhales the dancefloor enthusiasm and exhales techno and house, with rare hiccups of IDM. Traversing polish and European clubs and festivals far and wide he combines microgroove records and passes them over to the audience. He has spun turned the gramophones? plates, among others alongside: A Guy Called Gerald, Neil Landstrumm, Cylob, Ray Kajioka, Tyree Cooper, Marcin Czubala and many others.



Techno Pirate! Behind steering wheel for more than 10 years. Known for his 14-hour cruises, and also for inclinations to board the clubs. In the chest he carries black gold, and his shanties cause a storm on the dancefloor
When he was a baby, he fell into a cauldron of magic potion. He?s not scared of radio-active spiders or gamma radiation. His adventure with music began not in Hogwarts nor in prof. Xavier?s academy but five years ago in Gliwice. In his sets he mixes rave sugar with crossbreed sweets and core funsies. Enthusiast of the never-ending party, he?s in favour of freeing the garden gnomes!



She observes the world and can?t stop being amazed. She gets a huge dose of emotions for constant immersion in ?Here and Now?, which she gives back to the world after processed it inside. She communicates with everything around by setting the receivers to maximum frequency. She often thinks about space ? both outer and the inner one. She likes trees and clouds.



IRON or Michał, whichever you like better, is a young d?n?b producer. He started his adventure with music at the age of 15. After years of picking and choosing between musical genres, he found his peace of mind in rhythmical sounds of techstep and neurofunk. With time the developing skills of Irona have led him to such releases as Zombine on Ammunition Records or Falling Down/Look Closer.
Dancefloor characteristics of his productions obliged him to try his strength as DJ. He has played alongside such stars as Black Sun Empire or Forbidden Society. Next productions from Iron?s workshop wait to be shown to the world and the progress which takes place at almost the speed of light will probably sweep as all of the face of earth.


Love Is Noise

Filip Buchalski, dj and event promoter, who debuts on SAF?s club stage. Currently associated with Prozak 2.0 club in Kraków. Co-creator of the Roof Party Fest Poland series, polish Fresh Sundays as well as many musical events on the map of whole Poland. His greatest foreign musical inspiration became Todd Terje. Its pieces of this producer that carry throughout energetic sets, enriched with techno, tech house and deep house. Filip constantly tries to surprise the audience with the newest and sophisticated sounds that heat the dancefloor red-hot.

love is noise


Oskar Piotrowski – DJ and producer. The biggest influence on his musical taste had the old Radiostacja Radio, thanks to which he has heard synthetical sounds for the first time. Then the time of experiments with a console started, which lasts until today. He was engaged in the ?Nasty Drop? project ? orientated towards DnB music, thanks to which his musical independence on club scene was reinforced. The residency in the famous Luzztro club in Warsaw let him open to the broadly defined 4×4 music.
In the second half of this year three of his first releases will be available ? one solo and two in interesting collaborations. All kept on the edge of Techno and Deep house. His mixes are diverse in terms of genre ? even he doesn?t know what one can expect from them.



Well-known Mr wobix will shine this time together with MRS wobix – misslongic. The effect is something, nobody expects, including them. It is a debut for misslongic, wobix has shined more than once on SAF as well as on Mayday and many other events. He also performed in his favorite improvisations among others with Envee, Denis Kolokol, Piotr Kurkek, Qba Janicki.


Luminator / Radosław Janicki / vj

Winner of the Vj-battle in the international VJ Torna contest ? taking place every year in Rome during the Live Performance Meeting festival ? in 2011. Winner of the I place on all-Poland Videozone festival 2009 for the best original VJ set. Since 2010 juror of Videozone VJ-battle. Producers of video samples and master of time and composition synchronization with the sound heard. Creative VJ perfectly finding his way in every music genre. Designer of visual spaces and director of the view of Wrocław?s festivals. Currently takes care of visuals of L.U.C. and Miloopa.


Vj Malga

Malaga – VJ, visual artist, sculptor. In visualizations she uses a collage of images torn out of reality. Confronting nature with geometry and abstraction, she tries to find emotional balance. Shines since 2008. Finalist of international VJ contest Videozone 2013. She performed at many events and festivals including Slot Art Festival (Pl), LPM Live Performers Meeting (It), Freakstock (D), Videozone (Pl), Let It Roll (Pl), WOŚP (Pl). Currently associated with Himmeli Studio.



Dj/producer from Cieszyn associated with local scene. Co-creator of the Hirs crew, he is often very purple. Usually drifting in the meanders of Nu-Beat, Nu-Rnb, UK Garage, but consolidated and deflated by the sound of 808. In his sets he usually focuses on enchantment, through amazement to enamourment. He moonlights willingly, seeing nothing wrong in it.



He is a happy collector of black discs from Kraków. During his stay on the islands he acted as a DJ in clubs of eastern London and backed the collective organizing cyclical event ?Momentum? in Leeds with aces of DnB. Currently the DJ on duty of radio with his original audition ?Extended Play Sessions? In his sets one can hear the music of artists such as Fed P, Omar-S, Kassem Mosse or Schackleton.



Konrad Kozera ? musician, DJ, producer. His sets, oscillating in the tempo of 120-140 bpm are dynamic collages of low-tone sounds. In which one can seek out such genres as dub, dubstep, 2-step, grime, dubtechno, techno or even house.
He tries to express his musical experience as his own productions in which as Dale Colin he looks for his original sound.


Bartosz Gawroński ? producer of alternative sound, DJ, vinyl fanatic. Actively performing in Świdnica. His repertoire is a mash-up, combining mainly dubstep and DnB. Energy contained in the lowest frequencies of sound is for him a key element of musical compositions. „High-wire artist extraordinaire”.



He started at Hipnoze club in Katowice in 2009. There, under the watchful eye of Kica he polished his skills during sessions accompanying hot-dog and burger eaters. By joining the Disturbia Sounds crew he turned to the dark side of DnB. As a member of Break Brein ART colectIF he came down a peg directing his sets towards Jungle climates. And in old age like after retirement? Calmly, rhythmically, but without stagnation. House climates came back. Presently he mostly likes to serve deep and techno sets without drag to his guests 😉 See ya!



One of the creators of Dub Lovin? Criminals collective, who were first to organize cyclical events in Silesia, promoting dubstep on big soundsystems. As a part of God Bless The Dubstep, Hajle Silesia and Kopalnia Basu (bass mine) series they presented many valued foreign artists and the elite of polish bass scene to the audience of Katowice. Until now he have supported such artists as: Mala, Borgore, Kryptic Minds [UK], Tes La Rok [FIN], DJ Madd [Węgry], The Others [UK], L-Wiz [Sweden], Weeding Dub [France], Jack Sparrow , Dubside, Brainpain and many others. Most often he combines liquid, atmospheric drum and bass and jungle compositions in his sets.


svmmer finn

She is a designer graphic designer, illustrator for funsies. For years associated with Wrocław?s Radio Luz, where she co-creates musical audition „Ultradźwięki” (ultrasounds). Strongly connected with Wrocław?s electronic music scene. She experiments with static and dynamic images, as svmmer finn she stands astride between frugality and intellectualism of conceptualism and aesthetical fireworks of modernity. Her latest realizations could have been watched among others on BASK festival in Wrocław. For SAF she will bring her „psycho pastels”.


Andrzej N. aka KiddLucky

[KL, Autism_Child, Haris Pilton, Asocial]
DJ, VJ, record producer, photographer, sound-technician.
His performance is based on minimalistic combination of heavy progressive sound with house sounds. In summer 2009 he debuted as a VJ in Eskulap club (Poznań), EyeCombatCollective, member of AudioLobotomy Collective [Legnica] and Digitall Collective [Głogów]. Creator of net-label ZEPAMRecordings.

Andrzej N aka KiddLucky 1


Charismatic lover of everything which is hard and stylish. Unshaken passion urges him to seek out more and more new and weird musical experiments, which he later presents in his sets. Despite his love for the heaviest DARKSTEPs and DUPSTEPs he often immerses in lighter climates of GLITCH-HOP and picks the strongest of them, which do not let you keep your seated spots. He will be equally eager to show you around the reality called TRAP/FOOTWORK/DEEP HOUSE/FUNKY BREAKS. Knowing, that he plays not only for the freaks of electronic music, he often presents more ingestible tunes as an ?incentive? , so he can later hit people with some really heavy music.



Bartłomiej Mazur, DJ coming from Cieszyna. Fascinated with drone music. Participant and co-creator of several projects, propagates the idea of clean sounds. Music he plays is: techno, tech-house, deep, nudisco as well as footwork, juke, future bass.


John Lake

John Lake ? is a solo, dance-friendly, lighter than you think, project of Łukasz Dziedzic. On various occasions he becomes an artist, curator of Szara Gallery, creator of the Lugozi project, for some time also in a duet as IRON NOIR or in ?legendary? Paracetamol vs KSZ formation.
With John Lake projects he?ll debut in a concert during SAF, serving hard, rhythmical, improvised sounds, not devoid of filth and dragging into dance with tribal dynamics end ejtis melodicism. Solo and in cooperation he released several albums, he appeared in several compilations, incl. There Is Strong Shadow Where There Is Much Light, Remixes/Reworks, Iron Noir, Les Chiffres. He performed among others on Supermarket Art Fair in Sweden, Ars Cameralis festival, 8 Tauron New Music in Katowice, Monotype Zone in Warsaw and Kraków?s Unsound Festival.

Kenny Mitchell

Dj, Remixer, Producer, Pastor, Church Starter, Friend to Freaks, and now living in the UK (original from NYC) working as The South Coast Nightclub Chaplain and founder of !YO! Bournemouth Parties. Kenny has toured with Platinum Selling Bands. The BBC (UK), Channel 4(UK) and VIVA (EU) have done TV features on him and his musical/spiritual journey.Kenny fell in love with POLAND during his „LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT DJ TOUR/ POLAND”, and swore to return! As a long time friend of SLOT makes he’s return to Poland just to DJ at the SAF! SO GET READY for his NYC HOUSE meets BERLIN TECHNO meets UK BASS VIBE!!

KEnny Mitchell

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