Programme-Experiential Stage 2016

F1 0.30 – Experimental Stage is something, that can take place only late at night in the ArtCathedral. It’s somewhere between experimental, jazz, classical and improvisation. Unique music in a unique place. Cathedral – Midnight – Experience.

TUESDAY, 05.07

Oly. 0.30

Artist with an exceptionally distinctive timbre of voice, connected with the Nextpop label. Songwriter, whose work is inspired by Scandinavian music and allows for quieting and rest. Works together with Fismoll, Kari, Baash and others. For her debut album she was nominated for the Fryderyk award in 2015 in the Phonographic Debut of the Year category.

Oly. fot Joanna Cisek wynik


Their music is a tasteful combination of jazz, Polish folklore and piano improvisations. Every artist comes from a different musical world but they are connected by a shared sensitivity that allows them to find final understanding. Their music feels like a meadow transported between city streets. With four voices and 13 instruments they tell one story.

Taboret fot. Agata DZiemian

Angela Gaber + Trio 0.30
The band is a meeting of remarkably colorful and creative personalities, which results in a unique mixture of ethno sounds and alternative music. It is a totally fresh approach to music – not only – of the Borderlands. Their musical world of improvisation surprises and creates a non-repeatable quality, that can’t be listened to indifferently. The last album „Dobre duchy” („Good Spirits”) was acclaimed as one of the most interesting albums of 2015. They were awarded at numerous prestigious festivals including the New Tradition – Polish Radio Festival.

Angela Gaber Trio fot. fot. Adam Jaremko wynik

FRIDAY, 08.07
BACH 0.30
Musical journey into the world of early music, enriched with masterful improvisations of violin and double bass based on a work of J.S. Bach – II Particie d-moll BWV 1004. Opus in a new adaptation for violin and double bass with elements of electronica and minimal music improvisations. We will be taken into this amazing world of sounds by Anna Wandtke – distinguished violinist (working among others with Nigel Kennedy, James Levin, Chick Corea) and known to the audience of SAF extraordinary double bass player Sebastian Wypych. A must-see programme!

BACH Anna Wandtke


Slot Art Orchestra 0.30
SLOT Art Orchestra consisting of several dozen members will perform the „Action & Drama”” illustrative music concert. The music will picture emotions, feelings, places and situations. Orchestra members are vocalists and instrumentalists – participants of workshops led by Rafał Rudawski (pianist, composer, conductor, music producer). During SAF they will have practiced with great passion to make the Saturday concert an unforgettable experience for all of us. The orchestra’s special guests are: Patryk Zakrzewski (percussion instruments) and Wojtek Świerszczyna (guitar).

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