Programme-Folk Stage 2016


A5, 17.30 – This year, all the folk stage artists have a common music denominator – they all come from Poland. They are proof of an extraordinary weave of personal fates, histories of neighbouring nations and cultures and beliefs of settled ex-pats. The message carried by their music still lives in our hearts and is truly meaningful – we are one despite being so different.


Przodki 17.30

Indigenous people of west-central Poland, a fount of traditional music from around the city of Poznań. They bring back traditional Obereks, Polkas and Wiwats with violins, drum, accordion, double bass and clarinet accompanied by beautiful singing. Be careful – it’s proven that after a moment of listening to their music everyone changes into a countryside dancer!


Motyla Noga 17.30

A new project of musicians from Wrocław, related with a broadly defined folk music (Chudoba, 40 synów i 30 wnuków jeżdżących na 70 oślętach, N.O.E.) They will bring back the forgotten culture of Galicia. We will hear the echoes of Jewish towns and Gypsy tabors from Poland, Ukraine and Germany.

FRIDAY 08.07

Chajim 17.30

An energetic band from south-eastern Silesia which expresses its highland temperament through the beauty of Jewish music. Dorota Herok – the leader of Klezmer Jewish dances ensemble, that cooperates with Chajim, will be leading the Jewish dance workshops and will also lead all of the participants of the concert into a spontaneous dance.


Królestwo Beskidu 17.30

The name of the band – „Kingdom of the Beskid” – metaphorically brings out the richness of the Żywiecczyzna, Ślask Cieszyński regions and in wider sense of all Carpathian Mountains. The band performs its own original songs combined with the influence of Carpathian, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Jewish music. All the band members come from and were raised in the Beskid Mountains.


A5 20.00 – After the concerts on folk stage we traditionally propose you ethno music in club version. Get carried away by music from balkan beats through bossanova, afrobeat to trans goa.

Dj dotyk dźwiękiem

06.07, 20.00

Afrobeat set

Dj elf

07.07, 20.00

tribal goa / psychedelic trans

Dj balkan valkan

08.07, 20.00

He comes from Skopje in Macedonia where he began his clubbing career playing and singing in a cover band. In Poland since 2010, he has been playing in music clubs of Wrocław as well as in other clubs and festivals all around Poland. Dj Balkan valkan promotes mainly Balkan melodies but also music from other corners of the world in blended genres (ska-rock, balkan brass, club and electronic music).


09.07, 20.00

Armenian vocalist, for the last 20 years living in Poland, for many years active on ragga/hiphop scene. Until now he has released three well received albums. He’s been giving concert both in Poland and abroad (Germany, UK, Ireland). This time he is going to perform in the sound system version.

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