Programme-HC/PUNK CLUB 2014

HC PUNK CLUB, Wozownia/ Carriage House, time: 7-9 pm

Tuesday, 8 July

ONE TRILLION DREAMS ? emo lyrical punk ? Do you want to move and be moved? Songs for sensitive boys and sensitive girls. Emo lyrical lyrics and melodies with hardcore-punk twist. They formed in 2008 and released one EP Jeden Trylion Snów (one trillion dreams).


Wednesday, 9 July

HOPE AGAINST HOPE – spirit filled hc ? They come from hardcore / punk backgrounds but their biggest inspiration is the person of Jesus. In their music they combine energy and melody with reality of God in their hearts. Concrete music with concrete message. Antiperspirant won?t help, one song and you will melt.

hope against hope

Thursday, 10 July

NIESTETY ? punk ? Fortunately there are still bands that blast punk rock like in the good old days. And they are not some old hands, but quite a young crew. Without needless musical acrobatics. ?simply played, simple rhythm, simple beat, simple play? quoting the classics of the genre 🙂 We are not in the opera after all, it?s all about being loud, fast and to scream out a couple important things.


FIVE SECONDS TO LEAVE – post rock Czech skupina, which transfers us into the land of post rock, but we will find a good deal of sludge, ambient, drone elements. Psychedelic, compositions dragging in like quick-sand. Penetrating virtually epic atmosphere, compositions lazily unfolding transform into a storm of sounds. Monumentality. Dark, mysterious music.


Friday, 11 July

FATE – punky reggae ? It?s a band that gained quite a popularity in the ?90s on independent scene. Then they rocked exceptionally and now ? after a long break ? they come back to performing. In their music they mix melodic punk rock with elements of reggae. Their lyrics bear strong message, that doesn?t leave people indifferent, that moves the hearts, and after all that?s the most important thing!

REGRES ? hardcore-punk ? Sincerity, message, involvement, noise, that brings about a lot of positive emotions. For many years on stage, but still with the same passion and consequence in creating sound, that move and inspire. Their trademark are very spontaneous and energetic concerts, during which there is no place for divisions, exclusion, exclusivity. It?s their second visit at SLOT and they are very happy about it.


Saturday, 12 July

HAŃBA – interwar folk-punk ? The group consists of four musicians with sizeable experience playing in folk (Bumtralala, Iglika, Południca!), punk (Ziemniaki), metal (Crowmoth), indie-rock (SuperXiu, Two Red Triangles)and even electronic (UnitraProdiż) bands. Together they?ve decided to create a band that is a musical fiction, a kind of time machine taking the listeners into the interwar Poland. Armed with an instrumentarium of a street band they play energetic, simple punk inspired by Polish folklore on one hand and modern achievements on the other.


GARS – post hc ? Hard, dark and trans-y, piercing vocals and a pinch of melancholy. Sounds erupting like a volcano but at moments it?s calm and delicate. Very mature music, perfected sound and the poetics of lyrics hit like a 200-hundred-pound hammer. This music machine rolls slowly, crushing everything in its way.


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