Programme – Hip-Hop Stage 2016

H4, 22.00 – A place where young, promising artists of the hip-hop scene present themselves.

Maro En + Taca


Maro En
Rapper and producer from Jelenia Góra. Active on stage since 2009, gives concerts in Poland and abroad (Paris, London), enthusiast of freestyle and rhyming word-play. At this year’s Slot he leads the rapping workshops.

Young rapper from Gdańsk, his attitude and lyrics inspire personal growth in others. He is currently working on his first album, to be released in summer 2016. During the concert we will get to hear some of his premiere singles.

Rapper and freestyler from Gdańsk. Freestyle Champion of Poland at the Great Battle of Warsaw 2014 and 2015, he became the only freestyler in Polish history that managed to keep the title for two years in a row. He has released one album „Mimo Wątpliwości” („despite doubts”). Currently Edzio is working with Filipek on an album due for release in the middle of 2016. In 2015 he joined the ranks of Bozon Records.


Mirosław Kolczyk debuted as a rapper in 1998 at HIP-HOP DAY. In 2008 he recorded albums with Royal Rap band, titled “Duchowa rewolucja” („Spiritual Revolution”) and in 2012 his solo album as Kolah “Powrót do Korzeni” („Back to the Roots”). His work combines energy and a deep message, often mixed with spontaneous freestyle engaging the audience.

A hip-hop trio active for over a decade: two MCs from Wrocław – Emeste & Maku and a producer from Opole – Kozioł. The band has had 5 albums released independently. Their characteristics include lyrics with a positive message, original music and huge concert energy combining beats performed live by the producer with the rapper’s charisma.

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