Programme-Main Stage 2013

Program-Duża scena 2013


Tues. July 9

Wed. July 10

Thurs. July 11

Fri. July 12

Sat. July 13

20:00 – 20:30    

Winner small stage

Winner small stage

Winner small stage

20:45 – 21:30 (od.20.30) To Leave a Trace (od.20.30) 3 kluski śląskie Arci Cinemon Dead Efforts
21:45 – 22:45 The Brimstone Days Bongostan YOU Pchełki Fair Weather Friends
23:00 – 24:00 Maleo Reggae Rockers Ścianka Paula i Karol Armia Marika Akustycznie
00:00 – 00:15 slotv slotv slotv slotv slotv

Marika acoustic on the Main Stage!

Marika akustycznie na dużej scenie festiwalu!

Photo Bartek Muracki

Marika is without a doubt one of Poland?s most charismatic vocalists. Until now she was known for her reggae as the ?Queen of Polish Dancehall?. She released a new acoustic album on May 14th and it shows a whole new side of the artist- sensual, delicate and totally magic. She?s joined by Patryk Kraśniewski / piano, Jerzy Markuszewski / drums, Krzysztof Nowicki / guitar, and Michał Przybyła / bass.  |


marika2 fot lukasz widziszowski.jpg

Maleo Reggae Rockers

This legendary Polish reggae band, led by Darek Malejonek, has been playing for 16 years. They?ve made 6 albums, a concert DVD and have played about a thousand concerts in Poland and foreign countries. Some of the highlights of their history are their work with Jamaican reggae star Michael Black and with Kofi Ayivor from OSIBA. They also appeared at Europe?s largest Reggae festival, – Rototom Sunsplash Festival.

For several years MRR has taken part in the ?Free Belarus? movement, protesting the abuse of human rights there. The problems of Third World nations, especially those in Africa are also important to the band since Maleo visited and experienced the struggles there firsthand. MMR regularly takes part in ?SOS for Africa? concerts where money is raised to build schools, hospices and to help the poor.

Maleo Reggae Rockers is:

– Darek „Maleo” Malejonek: vocals, guitar
– Tomek „Siwy” Wójcik: guitar, BGV
– Andrzej Roemer: bass
– Kacper Rynek: drums
– Adam Mościcki: percussion, BGV
– Tomacki: keyboards
– Józek Zatwarnicki: trombone
– Tomek Mazur: trumpet  |



Armia began in 1984 when three men from Poland?s independent scene met; Tomasz Budzyński (at that time vocalist of the cult band Siekiera), Robert Brylewski(guitarist in Kryzys, Brygady Kryzys and Izrael) and philosopher Sławomir Gołaszewski.From the beginning the band has used instruments not normally found in a rock band- piano, cello, violin and ethnic instruments like didgeridoo and bells, but the defining moment was when a French horn was added. Tomek Budzinski?s mystical lyrics draw the listener to reflection about the meaning of life and the spiritual condition of modern man. Their style is hard to describe but contains elements of rock, folk, jazz and avant garde. They?ve recorded numerous albums, some of which are considered classics of Polish rock.


Armia promo photo 03 robert grablewski



This band is one of Poland?s most important alternative groups. They combine raw pre-punk energy and free jazz craziness with beautiful and delicate melodies. They?ve been playing since 1994 and started recording in 1998. The leader and founder of the band Maciek Cieślak, is also part of Cieślak i Księżniczki and Lenny Valentino. He?s known as one of Poland?s best producers. The band?s bass player is also part of Kristen- praised by critics and fans for their post-rock sounds.

Ścianka is:

Maciej Cieślak (since 1994) ? guitar, vocals

Arkadiusz Kowalczyk (since 1994) ? drums

Michał Biela (since 2005) ? bass, chromatic bells  |  |


Paula i Karol

If you didn?t know better you might think that Paula and Karol are just a girl from Canada and a guy from Poland who met and play fun folk music together. But the truth is much more complicated than that. Paula and Karol isn?t a duo but a whole family of musicians from Warsaw who have won the hearts of young and old fans in the last two years.

England?s ?The Guardian? newspaper placed them on their ?Sounds of 2011? list of the most interesting young bands. After the release of their first albums they were labeled ?the discovery of the year? and ?the most interesting and one of the most important new alternative Polish bands?.

The songs of Paula and Karol contain not only catchy melodies but also honest texts that speak of community and a distance to post-modernism.

Paula and Konrad perform and compose with Christop Thun and Staszek Wróbel on drums, Krzysiek Pożarowski on bass and Szymon Najder on electric guitar.

paula i karol foto full

Fair Weather Friends

No one in Poland plays like them. This quartet formed in 2011 and has broken the barriers between vintage dance music, modern electronic and stylistic guitar. They love to play with musical conventions and mix ?70?s funk, synth pop, dancefloor, modern electronic avant garde all with live bass which gives them an amazing sound.

They released their debut EP in 2012 and the single, Fortune Player? was used in a film about the Heineken Open-er Festival and for a Coke Live Music Festival ad that year. Those two festivals were just the beginning of FWF?s musical adventure.

Fair Weather Friends foto Przemek Bajej


Sometimes it takes longer to get to the place you want to be. Remalja and Rafael Weisz and their friend Sven Michelson made it to Lisk where they?re close to art and music and feel at home. They brought their own music with them which led to their debut album, ?Neon Ranch?. The album combines piano and penetrating guitar with gentle melodies full of multiple sounds. Their music will make you think and dance at the same time.



The Brimstone Days

Close your eyes and imagine the sounds of the ?60?s and 70?s and a band whose energy doesn?t allow you to stand still. This trio from Malmo began playing together in 2009 and they do it strongly!

Since then they?ve put out two albums and toured basically all of Europe. They themselves say that their goal is to be an excellent concert band, and they?ve reached their goal. It?s not an exaggeration to say that they sound better live than on a recording.

This Swedish band plays positive rock?n?roll and leaves you with a smile.  |




They describe their music as ?hop-shoop?. It?s a mix of ethno, post-rock and psychedelic pop with jungle rhythms?. The members of the band are: Marta Rogalska (vocals, flute), Paweł Rychert (keyboards, electric, guitar), Świstak Rogalski (bass), Damian Kowalski (drums).

In 2012 the band co-created a theater piece called, „Knock on Unpainted Wood” together with Danish dance theater company Mute Comp Physical Theatre. The music is played live and they?ve performed it many times in Copenhagen and Odense. The band has played Poland?s big festivals and toured in Poland, Denmark and Germany. They?ve done several recordings and have just finished their newest, ?Pan Hop-siup?.

pchelki live1


The band began in December 2009 and has gone through many formations since then. Right now it consists of Wojtek Zalewski on bass, Rafał Klimek on trumpet, Krzysiek Dyga on sax, Kamil Majewski- piano, drummer Bartek Drozd and Kinga Berkowicz. They?ve been known to play 40 concerts in four months. The band has a contract with Lion Stage Records and in 2012 released their first album, „Rasta Kasta”.



To Leave A Trace

To Leave a Trace, a posthardcore/screamo/metal band from Ukraine, is an old friend of SLOT, having played the main stage and the Hardcore/Punk stage in years past. They started in 2008, in 2009 made their first album and have been playing concerts mainly in Ukraine, Poland Czech Republic and Germany ever since. They?re working on a new album and we?ll hear some of it at SLOT.

TLAT Slot promo



Cinemon is simply rock and roll. They present the whole package- jumping around on stage, breaking equipment, swinging hair, out-of-tune guitars, foot tapping, and above all good pop from this trio. They?re from Krakow where 2/3 of the band have jobs and families and 1/3 of the band is young, attractive and curious.



3 kluski śląskie

If you?ve ever been at one of their concerts you know at least two things about them. 1. Acoustic music isn?t always quiet and 2. Such energy and power come from the stage that it?s hard to believe that there?s only 3 people playing. To say that they play acoustic grunge or stoner rock is too simple. They like to play with lots of types of music and they do it well.


3 kluski slaskie

  1. Arci

  2. Artashes Baroyan,?Archi? is from Armenia but has lived in Poland 18 years. He?s played hip-hop and reggae for 10 years and has 2 albums, a third on the way and many concerts under his belt. He combines hip-hop, reggae, oriental Balkan rhythms, funk, and dancehall and adds a positive message. His new album will be in three languages- Polish, English and Armenian with guests from Nigeria and Costa Rico


arci DSC 0179

 Dead Efforts

What started in 2009 as a few friends jamming for fun grew into Dead Efforts. Their debut album full of Seattle sounds from the ?90?s and Australian rock was released in March of this year.

Dead Efforts - razem

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