Programme-Prayer stage 2014


PRAYER CONCERT, Main Stage, 9.30

Here the concert is given, with support from the musicians, by the Audience. Together with others say your own prayer. Concerts will be led by:

Wednesday 09.07

PIOTR PŁECHA ? musician, vocalist. Formerly the bass guitarist among others of Budka Suflera and New Life. He is a bass guitarist and one of the soloists of the TGD band. His passion is helping others express themselves in prayer.

Thursday 10.07

The band is together for several years, constantly performing in the country and abroad. In 2008 it released its first live album Koncert Nadziei (The concert of hope), since then it systematically records new ones. Presently it has 5 albums released. The band: Agata Dwulat, Karolina Kupczyk, Piotr Cichocki, Maciej Cioch, Michał Kupczyk, Andrzej Kamionka, Mateusz Witkowski, Przemek Dwulat.

Friday and Saturday 11-12.07

The band is a musical platform of collective meeting with God. In 2013 it released the album Praisbox, which was met with very good reception. Band: Jadzia Kłapa, Ania Frączek, Paweł Zarecki, Marcin Karel, Kacper Popek, Samuel Gajewski, Tom Bednarek.



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